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How to Modulate and Mediate Senescence As You Age w/ Dr. Suzanne Turner

Senescence, or the degradation of our DNA cells, is the reason our bodies age and damage over time. How does cell damage impact how our bodies function?

How does living a pro-inflammatory lifestyle impact our health and how we age over time?

Why is fasting such a powerful optimization tool?

On this episode, functional and longevity medicine practice physician, Dr. Suzanne Turner, shares on senescence and what we can do about it.

When you start looking into the biochemistry of health and wellness, you can’t help but look at peptides, because that’s how we fix disease. -Dr. Suzanne Turner

Three Takeaways

As we age, the cells in our body start to die (or go through senescence), and they start to spew out inflammatory chemicals and attack our innate stem cells, making them unable to heal us.

We now live in an age where all the information about health and wellness is so readily available. A lot of older patients didn’t come up in a generation where people talked about the importance of diet and exercise.

Ketone esters are a great supplement for mediating senescence, especially when taken along with intermittent fasting. Take 5g four times a day, when you would normally eat breakfast with black coffee, and then lunch or dinner or even before bed. Dr. Turner recommends these brands: KetoneAid or HVMN.

At the start of the show, Dr. Suzanne Turner shared how she got started, and why peptides are the present and future of medicine. Next, we talked about whether neurological disorders are caused by lifestyle choices, and the impact of cellular stress and disease.

We also discussed;

  • Why fasting is key to mediating senescence
  • Why we should stop taking growth hormone
  • The best supplements and peptides for mediating senescence

Guest Bio

Dr. Suzanne Turner is the founder and medical director at Vine Medical Associates. Double Board Certified in Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine, her thriving practice caters to the needs of the North Fulton Community. Practicing Family and Functional Medicine, Dr. Turner has special interests and experience in geriatrics, bioidentical hormone therapy, diabetes, and preventing heart disease. Dr. Turner is also the leading expert in peptide therapy in the Southeast. For more information or to find out how to work with Dr. Turner, visit

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