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The Key to Maintaining Your Vitality at ANY AGE w/Dr. David Minkoff

Getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

In fact, if we’re using the right healthcare, there’s no reason we can’t do everything we did at 25, at 75. 

So, what does the ‘right’ healthcare look like, and how does it differ from the more traditional routes championed for years by big pharma and insurance companies? 

Are preventative measures ever likely to go mainstream?

In the event they don’t, how can we continue to access the kind of healthcare that promotes and maintains our vitality for years to come?

In this episode, co-founder of LifeWorks Wellness Center, Dr. David Minkoff shares how to stay active at any age.

You can alter the direction of your health if you know what’s going on below the surface. -Dr. David Minkoff

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. What’s stopping more people from exploring proactive healthcare
    We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that anything not paid for by insurance companies isn’t necessary, but that couldn’t be more wrong. We have to be willing to prioritize our health and invest in ourselves.
  2. Why a shift towards proactive healthcare may already be on the horizon
    As more people awaken to the reality that prevention is better than a cure, it should come as no surprise that vitamins are a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, it’s become so lucrative that big pharma is buying up vitamin companies.
  3. Why it’s always a good idea to meet with health specialists
    Even when we think we’re in peak health, the reality is we all have blind spots. A specialist can diagnose issues before they come to the surface, allowing us to prevent, rather than cure, our ailments.

Guest Bio- 

Dr. David Minkoff is an alternative healthcare expert, author, and co-founder of the LifeWorks Wellness Center.

After attending a 1992 lecture by Dr. Jeffrey Bland with his wife Sue, a Registered Nurse, Dr. Minkoff had a eureka moment and hasn’t looked back.

Since setting up LifeWorks alongside Sue in 1997, he has gained expertise in a range of disciplines including, among others, Biological medicine, integrative oncology, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and optimum nutrition.

Dr. Minkoff is also the co-founder of, author of The Search for the Perfect Protein, and has completed 43 Ironman Triathlons. 

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