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Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss: Hands-Free, Supercharged Stubborn Body Fat Elimination

Ever since I wrote last week’s bombshell piece on red light therapy for fully optimized health, my inbox has been BLOWING UP with requests for more information.

People want to know where they can purchase an Ultraslim device or Trifecta Light Pro 450 Bed for themselves… or find the closest health optimization clinic that has one lying around.

But most importantly… I made a massive promise to reveal something even better:

My radically ALL-NEW “Stubborn Fat Loss Eradication Protocol” for eliminating subcutaneous fat stores to become completely and totally shredded beyond belief

All done through harnessing the power of medical-grade red light therapy, which we now know beyond question is a natural and holistic approach to body composition management.

Yes, there are over 50 years of empirical research demonstrating the insane power of red light therapy for fat loss with ZERO side effects.

None of that means anything because I have PROVEN this one thing is the biggest difference maker in existence for ultra-optimized people like myself.

Even when I eventually embark on a phase of gaining lean mass, I fully intend to keep using red light in perpetuity to maintain the perfect physique.

Imagine what will happen if I keep all the subcutaneous fat in my abs, love handles, and lower back OFF while putting on pounds of muscle?

That’s for another time.

Right now, you’re here to witness a monumental change in the esoteric science of physique transformation even more advanced than what I published in my newest fat loss manual 30 Days 2 Shredz.

So let’s get right to it!


How Does Red Light Therapy Eliminate Body Fat?

Our story starts with an “accidental” discovery made by Dr. Carl Rothschild of Trifecta Light Technologies.

Much like how Cialis was never meant to be a drug for erectile dysfunction, or Tesofensine was never meant to be a weight loss agent…

… red light therapy was never meant to be anything more than a life-changing healing modality.

The Origin Story of Red Light Therapy And Fat Loss

Dr. Rothschild entered the field of light therapy as a successful chiropractor before anybody else 45 years ago, but it wasn’t until he got involved with manufacturing red light therapy devices 12 years ago when things took an interesting turn.

He had only used laser therapy exclusively for healing people and knew nothing about the idea of “red light”.

In fact… he was exclusively focused on near-infrared therapy and dismissed the wavelength of red light due to its inferior healing properties (the idea of fat loss wasn’t even on his mind!).

Out of the blue, Dr. Rothschild was tipped off by a plastic surgeon who had made his own “surprise” finding.

This surgeon was told by a colleague it would be a smart idea to use a red light laser over an area he was going to do plastic surgery on to pull out fat tissue.

The end result was the fat came out even easier than before compared to the surgeon’s previous attempts.

And this is when people started to jump on the bandwagon as the “Yukon Gold Rush” opportunity of fat loss was immediately evident.

One of the pioneers of red light therapy tech was arguably Erchonia, a well-known leader in the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) industry, and their signature body contouring machine Zerona:

“Erchonia’s Zerona Z6 uses (6) adjustable heads to target the fat cells beneath the treatment area creating a temporary opening within the fat cell to allow the fatty liquids to drain out of the cell and be flushed out naturally, through your lymphatic system”

…Zerona-Z6 works by utilizing Erchonia’s patented low level laser technology to emulsify adipose tissue which is then released into the interstitial space. 

Our bodies remove the fat from the area and transport the fat through the lymphatic system creating a slimming effect. 

The process occurs gradually over the course of about 2-4 weeks.

The Zerona Z6 was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo-controlled study in which clients averaged a loss of 3.52* inches”

The Big Discovery

So what is the precise fat loss mechanism of red light therapy that distinguishes it from its healing mechanism done mostly through mitochondrial optimization and seen more prominently with near-infrared light?

It can be summarized in two sentences:

“An original explanation to the phenomenon of fat tissue interaction with laser light, provided by Neira et al., was that laser irradiation permeabilizes cell membranes inducing pores in cell membrane, which results in the passive spillage of lipids into the interstitial space.

