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High-Level Peptide Recommendations for Superhero Performance, Cognitive Function & Skin w/ Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

What are some of the next level, less well-known peptides that are available on the market?

How can arthritic and orthopedic patients fix the root cause of their bone issues?

Why do we need to stop trying to use data to predict life patterns?

On this episode, I’m joined by renowned orthopedic, anti-aging, regenerative physician and peptide expert, Dr. Elizabeth Yurth.

She shares on how we can biohack our way to better health with peptides.

The manifestation of fear is what causes disease because that’s what makes your body toxic. -Jay Campbell

Three Takeaways

The structure of allopathic medicine has turned doctors from true healers into bureaucrats.

If people over the age of 50 moderated sugar and minimized alcohol, they would double their expected life span.

The best peptides at the moment include 5-amino 1MQ, GHK Copper, and Cerebrolysin.

At the start of the show, Dr. Elizabeth shared on how she got started, and whether she would ever leave the sick care system behind fully. She also discussed some of the challenges of running a traditional practice. Dr. Elizabeth shares the treatment that has significantly improved outcomes for arthritic patients, along with her peptide mainstays and favorites.

We also discussed:

  • Why genetics are overrated in predicting health issues
  • How fear creates disease
  • The best peptides for cognitive protection and skincare

Guest Bio-

Dr. Elizabeth is the biohacker’s doctor, with 25 years of practice. She is the co-founder and medical director of Boulder Longevity Institute. Elizabeth is an orthopedic, anti-aging and regenerative medicine practitioner, and a leading physician in the peptide space. Visit for more information.

Biohacking is a huge part of being optimized, and peptides are the most game-changing biohacking tools in our arsenal.

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