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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration w/ Jessica Oslo

Hair thinning and loss is an issue that affects a lot of men, and can impact their self-esteem, self-confidence, and how they carry themselves in the world.

Luckily, there are non-surgical solutions that can give instant results without recovery time and negative side effects.

How does the process work, and what can you expect during and after the procedure?

Who is the perfect candidate for this procedure?

On this episode, I’m joined by highly regarded hair restoration expert and practitioner, and founding partner of Vantis Institute, Jessica Oslo.

She talks about how she helps her patients get their hair and confidence back with this modern “best-kept secret” treatment for an age old problem.

With hair transplants, you are limited by science and the patient’s natural biology and genetics. With non-surgical hair restoration, you have more control and options. -Jessica Oslo

Three Takeaways

For the procedure, Jessica assesses the diameter, density and pigment of the hair follicle, and then she replicates it with organic pigment and a microneedling device.

Each procedure takes between 4 and 5 hours, and is completely painless. You won’t have to worry about taking off work to recover as you would with surgery.

If you want the look of thick and dense hair, without pain and long recovery time, non-invasive restoration will be a better option than a hair transplant.

At the start of the show, Jessica shared how she got started, and we talked about how hair loss affects people’s confidence and identity. We talked about how the age of convenience has led to the development of quicker procedures for health restoration, how this procedure helps people with androgenic alopecia, and whether you can get the treatment and still grow out your hair.

We also discussed;

  • Hair transplants vs. non-surgical hair restoration
  • Ideal candidates for non-invasive hair restoration
  • How the treatment differs for blondes and redheads

Guest Bio

Jessica Oslo, MA is the Clinical Director and a founding partner of Vantis Institute. She is highly regarded within the medical community for her artistry and aesthetic expertise expressed through her Paramedical Vantis Follicle Replication proprietary procedure. Jessica has extensive experience camouflaging severe scarring and has worked alongside the nations most elite plastic surgeons for over 11 years.

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