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All the Reasons Why Biological Age Is More Important Than Chronological Age w/Ryan Smith

When it comes to living longer, stronger and being more robust and functional, no factor matters more than our biological age.

For a long time, it was hard to measure biological age and therefore apply intervention to change it.

Now it’s a possibility that’s changing everything we know about optimization and human health itself.

What are some of the biggest insights we gain from measuring biological age?

What are the latest, greatest peptides that will aid in the mission to control aging and resist biological weapons?

In this episode, founder of TruDiagnostic and friend of the show, Ryan Smith returns to talk about all the developments and findings in epigenetic testing, and how they are using this information to reshape health as we know it.

Age is the number 1 biggest risk factor for all chronic disease and death, and now we can measure it appropriately. If you’re not sick, it’s the biggest risk factor you want to manage.

-Ryan Smith

Three Things We Learned

  1. Why aging needs to be labeled as a disease
    Can the adoption and implementation of biological age testing change the way the money flows in medicine?
  2. Understanding what compromises biological age
    It has been proven that the intensification of energy signatures does impact biological systems, how is this going to affect human life?
  3. How to change the reality of aging
    What is the whole point of testing and optimizing biological age?


Guest Bio

Ryan Smith is the founder of TruDiagnostic and former founder of Tailor Made Compounding.

The TruDiagnostic team wants to revolutionize the Health and Aging industry, and biological aging is only the first step.

They’ve leveraged data generated in the largest private epigenetic database in the world to create tools that look at specific methylation to detect changing disease risk.

They’re already running clinical trials with products that claim to reduce aging, to see if they’re really as effective as they say they are.

They want to deliver the most accurate, most comprehensive epigenetic analysis that they can, without compromise.

For more information email [email protected].

To Find Out Your True Biological Age, head over to:

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