An alternative hypothesis is that LLLT affects lipid metabolism in adipocytes and/or transport of lipids through cell membrane without affecting its integrity”

This mechanism is further expanded upon in Dr. Carl Rothschild’s must-read book Illuminated Healing, but I’ll give you the summary points here…

Red light therapy (at a wavelength of ~635 nm) temporarily changes the permeability of an adipocyte’s cell wall (i.e. the fat cell’s outermost layer) such that it becomes much more porous.

Combined with the stimulated breakdown of lipids within the cells, the “contents” of the cell now leak out at an accelerated rate relative to when they are in an untreated state.

This leads to a reduction in the size of the adipocyte and this ultimately decreases body fat stores.

The “fat” is moved away from the adipocyte and gets transferred to the lymphatic system, from which it eventually reaches the liver for use or elimination (stay tuned… there are ways to speed up this latter half of the process).

If you magnify this process 100,000x across hundreds of thousands of adipocytes with high-grade red light therapy, this process is NOT subtle at all.

It’s one of the reasons why even though this temporary change lasts for 24-48 hours, people see instant bodily changes that can be easily verified with measurements and a reliable form of determining body composition.

Trust me when I say the results are spectacular to the point of being unbelievable.

Why Fat Elimination DOES NOT Mean “Killing” Fat Cells

Pay close attention to what is being described… we are NOT damaging fat cells, freezing them, boiling them, cutting them out, dissolving them, or injuring them in any way.

There is a world of difference between mobilizing the content within fat cells, versus destroying the fat cells entirely.

Dr. Rothschild explained to me how people can actually sabotage their fat loss efforts with red light therapy and end up FATTER than when they started:

“The good news and bad news about red light therapy is the increased porosity of the fat cell wall will last for roughly 24 hours, and then the next day it returns to normal. 

Someone who doesn’t care about their health or longevity — the point of willfully killing themselves just to get skinny — is perfectly okay with destroying fat cells. 

The REAL damage comes when the same person is stupid enough to eat excessive amounts of food following a red light therapy session.

You have to remember the body’s natural intent is to store excess fat in preparation for some famine that’s going to happen down the road. 

So what happens when you pig out after using even the world’s best red light therapy device perfectly configured for fat loss?

These people will suddenly have ‘fat knees’ or ‘fat calves’ or ‘fat thighs’… because they took away from the belly and now the extra fat will reside somewhere else.”

Dr. Enrico Dolcecore goes one step further and talks about why even with the above taken into consideration, attempting to eliminate fat cells entirely is detrimental to your long-term health:

“Look, every single cell in your body is important and fat cells are no exception. 

A 150-pound person and a 350-pound person have the same amount of fat cells… but the 350-pound person has swollen fat cells, which promote the release and production of inflammatory risk factors that are a package deal with being overweight/obese.

Fat cells play a vital role in the body’s detoxification processes, so would be idiotic to get rid of them entirely. 

On the other hand, we don’t them hyper-inflammed 24/7 because of the obvious negative health outcomes that come about.”

And he’s not wrong.

Emerging research into human physiology shows our adipose tissue is a critical part of maintaining homeostasis within our biological systems:

“Adipocytes and other AT [adipose tissue] cells secrete a variety of mediators, including exosomes, miRNA, lipids, inflammatory cytokines, and peptide hormones that act in both paracrine and endocrine modes

Although adipocytes secrete a large variety of bioactive molecules with widespread systemic effects contributing to numerous physiological and pathological processes, the autocrine and paracrine actions of these molecules are highly complex, and our understanding of these processes is likely rudimentary.

However, substantial progress has been made studying three endocrine hormones that are almost exclusively produced in adipocytes and function to regulate food intake, the reproductive axis, insulin sensitivity, and immune responses [leptin, adiponectin, and resistin].

The dysregulation of any one of these hormones can contribute to systemic metabolic dysfunction, as well as to the pathogenesis of chronic metabolic diseases and some types of cancer.”

Figure 6. . Summary of adipocyte-specific adipokines, and their actions on other tissues.


