How To Go From Having Too Much Belly Fat, and Fighting Cravings To Losing 20 – 30 Pounds Effortlessly, While Dramatically Transforming Your Physique In 30 Days Or Less, Using The Most Advanced Fat Loss Protocol Known to Man

(Without Having To Follow Restrictive Fad Diets Or Spend Countless Hours In The Gym)

Get Shredded in 30 Days

The Most Revolutionary Step-by-Step Process To Burn Fat Fast AND Burn Fat Forever

From the desk of Jay Campbell and Hunter Williams – Tampa FL

Dear friend,

What if I told you that there was a way to completely transform your body and get shredded like a movie star in as little as 30 days?

You could lose up to 30 pounds of pure body fat, achieve sculpted abs, and finally see the muscular definition in your physique that you’ve always dreamed about.

Other people just like you are experiencing these types of profound transformations…

Even a select few have literally cut their body fat in half in just a mere 30 days.

I know this sounds like a bold claim but if you keep reading, we’ll prove it to you at the end of this letter…

Making your family, friends, and colleagues drop their jaws…

All the while simultaneously increasing your focus, decreasing your inflammation, and expanding your consciousness.

It is the same lifestyle we use to look like this year-round while enjoying recreational time with our families, going out to dinner with friends, and travelling to exotic destinations…

Without being social misfits or restraining ourselves from having fun.

My name is Jay Campbell, and together with my good friend and business partner, Hunter Williams…

We’ve been helping tens of thousands of men and women transform their lives with the power of peptides, alternate-day fasting, and hormonal optimization.

You’ve probably seen or heard about us on Forbes, ESPN, NBC, ABC, and many others.

jay and hunter
tot bible

I have written the NO. 1 best-selling book of all time on using Therapeutic Testosterone and Therapeutic peptides.

Progressive doctors read my books and invite me onto their podcasts.

And of course, for over two decades, many experts have referred to me as one of the OG pioneers and a leading expert in the biohacking community.

What I’m about to show you enabled me to both compete and win professional physique competitions.

It enables me and my wife to look like this at nearly 53 years old, every time we go on a vacation…

And in just a couple of moments, I will also show you the incredible transformations of a few of the people who we’ve worked with.

This secret methodology could help you lose up to 30 pounds of fat in as little as 30 days or less…

body building
jay and monica

While preserving all of your muscle mass.

And most importantly you’re gonna be able to maintain this condition for the rest of your life.

It only takes 10 hours of your time per week…

You don’t need to sacrifice your favorite foods or take some magic fat-loss pill…

And you can do it as a complete beginner…

Or as a fully optimized biohacker who wants to speed up the process with the most cutting-edge protocols known to man.

And it’s all possible because of several biochemical mechanisms that enable anyone to maximally increase their metabolism and become a fat-burning machine.

By following a simple step-by-step process you are given the ultimate cheat code to modify your physique at will.

Many of your favorite celebrities, who you’d recognize instantly, are also using a version of this method.

Even your favorite fitness influencers and online gurus secretly practice this.

…Although it goes against their bullshit fat loss programs that make them rich.

I’m about to expose the whole truth to you…


The Root Cause of Why You’re Not Able To Lose Fat

I want you to think for a moment…

Have you ever wondered why some people, no matter how much they eat…

Don’t gain body fat at all…

While some others seem to put on fat just by looking at food?

We all know people who fall into these camps.

It could be your coworker, your best friend, a cousin or uncle, a gym bro, or even your wife.

And you’ve probably thought…

This person is just built differently…

Because if I ate what he or she eats I would be twice their size.

We aren’t the same.

And you know what?

You’re right!

We are all N of 1 and biochemically unique. 

You might find yourself struggling to control your appetite and feeling guilty every time you open a bag of chips because you immediately blow up into the Michelin man…

While someone else can apparently eat whatever their heart desires without any kind of fat gain or negative health consequences.

Our bodies are uniquely different.

