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How Do We Get Humanity Out of Enslavement & Into Empowerment?

For anyone walking in consciousness, it’s very clear that humanity has been on the verge of a reboot for a while now.

And the truth is, the Golden Age is a lot closer than we think because more and more people are waking up.

In and among all the fear, mental entrapment and paranoia of the last few years, there’s been a real groundswell of people choosing to see and chase the truth.

And use the tools of optimization and enlightenment to usher in a New Earth.

What are some of the encouraging signs that some people are starting to see the light?

How do we bring more people into the light?

In this episode, I’m joined by performance coach and professional biohacker, Steve Stavs.

We discuss the tools that will enable the transformation and empowerment of humanity.

People’s eyes have been closed but we can facilitate revelation. -Steve Stavs

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The drivers of sustainable transformation
    How do we serve creation at our highest and best capacity?
  2. Biohacking vs. augmenting the human with AI
    How do we draw the line between optimization and enslaving ourselves to demonic forces that will destroy the very fabric of our own humanity?
  3. The power of biohacking (when done right)
    So many people can’t reach the first stages of optimization because their health is compromised. What can we do to get them to a level where they can accept the tools of transformation?

Guest Bio

Steve Stavs, born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, is of Greek heritage and is a husband and father of two.

Steve has an Honors degree in Science and many years of research in ancient wisdom, coupled with expertise in Chinese medicine and philosophy.

Steve is also an avid athlete having completed the Comrades Marathon 11 times.

As an accredited performance coach and professional biohacker, Steve draws on 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, and has lectured to over 10 000 medical professionals.

He has been featured in multiple mainstream media outlets, while Steve’s keynotes have attracted significant international exposure.

As the podcast host of The Made To Thrive Show, which is now in the top two percent of podcasts globally ranked by Listen Notes, Steve’s podcasts have been collectively downloaded thousands of times.

Steve is also the founder of Made To Thrive, a Health Optimization Company, and together with his team of 8 consultants, have inspired and empowered thousands of people to a life of thriving.

Steve’s clients range from professionals, executives and athletes to ambitious everyday individuals which he partners with in order to unlock the power of their performance, igniting an incremental cycle of continuous optimization to enhance and improve their human state, safely and ethically.

For more information, and to listen to the podcast, head to and follow @stevestavsza on Instagram, connect with him on LinkedI

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