Using what we now know, Dr. Dolcecore can now elaborate on how red light therapy for fat loss is very different from other body-altering procedures like ultrasonic cavitation, radiofrequency, cryolipolysis, CoolScuplting, and liposuction:

“People have this warped thought process that we were born with a whole bunch of extra parts we can remove without any health consequences whatsoever.

‘Oh sure, let’s destroy this essential tissue that will not regrow even though we are stuck with them for our entire adult lives (unlike our constantly-replenishing skin cells). What’s the worst that could happen?’

So what you’ll see these alternative procedures do is either remove the fat cells completely (liposuction), rupture them (cavitation), or just destroy them all together (cryolipolysis).

Remember what I told you about fat cells earlier: They play many crucial roles in the body such as producing hormones, protecting our vital organs, generating heat when our bodies get cold, assisting with stem cell production, and storing toxins.

When you destroy cells in the body, it responds via these inflammatory processes where the macrophages recycle the dead cells and this can place a lot of stress on the immune system”

Indeed, it would be dumb of us in the Jay Campbell world to NOT expect the body to react in a compensatory way to artificial fat cell destruction.

As one white paper so succinctly puts it:

“When the number of fat cells in our body is artificially reduced, the body will react and trigger a compensation mechanism that will restore the fat balance in our body…

(1) Production of new fat cells in the treated area or in untreated areas of the adipose tissue, or (2) Expansion of existing fat cells, usually not in the same location of manipulation.

…We don’t know yet how to prevent or even delay these compensation processes. In other words, we can’t trick our body. We can’t reduce the number of fat cells and expect no reaction.

The fat will come back, either by producing more fat cells or expanding existing ones. The bottom line is: in one way or another we will regain the fat that was artificially eliminated.”

The same paper even talks about two known phenomena seen with these alternative procedures.

In the case of liposuction, over a long enough period of time (and assuming ZERO changes in diet or training that should have been made in the first place), fat eventually returns to other non-treated areas of the body.

And for cryolipolysis, “paradoxical hyperplasia” results in the body producing an increased number of NEW fat cells in the treated area and leads to enlarged adipose tissue.

I’ll end off by showing you a common occurrence among people who get Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) done improperly:

Fat necrosis after BBL is a complication that can occur after surgery.

It happens when the transplanted fat cells do not receive an adequate blood supply, causing them to die.

The dead fat cells then form hard lumps or nodules under the skin, which can be painful, uncomfortable, and unsightly.”

But Dr. Dolcecore had some different parting words for me:

They have done no research to show the ramifications 20 years down the road when you’ve had liposuction and destroyed a bunch of fat cells (or frozen them through cryotherapy).

I guarantee if you watch enough TV, you will see an attorney suing (via a class action lawsuit) and there will be several more when they realize the damage they’ve done to people’s bodies by removing essential tissue.

The Right “Dose” Of Red Light Therapy For Targeted Fat Loss

We now have a solid grasp on how red light specifically works for fat loss and why it is imperative to shrink fat cells without removing or killing them.

This allows us to jump straight into the application of this information toward our goal of a defined and vascular set of six-pack abs.

The Right Frequency

Dr. Carl Rothschild tipped me on to this important part of red light therapy and says it is what separates high-end devices like his Pro 450 Bed from the cheap gizmos you buy on Amazon and AliExpress.

“So people already know about wavelength – red light has its wavelength of around 630 nm to 700 nm (better for fat loss than healing), while near-infrared has its wavelength range of around 800 nm to 1000 nm (better for healing than fat loss).

You’ve clearly seen the difference with your own eyes that this is not a subtle difference when you used the UltraSlim on select parts of your body. 

Where the confusion lies is once I start talking about the word ‘frequency’… put simply, it defines how we ‘pulse’ the wavelength. 

My Pro 450 Bed allows for full modification of these pulsations from 0 all the way to 5,000 Hz (beats per second).”

What he discovered is that different frequencies will “resonate” best with different tissues in your body, i.e. the liver has its own optimal frequency that is distinct from the kidney (and vice versa).

NOTE: This is the same philosophy of thinking used to power conscious-enhancing technologies like the VibraGenix and TrinFinity8, arguably The Phoenix as well for improved sexual performance… ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION YET!?

