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How to Keep Your Mind, Body and Soul Youthful, Even As You Age w/Lana Kerr

Aging gracefully is a job, and we can’t expect to lead longer, stronger lives without regularly pouring into ourselves.

The good news, however, is that if we are willing to do what it takes, age doesn’t need to limit our mind, body or soul. 

So, what does it take to stop letting age become an inhibitor? Is it possible to get better with age, despite what we’ve been taught in mainstream society?

In this episode, CEO of Lumisque Skincare, Lana Kerr shares how she found the true secret to combating the appearance of age.


The people who are going to live longest and strongest will be the people that take concern and time to age gracefully. -Jay Campbell



Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The truth about skin ‘aging’
    Does our skin really go into decline as we age, or are we merely experiencing a lack of hydration that could be remedied?
  2. Why we need to rethink our approach to health
    Are we doing enough to optimize ourselves, or are we content within the sick care model?
  3. Why self-care is more important than we realize
    Can taking care of our physical bodies help us enhance our mind-body connection?


Guest Bio- 

Lana Kerr is a Bestselling Author, public speaker, wellness coach and the CEO of Lumisque Skincare, home of CO2Lift Carboxy Gel.

CO2Lift is the first and only scientifically-proven gel that delivers carboxytherapy, a natural and noninvasive method for skin regeneration.

Using carbon dioxide to hydrate and re-oxygenate the skin, CO2LIFT creates hydration, firmness and lift.

With over 2 decades of experience in the space, Lana has dedicated her life to health and wellness, and she’s passionate about helping others enjoy their lives to the fullest, at any age. 


To find out more, go to: 


And to connect with Lana and her team, go to

Or email them directly on [email protected] 


To get a 15% discount on Lumisque’s products, use the code ‘JayC’

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