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How (And Why) Copper Peptide GHK-Cu Gives You Healthier, Younger Skin

GHK-CU is one of the most useful peptides you will ever come across in the field of therapeutic peptides.

I’ve previously written GHK-Cu’s numerous health benefits, but I just barely touched upon all the ways in which it can rejuvenate your skin.

And considering how GHK-Cu is touted as a must-have by the most advanced skincare clinics in the world, I wanted to dive much deeper into this topic.

So how exactly does GHK-Cu work to revitalize your skin?

What can you expect when you apply GHK-CU to your skin?

And how can you start using GHK-Cu today to get younger and healthier-looking skin?

This article will answer all of those questions as accurately as possible with the latest evidence-backed science.

Why Skin Care Is Important

Skin care isn’t just something you do to look better in the mirror – you literally need your skin at full health in order to survive:

“Skin supports the life of all other body parts and plays a role in maintaining the immune system.

Skin also helps to regulate body temperature through the sweat glands.

When the body becomes overheated, sweat glands give off moisture (perspiration), which cools the body as it evaporates.

As the body part responsible for the sense of touch, the skin works with the nervous system to alert the body to potential dangers by detecting pressure, pain, heat, and cold.”

In addition to being an accurate visual indicator of your overall health (ex. a poor diet), caring for your skin can help lower your chances of contracting skin cancer.

But let’s put aside all of the health benefits and assume you’re purely interested in your aesthetic appearance.

Failing to take care of your skin guarantees you’ll look older, and possibly at a younger age too:

“As you age, your skin becomes thinner. You also begin to lose strength and elasticity, and your skin becomes dryer as the sebaceous glands produce less oil. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and deepen as the years go on. 

Upon closer inspection, we see a change in collagen as well. Younger skin contains collagen that is thin and wavy in uniform fibrillar units. However, as you age, the collagen begins to break down, and the quantity is reduced. “

Like it or not, people are subconsciously judging your attractiveness based on how healthy your skin looks:

“…researchers showed the photos to 32 white and 30 black women, who then rated how attractive they thought the men were.

The scientists found that facial masculinity wasn’t nearly as important as skin tone to the women in either ethnic group. They did not see an association between masculinity and rated attractiveness, but they did find an association between skin tone and attractiveness.”

And despite living in an age of extreme political correctness, it’s been scientifically proven over the past several decades that the privilege of beauty is “the single greatest physical advantage you can have in life”:

“Attractive people are more likely to be seen as competent and be hired for a job. They are perceived as smarter and having more social grace. They are perceived to have better personality qualities like trustworthiness. They are perceived as kinder. They are more persuasive. They are more likely to benefit from acts of kindness from a stranger. They have greater self esteem.”

Why not give yourself the best possible odds of winning with better health AND a better outward appearance to the world?

Why You MUST Use GHK-Cu for Better Skin Health And Appearance

As I mentioned in my definitive article about GHK-Cu, it is naturally produced in your serum blood and serves several important roles in maintaining optimal health.

While we may have peak GHK-Cu concentrations in our blood of 200 mcg/mL, this number gradually drops to 80 mcg/mL by the age of 60.

It is around this age where our bodies start to lose out on the health benefits of GHK-CU – accelerating the healing of wounds and injuries, lowering chronic inflammation in our bodies, boosting our immune system, and more.

But we also lose out on the skin’s regenerative capabilities:

“It’s known to help rebuild the layers of the dermis by increasing the skin’s thickness. At age 20, our skin replenishes itself every three weeks.

By age 50, the regeneration process has slowed to every nine weeks. GHK supports the functioning of healthy skin cells by adding beneficial moisture. Water-holding glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) and glycans nourish your skin. They keep it plump and hydrated for more extended periods.

It also reduces our complexion’s breakdown due to elasticity loss, cross-linked collagen, and other age-related factors. These factors can often be the cause of why wrinkle formation begins.”

Similar to the natural decrease of testosterone as we get older, we need to give our bodies the GHK-CU it needs to maintain healthy skin into old age.