For people who are brand new to red light therapy, Dr. Rothschild starts them off with a “universal” frequency of 528 Hz using a wavelength of light corresponding to near-infrared light.

In his experience, this particular setup is the best way for patients to get their feet wet and simultaneously experience the numerous healing benefits of red light therapy.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Rothschild has a HUGE spreadsheet with very dialed-in settings in his Pro 450 Bed that have been field-tested for achieving specific health outcomes!

(Don’t ask me for this spreadsheet as it only gets distributed to clinics who pay the full price for the Pro 450 Bed itself, the transportation and setup, extensive training for proper use, and marketing materials to ensure the device is profitable for the clinic)

However, specifically for fat loss, Dr. Rothschild employs a frequency of 295-298 Hz using a wavelength of light corresponding to pure red light. 

The Right Distance

Although I have yet to see a definitive answer to this, the answer largely depends on the device you are using.

If you were to use the Zercona Z6 from Erchonia, the light diodes are to be placed “no greater than 3-4 inches / 9 cm away from the patient’s target treatment areas.”

For the UltraSlim, the sales director informed me you want to keep the pads anywhere between 6-8 inches away from the body for maximal light absorption.

And with the Trifecta Pro 450 Bed, you literally just lie down with the top canopy fully closed and the optimal distance between your body and the lights is already set in place.

But due to the thousands of LEDs being strategically placed on the top AND bottom of the bed, you’re effectively multiplying the magnitude of any other red light therapy technology by 10x and the entire body is covered (but only specific parts can be exposed if desired).

The Right Duration

Again, this is highly dependent on the red light therapy device and the practitioner’s best judgment.

As an example to show you how to approach this, here are the official UltraSlim instructions handed to me for achieving fat loss:

  • Four smaller sessions are to be done, with each mini-session lasting 8 minutes (32 minutes total)
  • There is one smaller session for the front (lower abs), right side, back (full to lower), and left side
  • After 32 minutes, a total session has been completed
  • Space out your total sessions 72 hours apart (roughly 2x/week)
  • Do not do your total sessions more frequently than every other day, especially if fat loss is the end goal. 

After much experimentation, my approach is slightly different:

  • Total sessions can happen every day
  • I do a morning session of 20 minutes where I point the pads toward my abs and love handles for 10 minutes, followed by my back for 10 minutes
  • I may do a separate evening session where the UltraSlim is focused on the front section only for 8 minutes

There is still some debate between red light therapy practitioners regarding these details.

Some insist on an approach involving every-other-day exposure (or less frequently), while others argue you can easily expose yourself to red light therapy every day without reaching an “upper limit” for achieving the maximal rate of fat loss.

People in the former camp will argue the fat cells can stay open for anywhere between 48-72 hours, and so you want the cells to “drain out” as much fat as possible for expulsion from the body (in the form of ‘waste’) before they return to their normal state of cell wall permeability.

They will also argue some patients will not be able to completely expel all the liberated contents within the fat cells even if their cell walls are more permeable following treatment (i.e. there’s no benefit to more frequent treatments).

But don’t worry… as long as you work with the devices and the people I AM recommending, you won’t have to obsess over such minutiae.

How To Enhance The Fat Loss Effects Of Red Light Therapy

You didn’t think I was just going to tell you to put a couple of pads near your body (or lie down in a super-expensive tech bed) for a few minutes and leave you hanging, did you?

Luckily for us, Dr. Rothschild and Dr. Dolcecore have hooked me up with their trade secrets for multiplying the results you get from using red light therapy for fat loss.

Increasing Lymphatic Drainage

Before I got the opportunity to use the Trifecta Pro 450 Bed for myself, Dr. Rothschild told me about his magic “secret sauce” for getting even better outcomes with red light therapy.

Not just for fat loss, but for ANY condition you’re attempting to heal and/or optimize.

The hidden hack involves improving the body’s ability to expel waste through the lymphatic system.

Here’s how he explains it:

“Every single cell in your body exudes metabolic waste into the interstitial tissue.

