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The Best Podcasts On Hormone Optimization

EDC’s, Hypogonadism & Why Men Need Testosterone More Than Ever with Dr. Keith

Estrogen In Men, Good, Bad, Indifferent? An Evidence-based Review, Dr. Neal Rouzier.

The Relationship Between Estrogen, Bone Density, Body Composition and Prostate Cancer, with Dr. Rouzier.

The Role of Estradiol in Fat Accumulation & Sexual Function with Dr Neal Rouser.

Everything You Must Know About Using Therapeutic Testosterone.

Testosterone Resistance and the Importance of Treating by Symptoms and Not Numbers, with Dr. Keith Nichols.

The Dangers of Estrogen Inhibition in Men Utilizing TOT, with Dr. Robert Kominiarek.

All Things TRT and Optimization with John Romaniello.

Hormone Optimization and Sexual Health Strategies for Men with Dr. Jeffrey Ruterbusch.

True Doctoring: The Future of Medicine and Healthcare, with Dr. Merrill Matschke.

How to Break Out of the Sick Care Model, with Dr Merrill Matchscke.

The TOT Doctor’s Roundtable – All of these Episodes Have Profound Information

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