How Does GHK-Cu Work For Skin Care?

What’s the “magic sauce” behind GHK-Cu, you might ask?

Numerous factors are at play, according to GHK-Cu pioneer Dr. Loren Pickart:

“Copper peptides produce a better skin renewal in combination with exfoliation or various controlled skin damage methods.

Copper peptides help stimulate new capillary formation (angiogenesis), increasing the biosynthesis of collagen, elastin and the water-holding proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans.”

Let’s dive into each of those compounds a bit further…

Collagen – According to Pickart himself, a specific type of collagen (collagen III) is what makes the skin such a resilient organ.

90% of our skin is composed of collagen III as young children, but by age 60 that number goes down to as low as 10%.

Without collagen III, we cannot expect our skin to rejuvenate so quickly or effectively:

“GHK-Cu induces production of collagen 3, which allows the skin to be more soft and firm. It repairs the skin barrier, preventing allergens and bacteria from entering, and increases production of molecules that hold water in the skin, improving suppleness.” 

Elastin – Elastin is the protein responsible for giving your skin its elasticity flexibility, which is why it bounces back so quickly after it is pulled (this fun 2-second test can show you how much elastin your body is producing).

And just like collagen, our body’s natural production of elastin tends to decrease with older age.. which is why your skin starts wrinkling and sagging.

But don’t be fooled, as elastin’s biological purpose goes way beyond stretching your skin:

“Elastin is very important to not only your skin but other parts of your body too. For instance, it plays a vital role in arteries, especially the aorta.

Elastin helps regulate pressure and facilitate blood flow. It also functions in the lungs and the bladder to help with movement and elasticity in these organs.”

Proteoglycans – These sugar-protein molecules are critical for the “correct structural development, organization, hydration, and functional properties” of the skin (Source).

But I want to focus on the “hydration” part, which stops your skin from drying out:

“Proteoglycans act to retain the hydration in the extracellular space. Given the greater structure and molecular weight, they retain and trap the water molecules to initiate the exchange at the cell membrane. This means that they give appropriate hydration to the skin.”

If you’ve ever wondered what makes young skin look so plump and full, you can thank these molecules.

Glycosaminoglycans – Unlike the other three molecules, these carbohydrate-based compounds play a more supportive role for both collagen and elastin:

“Glycosaminoglycans’ primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elastin and turgidity (bounce) in the cellular spaces and keep protein fibers in balance and proportion.

It also promotes the ability of the collagen and elastin fibers to retain moisture, therefore remaining soluble.”

This would be the geeky explanation for why increasing your water intake is an essential part of maintaining healthy skin.

Blood flow – Finally, we have GHK-Cu’s ability to uniformly improve blood flow throughout your body:

“From wound healing studies, it is known that GHK-Cu helps reestablish blood flow into damaged tissues through a mixture of three actions: angiogenesis (new blood-vessel formation), anticoagulation, and vasodilation.

GHK-Cu increases the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor, both of which aid blood vessel formation.

In addition, GHK-Cu’s ability to stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin is useful in restoring integrity of blood vessel walls.”

As you’ll discover later on in this article, increased blood flow is essential for GHK-Cu’s ability to repair skin damage.

Top 5 Skin Care Benefits of GHK-Cu

In the past 30 years of scientists investigating the use of GHK-Cu in older human subjects, beauty clinics have tapped into its powerful anti-aging effects for better-looking skin.

You’ll find a number of cosmetic products start to use GHK-Cu in some fashion, whether on its own or combined with other ingredients.

However, here are the 5 most important skincare benefits of GHK-Cu you will experience when you start using it.

(NOTE: If you want to REALLY dive deep into the science of GHK-Cu and all of its wonderful health benefits, I highly recommend his best-selling book on using GHK-Cu for enhanced skin beauty)

GHK-Cu Skin Care Benefit #1: Reduces Wrinkles

In two comprehensive reviews of human clinical trials (one in 2015 and one in 2018), a topical GHK-Cu cream consistently applied for 8-12 weeks consistently reduced the number of wrinkles and the depth of said wrinkles.

