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In A World Where EVERYONE Is a Fitness ‘Expert’, Who Can We Really Trust? w/Travis Wilson

The fitness and personal coaching space is packed to the rafters right now, and for those looking to optimize, all the options can get overwhelming, fast.

How can we even begin to pinpoint who to work with or what we need?

Who actually knows what they’re talking about, and who could be giving the wrong advice? 

In this episode, former Green Beret and owner of Alpha Elite Performance, Travis Wilson shares what we need to know about the path to optimization.

Biohacking is full of people who are good internet marketers, so beware! -Jay Campbell

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The truth about what’s inside most supplements
    How much of what’s in our supplements is actually beneficial to us, and how much of it is just a place filler? 
  2. How to pinpoint the products that actually work
    Is there a way to see through the BS (but effective) marketing of supplement companies whose products contain little more than lint and calk? 
  3. When to start using supplements
    Is it possible to optimize without using some kind of supplement?

Guest Bio- 

Travis Wilson is the CEO and Owner of Alpha Elite Performance.

A 21-year military veteran, Travis spent over a decade as a US Army Green Beret, during which time he started his own supplement nutrition store.

After juggling both commitments at once for a time, he ultimately decided to retire from active duty to create his very own product line – and the rest is history.

With the brand founded on the professionalism and high physical fitness standards characteristic of the Special Forces community, Travis is passionate about helping his customers reach their health and fitness goals to the best of their ability. 

To find out more, go to:

Or email Travis directly on [email protected]  

And to get 15% off Alpha Elite Performance products, use the code ELITE15

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