As I told you before, you change the fat cell wall’s permeability and allow its contents to leak out, your lymphatic system is what sucks it up and brings it to the liver for use or elimination. 

So if someone has fantastic circulation, they will get better results. 

Likewise, if you have an old overweight person with poor circulation (swollen ankles are almost always a dead giveaway), they’re going to require some assistance”

So right after a patient jumps off the Pro 450 Bed, Dr. Rothschild highly encourages them to engage in some physical activity. 

Some great options to induce a “lymphatic flush” include:

  • Jumping up and down on a rebounder (Monica’s favorite choice)
  • 15-20 minutes of steady-state Zone 2 cardio (i.e. at a heart rate of 125-140 BPM), which can include low-intensity activities like walking on a treadmill, pedaling on an indoor bike, walking around the block a few times, etc.

The point is to engage in exercise because the released contents from the fat cells can be readily burned/utilized during physical activity (since the red light therapy enhances lipolysis via increased activity of the enzyme lipase).

But Dr. Rothschild often encounters patients who don’t want to move their asses (or can’t due to legitimate physical limitations).

For those individuals, he has a few alternatives:

  • Using a whole-body vibration machine in an upright position for 10-15 minutes
    • Sometimes, a handheld lymphatic massager is simultaneously used on target areas to encourage further movement of the “fat contents” through the lymphatic system
  • Sitting in infrared sauna (helps with circulation)
  • Employing a lymphatic pumper (although this involves an entire hour of sitting still)

Dr. Rothschild uses his own top-of-the-line full-body vibration machine that uses sound waves and ran him a cool $20,000 to have in his practice.

Similar to his approach to red light and near-infrared therapy, he also configures the vibration machine to vibrate at different powers, frequencies, and cycles depending on the tissue and/or condition being treated.

But don’t lose sight of the main objective… we are upregulating the lymphatic system so we can move even more of the liberated “contents” away from the fat cells and toward the liver for use or elimination.

Fat loss or not, it’s a great advanced-level tactic for red light therapy users.

NOTE: I AM personally biased because I firmly believe proper red light therapy for fat loss (UltraSlim) used simultaneously with the VibraGenix at its specific frequencies for weight loss = F*KKN SKELETOR!

Liver Support

This approach was given to me by Dr. Dolcecore after I asked him some pressing questions about the materials he gave me regarding red light therapy for fat loss.

In particular, this quote stood out to me:

“The liver is the ultimate filter to remove toxins and nutrient byproducts from the body. The fast release of fat can sometimes overwhelm the liver and for this reason a high-quality liver support is recommended.”

And here is what he told me:

“You can’t just hop on the bed, and then eat McDonald’s and drink beer afterward. Patients need to be taught a weight loss program centered around exercise, intermittent fasting and an anti-inflammatory diet (whole foods, high protein and veggie consumption, etc.). 

One part of my program for patients losing weight is the use of additional liver support supplements. When you lose the fat and you shrink the cells, all the interior intracellular fluid being released has to go to the lymphatic system. 

The body is processing toxins at a higher rate and the liver is under a lot of stress. 

However, what I give to patients is highly dependent on their blood work and medical history (diabetes, thyroid issues, etc.) as everything is doctor-supervised.

High-grade COQ10, phosphatidylcholine, and many others are usually available for my patients to take on the days in between their treatment sessions”

I can’t personally speak to this tactic because I AM in the middle of experimenting with it myself.

But from what I’ve gathered from other red light therapy clinics, it seems as if their “liver support” programs (examples here and here) consist of the following:

  • 1 week before the first treatment and 1 week after the final treatment
    • 2-3 liters of water daily to maximize hydration and help kidneys process the expelled contents of the fat cells
    • No caffeinated drinks because they can dehydrate you (for every cup of coffee you drink, two cups of water should be consumed in addition to your daily water requirement of 2-3 liters)
    • Zero alcohol so your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic systems are not compromised in any way
    • Milk Thistle taken daily for liver detoxification and faster / more efficient removal of intracellular contents released from the fat cells (I’ve seen 1000 mg twice daily, and 200 mg daily, ask your provider for the best dose)
    • Niacin taken once a day at 400-500 mg with food (ask your provider for their opinion on nonflush vs flush, time-release vs regular)
  • Wearing compression garments as tightly as tolerable for 8 hours a day, starting from the very first treatment until 7 days after the last treatment
  • Regular visits to the sauna for more perspiration
  • Follow a low-fat diet consisting of high fiber consumption, no sugars, no fried foods, low to no carbs, lots of green vegetables and green meats, and 4-5 small meals a day

And above all else, consistently showing up to all your appointments without rescheduling or delays.

The ULTIMATE Stubborn Fat Loss Eradication Protocol

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.. my GAME-CHANGING “red light therapy for fat loss” protocol!

My ultimate stubborn fat loss protocol for supercharged stubborn body fat eradication.

Part 1: Waking Up

  • Inject 1-2 IUs of human growth hormone (hGH) into the belly button area subcutaneously
    • If you do not have access to hGH, substitute with 1 mg Tesamorelin injected subcutaneously
  • Inject 300 mg of L-Carnitine into the glute intramuscularly
  • Inject 250 mcg of BPC-157 subcutaneously into the lower abdominal area
  • Inject 250 mcg of TB-500 subcutaneously into the lower abdominal area
  • Take 6 mg of Albuterol via liquid or tabs
  • Take 1 capsule of Tesofensine, OR 2 capsules of Keto Lean (use code Jay15 for 15% off)

All of this MUST be done while in a fasted state.

And if you’re wondering why the healing peptides are here, it’s thanks to the legendary Sal Distefano of Mind Pump fame.

He informed me that in surgically precise micro-dosages taken daily, BPC-157 and TB-50 can accelerate stubborn fat loss even more.

They do this through interacting with growth hormone receptors and upregulating them.

Our combined theory is this will allow testosterone and hGH to penetrate cell walls more effectively, while also leading to better androgen receptor sensitivity.

Especially for Men and Women who’ve been using therapeutic testosterone and hGH or GH agonist peptides for a while where receptor down regulation does happen over time.

Part 2: Morning Supplements

Make sure you have REMAINED FASTED while taking all of the above!

Part 3: The Red Light Therapy

If you are using the UltraSlim, expose your back section to the red light for 10 minutes and your front section for 15 minutes (25 minutes total).

In both sessions, you should have the light 6-8 inches away from the target area.

You can use the VibraGenix at the same time as the UltraSlim, using the following frequency sets (select “Scalar Waves On” for all):

  • Weight Loss
  • Lymphatic Drain
  • Mind Expansion
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Psychic Enhancement
  • Auto Full Body Ultra Intensity

If you are using the Trifecta Pro 450 Bed, simply do a 12-minute session at the red light wavelength of 625 nm and a frequency of 295-298 Hz.

You will have to use the VibraGenix for 15 minutes after you are done lying down in the bed (using the settings I just provided).

Once I get one of these beds in my house, this is what I will use going forward.

It’s better than the UltraSlim because EVERY area of your body is hit and it offers Near Infrared Light waves which you can use to address specific morbidities/issues by merely changing certain settings.

Part 4: After Red Light Exposure

30-60 minutes of Zone 2 cardio (heart rate of 125-145 BPM) while fasted (this is your “lymphatic flush”).

My Personal Thoughts 

I came up with this protocol at the start of September and since then I have done numerous tweaks and optimizations to get it to where it is now.

But let me tell you… using red light therapy for fat loss in combination with whole body vibration, Golden Age therapeutic “Optimization Agents”, and steady-state fasted cardio is an absolute GAME CHANGER for life optimization!

It seriously melts stubborn adipocytes better than anything I’ve ever used or experienced in my life.

The red light really does work wonders to thin my skin for the “saran-wrap” look via enhanced lipolysis, while also removing senescent cells.

A true “stubborn fat blowtorch” if I ever came up with a way beyond 30 Days 2 Shredz for melting fat faster off the human body.