GHK-Cu always provided better results than placebos, vitamin C, vitamin K, retinoic acid, and Matrixyl 3000.

All of these studies involved older women (+40 years old) and the areas of interest including the face and the thighs.

On top of that, several of these studies specifically looked at women who had aging skin due to their lifestyle (lack of skincare, chronic UV exposure, etc.)

The most likely explanation behind the reproducibility of these results can be attributed to GHK-Cu’s ability to increase the production of collagen and elastin (as mentioned earlier in this article).

GHK-Cu Skin Care Benefit #2: Protects Against UV Radiation and Damage

Considering that ultraviolet (UV) damage is one of the leading causes of premature skin aging (and skin cancer in the worst instances), we need to do everything in our power to protect our skin.

Especially since UV radiation can lead to the formation of reactive oxygen species, which can lead to “skin aging, cancer, and pigmentation disorders”.

Fortunately for us, GHK-Cu can help us fight against harmful UV radiation by protecting the keratinocytes in our skin:

“GHK also blocks lethal ultraviolet radiation damage to cultured skin keratinocytes by binding and inactivating reactive carbonyl species such as 4-hydroxynonenal, acrolein, malondialdehyde, and glyoxal.

This protection was found at a relatively high level of GHK, 20 mg/ml or 0.2 %, but this concentration can be easily added to protective sunscreens”

(FYI – keratinocytes are skin cells found on the outermost layer of our skin, responsible for preventing foreign agents such as viruses and parasites from entering our bodies)

This was confirmed in one clinical study involving 20 female study subjects with photoaged skin due to UV damage:

“…a study of 20 women compared the skin’s production of collagen after applying creams containing Cu-GHK, vitamin C, or retinoic acid to thighs daily for one month.

New collagen production was determined by skin biopsy samples using immunohistological techniques.

After one month, Cu-GHK increased collagen in 70% of those treated, versus 50% treated with vitamin C, and 40% treated with retinoic acid”

And in another larger study involving 71 women who used GHK-Cu cream for 12 weeks to deal with mild to advanced signs of photoaging on their face, the end result was “increased skin density and thickness, reduced laxity, improved clarity, reduced fine lines and the depth of wrinkles.”

If you’re a fair-skinned individual who easily gets sunburnt or someone who spends a lot of time in the sun, GHK-Cu is a much superior product to most sunscreens!

GHK-Cu Skin Care Benefit #3: Repairs Skin Wounds, Scars, and Injuries

Dr. Pickart’s findings with GHK-Cu aren’t limiting to the field of cosmetics, as the copper peptide can also remodel damaged skin:

“Research studies find that adequate tissue copper helps the process of skin remodeling by activating your skin’s metalloproteinases that remove damaged proteins (sun as sun-damaged collagen and elastin) and scars.

At the same time they help activate your skin’s anti-proteases TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 that protect against excessive breakdown of protein”

In a broader sense, there are two primary mechanisms at play here:

“(1) chemoattraction of repair cells such as macrophages, mast cells, capillary cells

(2) anti-inflammatory actions (suppression of free radicals, thromboxane formation, release of oxidizing iron, transforming growth factor beta-1, tumor necrosis factor alpha and protein glycation while increasing superoxide dismutase, vessel vasodilation, blocking ultraviolet damage to skin keratinocytes and improving fibroblast recovery after X-ray treatments)”

If you’re somebody who spends a lot of time sparring in high-contact martial arts, GHK-Cu anti-inflammatory properties will help you rapidly heal facial and bodily injuries.

(The increased blood flow mentioned earlier in this article also contributes towards skin repair)

GHK-Cu also plays a pivotal role in signaling tissue remodeling, which removes damaged/scarred tissue to generate new and healthier tissue (via acting as a feedback signal that is generated after tissue injury).

And that’s not even getting into its anti-oxidant properties, which also helps with wound healing:

“The presence of iron complexes in damaged tissues is detrimental to wound healing, due to the increased lipid peroxidation in the presence of iron ions, as well as microbial infection mediated by iron.

