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The BIGGEST Misconceptions About the Golden Age (And What’s Stopping us From Raising Our Vibration) w/Sean McCormick

Raising our vibration is the first step towards indescribable bliss and optimal love creation.

The problem is, many of us have been misled on what the process of increasing our consciousness entails.

What does the journey to enlightenment look like?

Which tools can help us raise our vibration, and how can we be doing everything ‘right’ and still fail to increase our levels?

In this episode, host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, Sean McCormick delves into the surprising roadblocks that hold us back from a higher spiritual optimization.

The Golden Age is coming, so there will be choppy waters and you’re going to feel uncomfortable.

-Sean McCormick

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The difficult truth about the impending ‘Golden Age’
    We’re heading into an age of unbelievable enlightenment. How is that likely to affect us as beings?
  2. 1 thing to remember when using plant medicine
    Plant medicine can have a great impact on improving our consciousness, but what are the risks involved if we use them incorrectly?
  3. How to feel the effects of fasting in every area of our lives
    Fasting from food has numerous benefits, so how would we react if we chose to temporarily abstain from things like the media?

Guest Bio- 

Sean McCormick is the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast and a certified life and performance coach.

An expert in performance biohacking, Sean’s clients include NFL and MLS players, CEOs and Television stars.

Having tested, studied and applied hundreds of health and performance approaches for himself and his clients, Sean knows how to get the most from the least.

More productive thinking, faster recovery techniques, sleep hacking, lifestyle hacking, habit and routine creation – Sean helps people improve rapidly, with the least amount of work.

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