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Longevity in Lifting: The Gravity Factor


This Longevity in Lifting series has proven very popular, so let’s keep the theme going as it relates to gravity. For this article, I wanted to cover a perspective on aging that rarely gets discussed, but is that is hugely illuminating as to WHY the body ages. That perspective is GRAVITY. Gravity Physically Ages You TRT-Revolution-Gravity-Muscle You likely have never considered gravity as being a factor in aging, but in reality, is the most powerful factor over all others. From the time you are conceived, up until the day you die, gravity is pulling down on you. You cannot argue that gravity doesn’t exist. Just drop anything from the palm of your hand, and watch it fall to the floor. -Gravity is why people slouch -Gravity is why the heavier someone is, the harder it is for them to move -Gravity is how we measure weight (pounds and kilos are measurements of gravity) -Gravity is why the body has muscle in the first place (to move against gravity) -Gravity is why skin starts to sag -Gravity is why body slows the longer you are alive. It has been resisting this omniscient force for decades GRAVITY is what makes you age-Gravity is a 24/7 omniscient force. From the time you are conceived to the the time you die, gravity is pulling down on your body 24/7 Gravity wears you out. Moving against gravity is an audacious act, and movement takes muscle And the less muscle you have, the more gravity affects you. What is strength? Strength is overcoming gravity. When you are young, your body has an easy time resisting gravity. You quite literally defy it as grow taller, bigger, and stronger. Once you stop growing though, then you are in a lifelong battle against gravity, and its degenerative effects on your physiology

Your Most Muscular State is When You Are Most Defiant

TRT-Revolution-Markus-Ruhl-Most-Muscular If you ask someone when they felt at their absolute physical best, it generally is their late teens to early 20s. Why is this? Simple. That is when they were at their most muscular. Muscle mass typically peaks in your 20s, and then declines with every decade thereafter. What increases as you age? Degenerative diseases-arthritis, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis, general joint stiffness, loss of range of motion, metabolic decline, increased insulin resistance, increased inflammation Why does the above happen though? Because muscle mass went DOWN. Muscle quite literally is the “antiaging” solution that defies gravity, and prevents degeneration. And the less of it you have, the faster you will age. Does it make sense then that you feel so good in your 20s? That is when lean body mass it at its peak for most people. Especially for women, many women begin losing muscle by their mid 20s. The result acceleration in aging is unexpected and surprising. Muscle Mass=Anti-Aging Solution

TRT-Revolution-Fitness-Model-Jay-Campbell-Monica-Diaz It doesnt get any simpler than this. To defy gravity, and to stop, or even reverse, the normal aging process, Build Muscle. Get as muscular as you possibly can. Follow the principles learned so far in training for hypertrophy and fueling your workouts and recovery. Prioritize lean body mass and making incremental strength gains. Avoid injury at all costs, train intelligently. Work with Jim and Jay via Forged training. Lift weights. Build muscle. Don’t let your muscle mass decline Gravity wears you out the longer you are alive. Muscle is the act of defiance against it Strength is nothing more than a measurement of resistance against gravity. So lift, get strong. And stay that way for as long as you can.


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