And that’s why you’ve been lied to by most fitness influencers and biohacking gurus.

biochemically unique

They have convinced you to think the same cookie-cutter diets like Keto, Carnivore or If It Fits Your Macros will somehow transform you into a fitness model.

But what they forgot to mention is every person is biochemically unique, and what works for them…

Is likely not going to work for you.

But that’s not even the worst part.

These Factors Are Forcing Your Body To
Stubbornly Cling To Fat

The sad truth is that our environment is a toxic soup of chemicals and EMF waves that are decimating your biological systems.

More than 80% of the world’s population is living in a state of hormonal imbalance and has absolutely no idea.

What does this mean?

You are most definitely experiencing insulin resistance which is dramatically slowing your metabolism.

Your central nervous system is being redlined, which is damaging your sleep and every other aspect of your life…

And all of this leads to your body desperately holding onto fat, preventing you from ever becoming lean.

That’s exactly why you might be dieting like a Spartan and killing yourself on the treadmill…

But still look like a flaming dumpster fire.

While the guy or girl next to you, who barely trains and secretly raids the fridge at night…

Looks like a fitness model.

You’re probably thinking…

This isn’t fair!

And you’re right… Life isn’t fair.

But what if you could actually change your metabolism and your body type?

belly fat

The Common Advice on Burning Fat Is Causing You To Yo-Yo Back To The Same Fat Percentage

old way vs 30 days 2 shredz way

There are hundreds of fat loss diets and supplements being sold to you right now as THE WAY of losing fat and achieving the body of your dreams.

At first glance, fat loss is easy…

If you stop eating, you will lose fat.

It’s as simple as that.

Every fat loss program, in theory, is just putting you into a caloric deficit while making you move and exercise more.

yo-yo back to the same weight

The problem with the majority of these diets like

👉 Keto
👉Low Carb

….is that if you manage to actually stick to them and lose body fat…

You will completely tank your hormones and retard your insulin metabolism, eventually leaving your body in a state of total dysfunction. 

Then this causes you to yo-yo back to the same weight you were before.

Let’s not even talk about how difficult it is to integrate these diets into a normal everyday life.

You become a total douche who can’t go out with your spouse or friends…

You can’t go to birthday parties or weddings…

And soon enough, people are whispering behind your back about your OCD diet complex. 

It’s very common to develop an uncontrollable obsession with food where you’re constantly thinking and fantasizing about it…

Because you’re living in a state of restriction instead of being metabolically flexible.

You starve your body of food and essential nutrients when dieting and you sabotage the ultimate goal of fat loss…

And as a consequence, you experience constant cravings…

Which eventually causes you to wake up and binge-eat 2 whole large pizzas…

Leaving you guilty and ashamed of yourself.

Sounds familiar?

None of the other cookie-cutter fat loss programs take into consideration your unique biochemistry and hormonal system.

This explains why you might be doing everything right and still walk around with the stubborn fat you desperately desire to lose.

obsession with food

How To Reset Your Entire Metabolism and Turn Into a Fat Burning Machine

Now that you’re aware of the facts I want you to know this…

Hunter and I have been doing this for a very long time.

I was a lab rat for the infamous Lyle McDonald when he first promulgated the benefits of the keto bro diet back in the early 1990s.

I’m not saying this to brag but just so you know, we’ve been around the block once or twice.

We’ve attempted literally every single diet out there.

We’ve experimented with every supplement and fat loss protocol…

We’ve even tried every method under the sun related to fitness, self-optimization, and biohacking.

And I want you to know you can absolutely lose a TON of body fat in a short period of time…

And maintain it without having to go to extreme measures.

But if you’re just planning on eating fewer calories instead of optimizing your body’s hormonal systems… 

Not only will you suffer a lot more than necessary…

You will definitely do more harm than good.

If you’re reading this letter, we’re 99% sure your body is operating at less than a third of its fat-burning capacity…

Primarily because your hormones and gut microbiome are completely out of whack.


