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The Rocket Is Officially Re-Branded As The Phoenix!

This article is being written as an emergency status update for anybody who has purchased The Rocket and is wondering what happened to their order.

Some of you have been waiting for several months and are understandably upset.

I feel your pain — like yourself, I was waiting in eager anticipation to have it in my hands.

But I can assure you that The Rocket is NOT a scam.

There were very real and legitimate reasons why nothing has happened…and why the co-founders have been silent up until now.

Before I get into all the details, let me briefly bring my newer readers up to speed.

What Was The Rocket?

A press release published a few months ago encapsulated everything The Rocket can do for men:

“…a revolutionary device from Launch Medical that uses sound wave therapy to permanently reverse symptoms of ED (erectile dysfunction).

It utilizes the same technology employed by ED clinics worldwide but has made the enhancement of sexual performance far more affordable, with a retail price of $749—while eliminating the stress, embarrassment and anxiety of conventional medical office visits.”

No downtime, no invasive surgery, no drugs, no pain, and no side effects.

This is a portable device meant to dramatically improve your sex life and enhance your sexual performance, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Fuller, thicker, and possibly bigger erections await any man who uses this golden age technology.

It may be the perfect solution for men who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction.

But it is equally effective for men who want to be as sexually optimized as possible.

Put simply: If you are a man who is active in the bedroom, choosing to own this device will greatly help your bedroom performance.

I’ve already written two high-level blog posts that talk about The Rocket in greater detail.

The first one I wrote gives you a full and complete explanation of the technology powering The Rocket.

The second one includes my personal experience with using The Rocket (and a must-see video where I do a treatment on myself).

I also have several videos and podcasts about The Rocket for people who are unaware of this life-altering device and what it can do for them:

Why Didn’t The Rocket Ship Out On Time?

My long-time readers placed orders for the Rocket in late 2019 for $399 when it first launched, and some of them paid the full price of $749 since the pre-order deadline.

Launch Medical, the company who created the product, promised to have all orders shipped out by the end of January.

But there were two major events that significantly delayed the manufacturing and delivery process.

Reason #1: COVID-19 Disrupted Manufacturing In China

Even though I have written prolifically about the spread of COVID-19, one area I did not touch upon was how the virus affecting manufacturing worldwide.

This is important because the manufacturer of The Rocket was an American-owned manufacturer based in China.

They are responsible for handling the production for several prestigious companies such as Tesla.

And they suffered a brutal decline in factory output as a result of the coronavirus:

“China’s consumer spending and factory activity fell more than expected in January and February as it fought a virus outbreak, prompting some forecasters to warn this year’s economic growth might slump to its lowest level since the 1970s.”

“…Factory output declined by a record 13.5 per cent after the Lunar New Year holiday was extended to keep manufacturing employees at home.

The unexpectedly bleak figures suggest the world’s second-largest economy is shrinking despite the ruling Communist Party’s efforts to revive manufacturing and other industries, some forecasters said.”

The value added by several manufacturing sectors in China decreased by as much as 31.8% in January to February of this year compared to 2019.

EVERY company got affected and Launch Medical was not spared from the ensuing damage.

COVID-19 was completely out of their control and there was no way to foresee its spread or its devastating impact.

Reason #2: Launch Medical Got Sued By A Major Competitor

This was a major legal setback which further delayed any possible shipment of The Rocket.

But here is what happened in a nutshell:

“Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ship the “Rocket” product because Mark White’s company, Sexual MD Solutions LLC., the owner of GAINSWave, has obtained a preliminary legal injunction preventing the shipping of a product named the ‘Rocket’.”

For those of you who don’t know, GAINSWave is a marketing company for the high end low-intensity shockwave therapy (LIST) devices used in sexual health clinics.

The judge overseeing the case granted an injunction in favor of GAINSWave.

Here’s what this means…

The lawsuit effectively prevented any selling, marketing or licensing of The Rocket.

All of Launch Medical’s marketing materials, sales funnels, and affiliate systems CAN NOT be used anymore.

Dustin and Stephanie Wolff, the co-founders of Launch Medical, are no longer allowed to be involved in anything that bears the name “The Rocket”.

They were also barred from externally communicating with people due to the lawsuit, which is why they have been unresponsive to many customer complaints.

