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Vantis Follicle Replication: The Extraordinary Yet Instant Hair Loss Solution For Men & Women

For the past two decades I have turned a blind eye towards hair loss and men who worry about losing their precious looks.

I even had this to say in The TOT Bible to men fearful of going bald while using therapeutic testosterone:

“Using TOT can definitely exacerbate or speed up hair loss via testosterone converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The idea of losing hair is very difficult to deal with for many men, but we believe that accepting symptoms of low testosterone in order to retain a receding or thinning hairline doesn’t make sense. Shave your head and enjoy the rest of the benefits that TOT brings to your life.”

But I was severely mistaken about how much of an issue this has become.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 66% of men will have experienced an appreciable amount of hair loss by age 35 (and 85% of all men have significantly thinning hair by 50).

This is further exacerbated by statistics showing how important a full head of hair is to a man’s confidence and self-esteem:

  • 70% say their hair plays an important part in their overall self-image
  • 62% perceive their thinning hair as detrimental to their self-image.
  • 43% feel their hair loss makes them less attractive.

Like it or not, we instinctively associate hair with several redeeming qualities.

Energy, overall health, attractiveness…these things are very important for men.

It also goes without saying that first impressions also matter.

The last thing men want to do is be in a position where they do not physically look their best for a date or an important meeting.

(Hair loss is a big issue for women as well; the general attitude is that losing hair takes away a woman’s femininity)

The solution seems simple: Get your hair loss issues fixed with a simple treatment at a local clinic.

Sadly, it’s not that easy.

Why Most Hair Loss Solutions Fail To Deliver Results

While several solutions exist for reversing hair loss, many of them fall short in several ways.

Hair loss medications such as Propecia are known to lower testosterone levels and reduce libido.

In fact, many men report numerous adverse reactions from using Propecia due to its active ingredient Finasteride, and there’s even an associated medical condition called “Post Finasteride Syndrome”.

Hair transplant surgery often leads to extreme scarring on the head, and it’s painfully obvious to an ordinary stranger that you’ve had some “work” done.

(Not to mention being severely limited by the patient’s natural biology and genetics)

Using platelet-rich plasma serves you no better, as there’s no clinical proof behind its use and you have a very high risk of nerve damage & infection.

Fiber fillers deliver results that look unappealing (sometimes even worse than when you started), further diminishing a man’s self-esteem.

As for hiding and avoiding the issue, have fun spending thousands of wasted dollars on hats, wigs, and anything else you can use to cover up what’s left of your hair.

So while there’s an abundance of options for hair restoration, none of them really do the trick.

This creates a natural and burning demand for a brand new solution.

A non-surgical procedure that can give instant results without recovery time or negative effects, while being reasonably affordable and virtually indiscernible to the naked eye.

I was fortunate enough to run into Jessica Olso, a world-class expert who has worked with the best plastic surgeons in America.

As the clinical director of Vantis Institute in Newport Beach, she discovered a secret treatment to fix this decades-old problem.

But before I share my personal experience with using her hair loss technology, allow me to explain what her “secret” is and exactly how it works.

What Is Vantis Follicle Replication And How Does It Work?

Jessica calls her solution “Vantis Follicle Replication” (VFR), and here’s a brief description as featured on her clinic’s website:

Vantis is an effective hair loss solution that exactly mimics your own biological hair follicles without surgery. Treatment involves a non-invasive method of inserting completely organic, plant-based pigment deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment deposits perfectly replicate hair follicles and create an immediate appearance of a full head of hair.

In short, it involves assessing the exact diameter, density and pigment characteristics of each and every biological hair follicle on your head.

Following this, the practitioner identically replicates your follicles thousands of times while matching the natural density pattern across your scalp.

The next step in VFR involves depositing plant-based organic pigments into the dermis layer of your scalp using a harmless microneedling device.

Doing so allows the practitioner to match the diameter and depth of your hair follicles to the point where the difference is undetectable when examined up close.

Depending on the diameter of your head, the procedure takes roughly 4-5 hours.

VFR is completely customizable as the procedure is non-surgical and is based around the individual’s hairstyle.

Full crown, receding hairline, thinning hair, a visible crown, the “horseshoe”…VFR is completely flexible and adaptable to anyone’s hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vantis Follicle Replication For Hair Loss?

The benefits are so numerous in scope that they cannot be encapsulated into a single sentence.

To show you the life-changing power behind VFR, it would be better to list them all in bullet form.