So the first thing you require is not some fad diet…

But to totally reset your entire metabolism.

There are several ways you can achieve this…

And we’ll show you a step-by-step simple protocol to restore your metabolism so you become a fat-burning machine.

One of the most important practices and something you can start doing even if you’re a complete newbie is fasting.

Now don’t roll your eyes thinking that you already know what I’m about to say…

This is not about starving yourself to death and throwing away all your favorite food.

There’s a very unique and profound strategy to this.

You’ve probably attempted to fast before.

But unfortunately, almost everybody who practices fasting does it wrong.

When done incorrectly you can experience muscle loss, extreme fatigue and actually disrupt your metabolic pathways…

The exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.

This is what happens to a lot of these intermittent fasting bros.

But when done RIGHT… 

You can potentially 10X your fat loss and cause your body to start working properly. 

Your mind gets sharper…

Your energy levels increase…

And your cells begin the process of autophagy in order to clean up your underlying chronic health conditions.

This process of autophagy allows for massive healing and regeneration.

Consider it a cellular fumigation.

The effects of proper fasting for two or three days per week can be miraculous for your long-term health.

And the best part is you could do it with practically zero hunger pangs…

But, more on this later.

Obviously, a large part of the fat loss equation is your diet.

Contrary to popular opinion, you will have more long-term success if you enjoy the foods you eat on a regular basis.

And when you fast correctly, you don’t have to limit yourself to highly restrictive fad diets…

Because once your body becomes adapted to fasting, it develops metabolic flexibility.

This means our bodies can efficiently switch between using fat and carbs as a fuel source.

This allows you to lead a regular life and participate in social events, including birthdays, weddings, and holiday gatherings, without the need for a rigid diet.

So when you learn how to fast correctly…

You will get incredible results.

But if you’re here, you probably want to know the most efficient, fastest, and easiest way to lose maximum fat in minimum time.


We detail how to use cutting-edge agents like peptides to dramatically reduce the time it takes to get you to your leanest physique…

And show you the most advanced frameworks and protocols on fat loss known to man.

The changes you can experience will absolutely boggle your mind.

We give you everything you require…

How much fat you want to lose and how fast you wanna do it, is completely up to you.

We give you the exact toolkit to achieve your goals, whether you want to lose 100 lbs or just those last 10 stubborn pounds of belly fat.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dieter, we provide in-depth, step-by-step solutions to assist you in crafting your dream body faster than you ever thought possible. 

And to show you what’s possible…

Here are a handful of stories and transformations from just a fraction of the people we’ve helped. 

The Biohacker’s Way Of Losing 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Now let’s talk about training.

And no we’re not talking about spending hours in the gym.

If you can spare 30 minutes of resistance training to positive muscle failure just 3 times per week…

…You will see a staggering difference in your body composition.

In our framework, we recommend the exact supplements to help accelerate your results and create fat loss faster than you ever thought possible.


For example, Taylor has worked in high-end sales for the last 15 years and is also in the process of building a healthcare startup.

As a married man with two kids and an extremely busy life, he didn’t have much time to exercise.

His weight blew up to around 220lbs and 29% body fat.

With our help, he dove head first into 30 Days 2 Shredz.

In just 3.5 months, with the right peptide stack and strict adherence to our framework, he was able to reduce his body fat to 7% and finally achieve the physique of his dreams.


Here’s Justin – a 41-year-old firefighter from Canyon Lake, Texas.

Although he had been lifting weights for the majority of his adolescent and adult life…

Life got in the way.

As a busy dad, chronic stress and poor dieting finally caught up with him, causing his weight to skyrocket to around 255 pounds.

Fortunately, he decided to make a change and employ our strategies.

Following our precise recommended changes to his diet, training, and supplementation…

He went from 255 pounds and 20% body fat to 205 pounds and 7% body fat in just a few months.


Shawn is a work-from-home software engineer who routinely spends 100-hour weeks tied to his desk.