They were bound by the confines of the law and could not do anything about it even right now.

The one saving grace in the situation was Jon Hoffman, the PATENT HOLDER of The Rocket and the third co-founder of Launch Medical was given freedom to do whatever he wants.

The document pertaining to the public lawsuit gives Jon the legal freedom to rebrand The Rocket under a different name entirely:

“The injunction will not prohibit non-party Jon Hoffman from independently marketing and selling the Rocket under a different name…”

But Jon has now been challenged with a difficult task.

Not only can he no longer coordinate with Dustin or Stephanie, or use any of the sales materials they developed, but he also does not have access to the list of people who have already bought a Rocket.

So he has taken the necessary steps to rebrand The Rocket as The Phoenix.

As he told me in a private conversation, “The Phoenix Will Rise Again!”

I made a summary video detailing this entire situation in five short minutes:

The Immediate Future Of The Phoenix

Jon and his team have been working around the clock to get the new website up and start fulfilling orders.

That time is now:

The Phoenix is IN STOCK and Shipping everywhere including internationally..

Go Here to Purchase Yours Now:

I am now the proud owner of The Phoenix and let me tell you.


The Phoenix is sleek and sophisticated in its craftsmanship, and the acoustic wave technology powering it is next level.

It has a sleek “black carbon” feel to it, as if you were holding a mini-Tesla in your palms.

Check out the Un-Boxing Video!

The delays miraculously afforded Jon more time to re-engineer the manufacturing process and make some significant upgrades.

The Phoenix is even better than what The Rocket was advertised to be and EVERYONE who has ordered or will order will find out soon enough.

Any sexually active man who wants better ‘penis performance’ can purchase what I believe is one of the most amazing medical breakthroughs of our lifetime.

What Can You Do To Get Refunded And Buy The Phoenix?

Your next steps towards getting your hands on The Phoenix (in full production and shipping now) are dependent on whether you have already purchased The Rocket or not.

So I will break down my instructions into two separate categories…

Here’s What To Do If You Already Purchased The Rocket

This applies to anybody who has either:

  1. Placed an order for The Rocket at the early-bird price ($399), or
  2. Placed an order for The Rocket at its full price before mid-January ($749)

The support team for The Phoenix will absolutely, 100% be honoring any deal(purchase price) from those who pre-ordered and purchased The Rocket from Launch Medical because of my personal endorsement.

To get your refund from Launch Medical, send an email to [email protected] with your order details.

Please be patient as they are dealing with a tidal wave of refunds.

Everyone will be processed and taken care of but patience is required.

Communicate the deal you agreed upon when you purchased The Rocket and provide them with as much information as possible.

They will then send you an email with a special link for you to purchase at your initial acquisition price.

They will also honor any other special deal you were offered (BOGO or additional ancillaries).

Please be patient as they continue to work through the deals and refunds.

It has also recently come to the attention of support personnel that many buyers of the Rocket are complaining their messages are not being responded by Launch Medical in a fast enough fashion.

Please make sure you are checking your spam folders as emails are responded to immediately.

I was personally asked by Jon Hoffman himself to relay his quote to my readers:

“We will absolutely honor any deals you had for a Rocket, including a free second device.

Please bear in mind that while supplies are somewhat limited due to us fulfilling orders for initial purchasers, we truly are in full production mode and will very soon have more than enough devices for anybody who ordered a Rocket previously as well as all new customers.

We are not going to let anybody keep this disruptive technology from the people who want it, need it, and deserve it.

We are democratizing erections!

Rise again!”

Here’s What To Do If You DID NOT Purchase The Rocket & Want to Purchase The Phoenix Now:

The Phoenix is in stock and shipping everywhere now!

Click Here to Purchase Your Phoenix!

Use coupon code ‘JC’ to take $50 OFF your order.

To reiterate, The Phoenix support team will honor any deal that was previously made for purchasers of The Rocket.

Please be patient!

Every man looking to improve his sexual performance will want a Phoenix, and I will continue to promote it on an ongoing basis.

In the meantime, I highly recommend watching the hour-long Q&A Live Stream about The Phoenix with Jon Hoffman:

Here is my most recent video demonstrating how easy it is to use The Phoenix.

And as always…

If you want access to the world’s best health optimization intel before anybody else finds out about it, subscribe to my email list!


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