I never would have come across this discovery if I hadn’t been alerted to how much of a SCAM the entire red light therapy industry is.

Within just 10-14 days of this Stubborn fat loss removing protocol, I AM BLOWN AWAY at how lean I’ve gotten with the fat nearly gone on my abs, love handles, and lower back.

Right now, I am the absolute leanest I’ve ever been and I have yet to reach my limits of how much lower I can drop my body fat.

What’s even crazier is I haven’t changed my diet or my training, and I was still experimenting with a combination of Retatrutide and Tirzepatide.

Hell, even when I was stepping on stage to compete in physique shows at the ages of 42-43, I was nowhere near this shredded.

And this is coming from someone who is already in phenomenal shape and does everything right under the sun.

If I manage to do all this prior to lifting, I am also noticeably stronger in the gym and I have an overwhelming abundance of physical energy.

I’m visibly leaner, my skin is tighter, and I just feel so much better… red light therapy can really improve or enhance just about everything you can think of.

In short:

If you have a high-intensity, medical grade red light therapy device and you use it everyday, you will virtually eradicate all stubborn body fat ASSUMING your lifestyle is dialed in!

Even Jason Horowitz, a member of my VIP Mastermind, had this to say at the start of October after using a much simpler version of my protocol for a few days:

“Doing every other day. 8 min front, 8 min back while on the Vibragenix. Lost 1 cm on waist at belly button, 0.5 cm two inches below the belly button, and 2 cm off the hips.

It’s only been a week. Starting to see veins around my lower abs like when doing 30 Days 2 Shredz. Seems to work pretty well!”

One last thing before you go using this protocol recklessly…

Important Caveats When Using Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss

Using red light therapy for fat loss comes with more questions than answers, especially when you attempt to add it to a health optimization protocol designed for elite-level biohackers.

So allow me to dispel some of the thoughts and concerns you have in your mind…

Q: Are there any special precautions women should take when using red light therapy for fat loss?

A: I do think women without implants will have to be careful because the red light will possibly melt the fat in and around the mammary glands.

So I recommend they keep the panel pointed down toward the tummy, lower back, and hamstring areas if using the UltraSlim.

Also, the red light therapy will liquefy the fat in your ass… so unless you truly have a FAT ASS, I don’t know about putting it on your butt.

If you do use it on your butt, doing squats 3-4x per week will be critical for maintaining its shape(even if it’s nothing more than just high-rep bodyweight squats)

Q: Are there diminishing returns with using red light therapy for fat loss as you get leaner, where a person with 30% body fat gets better results than a person who is 15% body fat?

A: Dr. Dolcecore has direct experience with this situation and can provide you with some guidance.

For his patients in the 26-30 BMI range (~30 pounds to lose or more), he will prescribe them 2-3 treatments of red light therapy a week.

But for someone who wants to go from 15% body fat to 13% body fat, they may be using red light therapy 5 times a week.

There’s a very different mindset between both parties, because the leaner one is fighting to get that last 2% of fat off… they’re already working out, eating right, increasing cardio, and lowering carbs, therefore they require the extra push in the form of more red light exposure.

However, Dr. Dolcecore has seen patients lose upwards of 120 pounds and more at record speeds when the red light therapy is consistently supplemented with a solid diet.

Q: Can I be a FAT, metabolically-inflamed dumpster fire and expect great results out of red light therapy for fat loss (or even your protocol)?

A: Absolutely not.

Even in the clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of red light therapy for weight loss, the patients are not put on any strict dietary or training program so the effects of red light alone can be assessed.

BUT – and this is a big ‘but’ – there is a minimum standard where the patient is expected to go home after each treatment and NOT do anything stupid.

Dr. Dolcecore has his patients stay away from the “Big 4” at all times during a course of several red light therapy treatments:

Starchy carbohydrates, simple sugars, sodas, and alcohol.

It’s not like you can go home, get drunk, eat like crap, and expect a massive success rate… in fact, red light therapy (and my protocol) will not work for you.

Assuming a person makes zero changes whatsoever to their diet and stays consistent, results can still be seen.

