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Living A Fully Optimized Life: The ULTIMATE Playbook For Total Health Optimization

Long-time readers know I have prolifically written about hormonal optimization and physique transformation at every level.

I have published two comprehensive books about testosterone optimization therapy, Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible and the TRT MANUal, each with hundreds of scientific citations (and just as many raving 5-star reviews).

I wrote the international BEST-SELLING book on using intermitting fasting to maximize fat loss with zero muscle loss.

I even followed it up with Guaranteed Shredded, an extreme fat loss protocol containing some of the best hacks, tactics, drugs and protocols for achieving sub-10% body fat in record time.

But many people have been requesting a “cheat sheet” for years.

A playbook where you can absorb the most up-to-date information on everything you need to know about total health optimization within 90 minutes or less.

Actionable material you can read and implement right away.

Fortunately for you, this playbook exists and you can get your hands on it right now!

Living A Fully Optimized Life: How To Break Free From Sick Care Medicine Before It Kills You

Living A Fully Optimized Life is a ~140-page blueprint containing +35 years of intel on anything and everything related to optimal health.

I specifically wrote it to be 100% actionable with all of the fluff taken out.

It’s literally as comprehensive when it gets when it comes to summarizing all of my authoritative resources into an easy-to-read book.

If you are someone who is committed to THRIVING via fully optimized health, you must read this ASAP.

You’ll have instant access to the world’s BEST high-performance health strategies, supplements, and hormone optimization protocols.

Why Should I Read “Living A Fully Optimized Life?”

Living A Fully Optimized Life is the guiding hand for people who are extremely self-aware about the “sick care” state of the world.

People who recognize their bodies are under chemical assault by toxic chemicals and poisons in virtually everything we touch, eat and drink.

Men and women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

High-conscious individuals who KNOW their doctors do not have their best interests at heart, and have forgotten their original oath of “First do no harm”.

And above all else, those with EYES TO SEE what’s happening in our world:

  • Weight gain is increasing FIVE TO SEVEN TIMES FASTER than the population is growing
  • 70% of all adults in the USA are FAT, seconds away from an early death or a fatal age-related disease
  • Most cancers, kidney failure, diabetes, hormonal deficiencies, and more are ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE despite what conventional medical wisdom says

This is not the life you want for yourself.

At the same time, you cannot do what everyone else around you does and expect to be fully optimized.

I wrote Living A Fully Optimized Life to give you the fast-track to completely transforming your health and taking complete control of your life’s destiny.

So if you are ready to CHOOSE to use our intel and apply it towards creating the absolute best version of yourself, claim your copy today.

What Will I Learn In “Living A Fully Optimized Life?”

Here is EXACTLY what you’ll get when you CHOOSE to invest in Living A Fully Optimized Life:

Chapter 1: “Illness Medicine Is Not The Answer”

Why taking 100% control of your personal health has NEVER been easier, despite what the broken medical establishment tells you

Chapter 2: “Trust Your Gut – The Importance Of Gut Health and Microbiome Function”

Why books and articles in the mainstream media about Metformin being “dangerous” are mis-leading and wholly inaccurate

Chapter 3: “Natural Optimization And The Importance Of Being Lean”

7 deadly causes of extremely poor health, and how to prevent the vast majority of disease.

Chapter 4: “Why Fasting And Metabolic Flexibility Matters”

Exactly why the idea of a “best diet” is a complete lie

Chapter 5: “Hormonal Optimization Done For You (Male & Female)

THREE done-for-you protocols for men and women on optimizing their hormonal health (Learn how to use Testosterone and maintain your fertility)

Chapter 6: “Fundamental Principles Of Resistance And Endurance Training For Your Age & Goals”

The vital principles of weight training for building a muscular body (ignore them and you’ll end up looking the same way forever)

Chapter 7: “Supplementation To Thrive In A Fully Optimized Life”

Every single supplement and Medication YOU MUST USE to forge an awe-inspiring physique

Chapter 8: “Mindset Is Critical”

The #1 commitment you MUST make for fully optimized health

Chapter 9: “Why Being Mindful & Spiritually Fit Is Essential

How to silence your mind in the face of addictive tech, distraction and stress

Chapter 10: “Biohacking Tools For Maximum Optimization”

Every state-of-the-art optimization tech for maximum performance

BONUS CHAPTER: “The Dangers Of Technology”

How modern-day technology is killing us (it might be happening to you now)

How Can I Purchase A Copy Of “Living A Fully Optimized Life?”

“Living A Fully Optimized Life” can be purchased from this sales page.

You’ll be able to take this information and IMMEDIATELY APPLY it for extraordinary results.

You will also have the option to join OptimizedForever, the world’s #1 premium-access group for high-achievers seeking total health and life optimization.

And if you want to work 1-on-1 with a health optimization physician vetted by yours truly to implement the intel, go to and sign yourself up!


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