He needed a flexible program that didn’t add more stress to his life.

He started his first Shredz cycle at 194lbs and in just 10 days he managed to lose 10 pounds.

And in his first 30 days, he went from 194lbs to 178lbs.

From there he has continued to optimize his diet and lifestyle to create insane results.


This is Jason. 

He’s a 49-year-old, extremely busy corporate finance executive who is on the move 24/7.

He followed the 30 Days 2 Shredz protocol exactly as we laid out.

In a little over 30 days he went from 195lbs to 176lbs, reached 7% body fat, and achieved the most sculpted physique of his life.

We could continue for hours, but you get the picture.

The Superhuman Beginner to Advanced Protocol That Changes Your Body Composition

Losing body fat is great.

You get to look like an action film star, people compliment you for your sculpted physique and you experience a surge of self-assuredness when gazing upon your own image…

There’s no more shame from your inner critic condemning you for not being disciplined enough with your diet or exercise.

All that is amazing.

But the benefits of fat loss extend far beyond just looking better in the mirror.

Once you decide to take charge of your physical health, you finally have the ability to start seeking more purpose and fulfillment in your life.

You get to finally break free of the daily pain and suffering.

Pain that bogs you down and prevents you from becoming the highest realized version of yourself.

Your brain fog disappears.

You spring out of bed in the morning, and you have the energy to not only do whatever you like but also begin a life of service to others.

More importantly, you now have the ability to pursue a spiritual life and become a better parent, spouse, and human being…

You get to finally realize the full potential of your physical avatar body.

You become a superhuman.

No words can do justice to this, you have to experience it firsthand.

And that might be the reason why you’re here today.

You’re looking for a change.

Not just a temporary transformation that fades within a few weeks…

But one you can carry forward for the entirety of your life, beginning today.

That’s why Hunter and I decided to give you everything you require to finally make that transformation a reality.

Whether you are a beginner and have never fasted a day in your life…

Or you are an advanced dieter who uses peptides and hormonal optimization therapy…

This will profoundly change your life for the better.

We decided to codify our knowledge into one easy-to-consume course that teaches you how to create maximum fat loss in minimum time.

We filmed over 14+ hours of video content giving you precise instructions on how to achieve your leanest physique ever…

So you can finally get rid of the stubborn fat around your belly, thighs, hips, upper arms, face, and neck…

And we call it the 30 Days 2 Shredz Masterclass.

The 30 Days 2 Shredz Masterclass

30 Days 2 Shredz Masterclass

This is a 30-day protocol and framework designed for 3 different user levels…

Beginner, Advanced, and Fully F**** Optimized…

So anybody regardless of their fitness level, can do it and get mind-blowing results.

Here’s a list of what you’re getting with this program.

✅ Exactly what diet, training, and supplements you MUST use to stay lean and shredded year-round.

✅ How to perform 24 – 48 hour fasts with ease and even without experiencing any hunger pangs.

✅ The diabolical fasting protocol that can take any man from 15% body fat to 8% or lower in just 30 days.

✅ The exact process of boosting your metabolism and turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

✅ Resistance training and cardio techniques that only require 10 hours per week in the gym but will create profound changes in your body composition.

✅ How to maintain and preserve muscle while you torch through layers of stubborn belly fat.

✅ How to properly eat your cheat meals so you can enjoy eating out with your friends and family without packing on any additional fat.

✅ How to actually change your somatotype or body type with time, and go from an endomorph to an ectomorph and eventually mesomorph…

Which allows you to become more muscular and eat more without putting on any fat.

✅ Discover our favorite thermogenic supplement allowing you to feel strong and energized during periods of extreme caloric deprivation.

✅ The ultimate combination of fat loss peptides to push past your body’s limits and attain an extraordinary transformation.

You’ll discover peptides that suppress your appetite, diminish cravings, and assist in managing your dietary intake…

And how to effectively blend them to trigger weight loss, enabling you to engage in extended fasting and effortlessly burn fat.