Pickart demonstrated that GHK-Cu inhibited lipid peroxidation if the iron source was ferritin….GHK-Cu binds to the channels of ferritin involved in iron release and physically prevents the release of Fe (II).

Thus, GHK-Cu exhibits antioxidant function in wounds by inhibiting ferritin iron release in damaged tissues, preventing inflammation and microbial infections.”

Therefore, GHK-Cu has multiple cosmetic and health applications:

GHK-Cu Skin Care Benefit #4: Lowers Hyperpigmentation

My flagship GHK-Cu product sold at Aseir Custom was very effective on one individual who had skin patches much darker than his normal complexion:

“After only 7 days of usage on my left side, the results were alarming given how much lighter the left side of my face looked.

My wife, who didn’t even know I started using it, asked me what happened to the right side of my face which was unchanged but visibly stood out now.

I lost the symmetry and could see the patches on my left side were fading and breaking up into individual freckles.

Additionally, I noticed the pores on my left side were noticeably smaller. which was an unexpected benefit.”

Loren Pickart, the scientist solely responsible for discovering GHK-Cu and all of its amazing skincare benefits, has made the same observation in his extensive study of the copper peptide.

GHK-CU Skin Care Benefit #5: Improves Overall Skin Appearance

One pilot study found that GHK-Cu was able to positively impact numerous factors of skin health at once:

“With their pilot study for topical application of copper tripeptide complexes in aged skin, Krüger et al. confirmed an increase in skin thickness in the range of the epidermis and dermis, improved skin hydration, a significant smoothing of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, increased skin elasticity, a significant improvement in skin contrast and an increased production of collagen I.” 

Pickart himself was able to visibly demonstrate GHK-Cu’s skin-rejuvenating actions through an ultrasound scan:

“The photo on the right is an ultrasound scan of the skin of a woman (age 59) before treatment with a cream containing copper peptides. On the far right is the same skin after one month of treatment with the complexes.

The white-yellow colored areas are the ultrasonic reflection from skin areas that are more dense because of closer cellular binding and increased amounts of collagen and elastin. This is an effect that is opposite to the usual thinning and loosening of skin during aging”

In summation, we can expect the following appearance-based outcomes from regularly using GHK-Cu on our skin:

  • Better skin elasticity
  • Skin that is much more firm
  • Tightening of loose skin
  • Skin that feels smoother to the touch
  • A reduction in the appearance of “aged skin”
  • A decrease in the number and appearance of skin lesions, fine lines, and darker spots (thus evening out your skin tone)
  • Limiting and preventing future wrinkles
  • Limiting photo modulation damage from UV Radiation from the Sun

Is GHK-Cu Safe To Use?

GHK-Cu is hands down one of the safest and non-toxic compounds you can use on your skin.

Out of all the copper peptides in existence, GHK-Cu is the only one that DOES NOT irritate your skin:

“GHK-Cu was not cytotoxic and did not induce any significant change in the expression levels of various skin irritation-related biomarkers… GHK-Cu has a low potential of inducing skin irritation and therefore provides a safer alternative for the delivery of copper through skin.”

Even on the most fragile of the skin, GHK-Cu’s high degree of effectiveness is very gentle and won’t exacerbate any existing skin sensitivities.

To date, there have not been any negative side effects of GHK-Cu reported in the literature when it used at the right doses and in the right way (see the next section for more details).

Even in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions, GHK-Cu is much safer to use than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids!

This is critical when you consider that GHK-Cu’s range of therapeutic action is 300 times lower than its toxic dose:

“Strong systemic wound healing was induced in pigs at about 1.1 mg GHK-Cu per kilogram body weight which would correspond to about 75 mgs in humans.

This is about 300-fold below GHK-Cu’s toxic action (lowering of blood pressure).

Much lower dosages may also be effective since GHK-Cu’s actions on cells generally occur at a 1 nanomolar concentration”

Not to mention that in human studies, GHK-CU was found to be “non-toxic and non-irritating”.