This is the power of red light therapy, but don’t get things twisted.

The lights will HELP a smart healthy diet (living insulin-controlled), not REPLACE being smart on your diet.

Q: What would happen if you used red light therapy for fat loss but the whole body was exposed, instead of covering up everything but the areas you want to target? Would the whole body experience a fat reduction?

A: Red light therapy will only affect excessive amounts of fat, so you’re not going to see fat reduction on your nose or ears.

The fat loss would be more global in nature, and you would likely experience broader changes across a whole host of health issues (insomnia, energetic deficits, autoimmune disorders, dementia, arthritis, etc.).

But for first-time users who want to test things out, you can request to cover up everything except for your belly as red light cannot penetrate any clothing material (i.e. the color of the garment will absorb the red light completely before it touches your skin).

The red light wavelength travels in one direction and does not scatter, so you’ll see results… except you would have gotten the same results if you didn’t cover yourself up.

Which is why when lying down in the Trifecta Pro 450 Bed, Drs. Dolcecore and Rothschild highly encourage people to expose as much of their body as possible.

Your head is also exposed, and when the red light penetrates the global surface of your brain, you end up leaving the bed with a profound sense of clarity.

Q: Is there a point where you stop using red light therapy for fat loss? Where too much of a good thing is really just that? 

A: As stated in my response to the prior question, only excessive amounts of body fat are affected.

So if you get in the bed and you are already lean, you won’t leave looking like skin and bones (only not eating will get you to the threshold of being “too lean”).

In fact, your skin will look phenomenal and your body will look tighter (contoured).

However, in the context of the Pro 450 Bed, a single dose is considered to be a 12-minute session.

Anything after that won’t hurt, but nothing after the 12-minute mark will be beneficial and you are only wasting your hard-earned time and money.

So if you lie down in the red light therapy bed for 24 hours and expect to lose 50 pounds, I’m sorry to inform you it doesn’t work that way.

Plus, eventually your skin will start to warm up and you’ll get too much blood circulation to the surface of the skin (“redness”), which will block the red light from penetrating the skin and conferring its benefits.

And regarding breaks, Dr. Rothschild recommends a day in between “doses” so your body can process the fat it released (NOTE: This recommendation is still hotly debated between red light therapy practitioners).

Q: For how long is red light therapy for fat loss effective after I stop doing it? Do I need to spend the rest of my life exposing my body to red light a few times a week or more? 

A: Let’s say you did red light therapy for 1 week… in one week, you’ll be back where you started (assuming diet and exercise stay the exact same).

If you did red light therapy for 1 month… in one week, you’ll return to the beginning point.

You have to fundamentally change why the fat cells are swollen if you are an obese person.

As long as you eliminate the “kerosene” fueling the metabolically inflamed fire within you, you don’t have to keep using red light therapy forever in the context of fat loss.

WITH THAT BEING SAID… for every other health benefit offered by red light therapy, you’d be an idiot to not be a lifetime user.

More niche articles focused on those specific benefits of red light treatment coming in the near future!

CONCLUSION: Medical Grade Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss Is OFFICIALLY “Jay Campbell” Approved!

Usually, entire mountains have to be moved before I ever consider upgrading my encyclopedic knowledge of the esoteric art and science of stubborn body fat removal.

But using medical grade red light therapy for fat loss has opened my eyes to a KNOWING I have been missing in my life for the past 7 years.

Whoever knew it took a specific wavelength, pulsar frequency, distance from the body, AND the right amount of power for red light to exert a very specific and direct effect on fat cells?

Or that said effect would lead to the safe elimination of lipids and other content within those fat cells to be flushed away and lead to a reshaped figure (WITHOUT killing the fat cells)?

Alone, the end result is a revolutionary change to the body we can see with our own eyes… both right away and in the future.

Now imagine what happens when this transformative technology is combined with top-tier nutrition, high-intensity weightlifting, and Golden Age agents like therapeutic peptides?

You get my latest and greatest battle plan for becoming stupidly lean in a short amount of time with the greatest of ease.

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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