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Optimization and Higher Vibration ALWAYS Go Hand In Hand…Here’s Why w/Dr Rudy Eberwein

The fact that we’re seeing an astronomical increase in everything from obesity, to cancer and depression should come as no surprise.

Nearly every part of our lives has been contaminated, and our hormones are out of whack as a collective because of it, paving the way for all sorts of ailments. 

The question is, if contamination is so widespread, is it even possible to ‘fix’ our hormone levels?

How do we begin to heal ourselves when so much of modern life is based on the factors that could put our very species at risk?

In this episode, internal medicine and hormone/peptide specialist at Medical Health Institute, Dr Rudy Eberwein shares the key to getting our hormones (and our lives!) back on track. 

When you FEEL better, you can BE better.

-Dr Rudy Eberwein

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. Who stands to suffer the most from hormonal issues
    Traditionally, older men have been the ones to experience a drop in testosterone, but that’s no longer the case. Which age group is suffering the most from the environmental factors causing hormone issues, today?
  2. Why testosterone isn’t necessarily linked to aggression
    If testosterone isn’t the cause of increased aggression in men, what is?
  3. The importance of achieving true balance in life
    What are the benefits of striking a balance between being full of energy and being centered and more calm?

Guest Bio- 

Dr Rudy Eberwein is an internal medicine and hormone/peptide specialist.

Also the founder of and Medical Doctor at A New You Weight Loss and Rejuvenation Center.

Dr Rudy is passionate about helping his patients achieve a state of optimal health through a combination of lifestyle changes and targeted hormone and nutrition therapies.

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