Long story short… you have absolutely nothing to worry about when using GHK-Cu!

Where To Buy GHK-Cu

The ONLY place you should even consider buying GHK-Cu from is Aseir Custom!

We have managed to produce the purest and highest-quality formulation of 3% GHK-Cu in the form of a serum and a cream.

You’ll notice that we stand out by miles ahead of our competitors in all the things we WILL NOT do:

  • No Gluten: People suffering from celiac disease and gluten sensitivities can get the beautiful, radiant skin they’ve always wanted
  • No Parabens: Great skincare should never come at the expense of destroying your hormonal system
  • No Aluminum: We don’t need to rely on heavy metals commonly associated with unwanted side effects such as skin irritation
  • Natural Preservatives Only: Our GHK-Cu formulations don’t rely on ingredients derived from the abuse of laboratory animals
  • No Toxic Chemicals: We are 100% transparent with every single ingredient we use, all of which are clinically proven to be safe for the human body

We have MANY more products coming down the line for people who want to achieve the most youthful appearance possible.

A full body cream, an eye cream which may be stronger than Botox, a natural tan enhancer, a separate formulation for preventing sunburns, and many more specific applications for skin care.

How to Use GHK-Cu

There are two ways to go about using Aseir Custom’s GHK-Cu on your skin to remove and delay the effects of aging, thereby rejuvenating your skin’s natural renewal systems…

Option #1: Using The Cream or Serum in Isolation

Whether you use the Royal Blue Serum or Sky Blue Cream in isolation, each 30 mL bottle is designed to last as long as 60 days.

Every pump of either formulation dispenses around 0.21 mL of either the cream or the serum:

  • Applying 2 pumps per day will make a single bottle last for 60 days 
  • Applying 4 pumps per day will make a single bottle last for 30 days

Make sure you cleanse your skin FIRST (usually by showering) before you apply GHK-Cu, and gently massage it in for 5-10 seconds.

Apply just enough cream to barely cover your face, neck, and décolleté (for women, this is the neck, shoulders, back and upper chest)

NOTE: When using this product around the eye area, use fingertips to carefully apply a thin layer (or 1-2 drops) underneath the eyes or on the outside areas of the eye.

Option #2: Using The Cream or Serum Together

I highly recommend using the Royal Blue Serum and Sky Blue Cream in combination for the best results possible.

Here is a protocol that has consistently worked for happy customers who have seen dramatic changes in their skin appearance and tone:

  • Apply the Royal Blue Serum first as the base
  • Wait for 90 seconds to let the serum dry
  • Apply the Sky Blue Cream as the finishing cream
  • Wait for 90 seconds to let the cream dry

That’s all you need to do – GHK-Cu is very fast-acting and no other skin-care solutions are necessary.

You should expect to use both the GHK-Cu serum and cream for at least 90 days to experience visible results.

If you want to see a video tutorial of this procedure, watch this video:

In the words of my wife Monica Campbell:

“I noticed my skin was smoother and it had a much better texture. My face is also well moisturized without being oily.”

Exclusive Limited-Time Deals From Aseir Custom

Now that you know everything you need to know about GHK-Cu and exactly where to buy it, I want to offer some exclusive deals to my loyal readers.

A fully optimized skincare routine should NEVER come at the cost of breaking the bank, and I want all of humanity to have complete access to the world’s best anti-aging products.

Deal #1: The Halloween Sale (Expires October 31st @ Midnight PST)

Until Halloween, you have two separate deals you can take advantage of:

Get 25% OFF either the Royal Blue Serum or Sky Blue Cream when you use the code 25OFF at the checkout cart.

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If you’ve always wanted to stock up on our hair loss reversal product Auxano Grow, I highly recommend doing so now.

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  • A micronized spray bottle for better absorption, which will work very well for people with longer hail
  • A higher net Carbon 60 concentration (3-5 times the C60 in Auxano Grow v1)
  • A new grapeseed oil carrier solution for instant absorption and less mess after placement into the scalp

So make sure you get your orders locked in ASAP!

As always…

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