✅ Reference guide and calendar to help you stay accountable for each day of your 30 Days 2 Shredz journey.

✅ How to maintain your new physique forever and seamlessly integrate this new lifestyle into your daily routine with ease.

We left no stone unturned and mapped out every single step of your journey down to the exact hour of each day.

From the supplements, peptides, training, diet, cardio, and lifestyle practices…

We break down each component of fat loss with academic precision.

And translate them into practical, real-world takeaways that anyone can understand.

We are living proof this diet works, and after taking this masterclass…

You will have the exact same tools and skills to lose body fat and maintain a lean, sculpted physique all year long.

30 days 2 shredz method

This Is Not For You If You…

🚫You want to follow some fad diet that disrupts your hormonal system

🚫You want to experience constant hunger pangs

🚫You don’t want to do something new that could potentially change your life and body composition

🚫You aren’t able to follow step-by-step instructions

🚫You aren’t serious about burning fat

🚫You don’t want to get results in 30 days or less

🚫You want to burn fat while eating junk food and watching TV all-day

🚫You want a scammy fat loss pill that will “solve it all”

This Is For You If You…

✅ You’re fed up with carrying around extra belly fat and those stubborn love handles, and you’re seeking a proven approach that delivers results starting from the first week

✅ You’re a beginner to dieting and exercising or you have never attempted them before

✅ You’re an experienced biohacker who wants the most cutting edge protocols, peptides and supplements to melt body fat like ice

✅ You’re tired of feeling grouchy and flabby and want to completely transform your body composition and mind in 30 days

✅ You want a lean and muscular body and you’re ready to do what it takes to achieve it

✅ You want a program that seamlessly integrates with your day to day life and doesn’t require you to go to extreme lengths to maintain an astonishing physique

✅ You don’t want take any big pharma pill to lose fat

✅ You want to burn fat but most importantly maintain your new body forever with ease

✅ You want to boost your metabolism and optimize your biochemical functions to achieve their highest potential

✅ You want to go out on dinners with family and friends, go to events, and still have a sculpted physique

✅ You’re looking for a comprehensive, detailed step-by-step guide that covers every aspect to assist you in losing as much as 30 pounds within a 30-day timeframe

The Last Fat Loss Program You Will Ever Purchase Again

Also, when you sign up, as a bonus…

You will receive a digital copy of the book which is a 5-star international bestseller on Amazon.

We can’t guarantee you will lose body fat…

But I can guarantee if you follow our instructions to the letter…

This is the last program you will ever buy on fat loss and fasting.

We’re not asking you to blindly trust us…

We’re asking you to look at all of our transformations and our reputation…

And let the facts speak for themselves.

If you simply follow our instructions…

It is literally impossible to fail with this program.

This is the fastest and easiest way for a human being to drop half their body fat in 30 days or even less…

Without suffering or creating a negative metabolic and hormonal cascade.

I know you are probably busy and overwhelmed with life in the Matrix as it is…

Which is why we made this course exactly for people like you…

So you don’t have to spend hours bogged down reading countless research studies…

Discovering all the cutting-edge methods…

And searching for the latest and greatest supplements and peptides.

That’s why we’ve eliminated all the nonsense.

We teach you exactly what to do and when to do it, while holding your hand all the way through the entire process.

If you’re finally ready to take control of your life…

And get the leanest physique you’ve ever had…

If you’re ready to become the person you know you have always been capable of…

Click on the button below and join us.

No more fad diets.

No more yo-yo weight gain.

Just an easy, step-by-step system to lose fat for good.

I trust you’re smart enough to understand your health is your own personal responsibility.

And you’re wise enough to know you must have a sustainable system that works to create fat loss while maintaining a lean, muscular body for life.

Now the question is…

Are you smart and brave enough to make the internal choice to change your life once and for all?

If you know it’s time to put your foot down and take a stand.

Click on the button below…

And we’ll see you on the inside.

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