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Bioregulators: The Sick Care Killers They Don’t Want You to Know About w/Phil Micans

We’re currently living in the golden age of New Earth.

There are now molecules, medications and supplements that can end reliance on sick care illness medicine, and bioregulators are about to become a huge part of that.

These peptide like biomolecules possess immense power as they are fundamentally regenerative with an ability to change health optimization as we know it.

In this episode, founder of AntiAging Systems, Phil Micans, shares a primer on bioregulators and why allopathic medicine doesn’t want them in our hands. 

Because of their nano size, bioregulators actually interact directly with DNA and it’s like a key going into a lock, and that’s why they produce protein synthesis.

-Phil Micans

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The avalanche of research and evidence
    In the West, the idea of bioregulators seems new, but how much data has been built up over decades in other parts of the world like Russia?
  2. How bioregulators work
    What makes bioregulators so fundamentally regenerative?
  3. Believability is our biggest barrier of entry
    Are people so brainwashed by petroleum distillate products they can’t believe in the power of bioregulators?


Guest Bio

Educated in food and nutrient technology, Phil Micans also holds qualifications in pharmacy and biochemistry. 

Having been heavily involved in the anti-aging community for more than 25 years, Phil researches information for publications and TV etc., he also advises and moderates for numerous organizations including the British Longevity Society, the Monte Carlo Antiaging Congress, the Stromboli conference on aging and cancer and the London Anti-aging Conference.

Today, he is the co-editor of the ‘Lifespan Medicine Journal’, the Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Aging Matters™ magazine’ and a founder and VP to the IAS Group.

For much more information and to even purchase BioRegulators yourself head over to:

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