COMPLETELY PAINLESS: No patient who has undergone VFR has ever made any mention of pain during the procedure.

While prescription-strength numbing cream is used as a precaution prior to VFR, many people report feeling nothing more than light “zaps” on their scalp.

100% NON-SURGICAL: The replication of your hair follicles does not require any invasive procedures whatsoever, nor will any of your existing hair follicles be damaged.

NO DOWNTIME WHATSOEVER: You can go on a date or return to your work day immediately after VFR is performed.

Some patients have headed straight to an important event such as a high school reunion after a single VFR procedure with great results.

FULLY QUALIFIED PRACTITIONERS: Every single practitioner using VFR is a high-level expert in scar reconstruction, and come with an extensive background in aesthetic medicine.

INSTANT & PERMANENT RESULTS: You will immediately notice the results after a single treatment, and the results last forever.

This benefit alone will save you multiple years of wasted time (and tens of thousands of dollars) on inferior hair loss treatments.

RAPID TREATMENT: Each treatment lasts anywhere from 4-5 hours, for a total of 3 treatments (due to the meticulousness of VFR)

The first two treatments are spaced 7-10 days apart, while the third and final treatment takes place 2-3 weeks after the second treatment.

AFTER-HOURS AVAILABILITY: If you want to get the treatment done after work hours or on a weekend, the Vantis Institute will accommodate you.

GUARANTEED & PERMANENT HAIR GROWTH: Your hair density can appear up to 10 times thicker with each treatment, as new hair growth is promoted thanks to VFR.

VFR is one of, if not the best options out there for growing a thicker, fuller head of hair.

VERY AFFORDABLE: A complete VFR procedure involving 3 treatments comes out to $4,000-6000.

Compare this to something like a hair transplant, which lies in the ballpark of $30,000-50,000.

What Are The Side Effects Associated With Vantis Follicle Replication?

The side effects of VFR are minimal in nature if they appear, but they disappear just as quickly.

The worst case scenario is minor discomfort and slight redness immediately following the treatment.

Some scalps may be more sensitive than others, so the level of discomfort one may feel is entirely individual to themselves.

While an allergic reaction to the pigments is entirely possible, no allergies have been reported to date.

Compare this with getting a tattoo, which contains metal particles that discolour upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With VFR, on the other hand, constant sun exposure may cause the pigments to transform into a lighter colour (but will not discolor).

However, your hair color will naturally follow suit.

The only real downside to VFR is the restrictions placed upon you following a treatment: No washing your hear or excessive for 3-4 days after a treatment.

Jay Campbell’s Personal Experience With Vantis Follicle Replication

I have had 2 sessions with the Vantis Institute to date, and I will get my 3rd treatment within 1-2 weeks (see the picture above).

The VFR procedure was so simple and painless that I spent 60% of the time asleep.

When I was awake, I would watch Netflix or read books on my phone.

The worst sensation I felt was a minor prick when my scalp was being numbed with Lidocaine.

Aside from that, I’m proud to say the entire procedure could not have been any easier.

It was totally painless.

I experienced no pain, itching, scarring or any inflammation post-treatment.

This is GOLDEN AGE biomedical technology that more men desperately need to know about.

I’m absolutely blown away by the results, especially since they were instant as promised.

If you bald, have thinning hair or suffer from genetic hair loss (androgenic alopecia), your hair loss issues are no more.

I’ll even go as far as to say VFR is the perfect solution for men who suffer from hair loss while undergoing testosterone optimization therapy.

There’s no question that VFR is a 100%-effective and foolproof cure for baldness and all related hair problems.

Jessica told me this was going to be the case during a recent podcast I did with her, and she was not exaggerating in the slightest.

(By the way: If you want to see a real-time comparison between VFR and traditional methods such as hair loss medication and transplant surgery, visit their website)

If there ever was an instant hair loss fix, this is it!

How To Instantly Start Fixing Hair Loss With The Vantis Institute Today

If you want to get started with VFR today, you have two options:

Visit the official Vantis website, or call them directly at (949) 577-8778.

In addition to having travel credit programs for people who are outside of the state of California, they provide private arrangements for patients who wish to keep their hair loss treatment a secret.

Currently, they are offering 0% interesting financing programs through CareCredit for people who need a more flexible payment plan.

They plan to expand and open many more centers in the future, so stay tuned for when a Vantis Institute clinic opens near you!


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