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The Biological Age Test & Why It Will Revolutionize Optimization As We Know It w/Ryan Smith (Tru Diagnostic)

The ability to track, measure and optimize our biological age is the most game changing and innovative approach to biohacking and optimization the world has ever seen.

It is also a sign the future of specialized health care is within reach.

TruDiagnostic is a revolutionary new tool that allows us to measure an unprecedented amount of data providing full access and control to one’s aging and health.

The biological age test developed by Tru Diagnostic is set to change how we measure health and ultimately, how we can improve it. 

What is Tru Diagnostic?

How is it going to forever change the integrated health space?

Where can this technology go, and how does the data it provides empower us?

In this episode, Ryan Smith from Tru Diagnostic talks about why this development is going to be so revolutionary.

The specificity and power of the biological age diagnostic test is boundless and will be part of every clinician’s treatment planning in the future.

-Ryan Smith  


Three Takeaways: 

  • Why this test is so groundbreaking and game changing: The biological age diagnostic will allow us to get granular, in-depth data on things like a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, cancer, as well as the best optimization approaches.
  • Why our DNA doesn’t have to be the cards we’re dealt: The idea that our genetic code is something we can’t change or control has been completely shattered by the scientific advancements of the last decade. 
  • How the biological age test can improve medicine as a whole: Aging should be dealt with using a preventative approach, and we need to get ahead of aging in order to improve quality of life and prevent disease.

I’m blessed to be the first Person to Promote this Amazing Technology to the General Public.

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Guest Bio- 

Ryan Smith is VP of Tailor Made Compounding and Co-Founder of TruDiagnostic and instrumental in bringing this revolutionary new tech it to market.

For more information visit

Check out this incredible episode full of knowledge bombs from Ryan Smith here.

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