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How to Slow Down & Get Back to a State of Being w/Charlène Gisèle

We live in a world where being busy and on-the-go is constantly rewarded, but at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that we’re human beings, not human doings. 

By focusing all our energies on doing, we’ve lost touch with our ability to just be.

In the process, we’ve also severed our ties with a core part of ourselves.

The question is, can we regain that connection? 

How can we start checking in with ourselves, mind, body, and soul more frequently- and is that even possible in a world so geared towards a fast-paced lifestyle? 

In this episode, Primal Health Coach, Charlène Gisèle shares how we can get back into the habit of being. 

Don’t check in with your tech before you’ve checked in with yourself.
-Charlène Gisèle

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. Why it’s possible to have it all, as long as we’re checking in with ourselves
    There’s nothing inherently wrong with aspiring to material success, but it should never come at the expense of our wellbeing. It doesn’t matter how much money we accumulate if we’re too weak to play with our grandchildren or too uncomfortable to enjoy our lives. 
  2. How to stay in awe of the world around us
    The key to being present lies in finding the magnificence of nature all around us. Even if we’re unable to get into the wild, taking a moment to look at our hands and marvel at their abilities is a great way to acknowledge the beauty of everything that is. 
  3. How to start each day being more present
    Instead of diving out of bed every morning and grabbing hold of a device, take some time to just be. Stretch, massage any stiff areas and be playful, and avoid any technology for at least an hour after waking up.

Guest Bio- 

Charlène Gisèle is a Cambridge University-educated lawyer-turned-Primal Coach.

After experiencing the intensity of a fast-paced life first hand, Charlene embarked on a journey to reconnect with herself, spending time in an authentic Indian Ashram, living on a 5km wide Indonesian island for 5 months, exploring Ibiza’s tantric communities, and retreating in Nepal.

Today, she is the creator of Coached by Charlène, and is passionate about helping others achieve holistic happiness through her programs.

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