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Vibragenix: The Power of Using Vibratory Acoustic Devices On the Human Energy Field w/Dr Caroline Stites

We are not these physical bodies.

We are energy beings operating through specific frequencies.

The frequencies of resonance create harmony while the frequencies of dissonance produce incoherence.

By tapping into these universally accessible RESONANT frequencies, we hold the key to all healing through physical, mental and spiritual optimization.

I was fortunate to experience an awe-inspiring healing modality that harnesses the power of vibration to hasten the path to elevated consciousness and wellness.

How does VibraGenix work and what are all the ways it can be applied?

In this episode, the founder of VibraGenix, Dr. Caroline Stites talks about the work she’s doing and I also share the profound experience I had with the device.

All dysfunction, disorder and disease is caused by physical, spiritual or emotional trauma that gets stuck in our bodies.

That trauma needs to leave the body for us to function optimally.

-Dr. Caroline Stites 

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The solution of all solutions
    Why has allopathic medicine shut down energy healing?
  2. How VibraGenix works
    From detoxing and biohacking to mental illness and pain, what are all the ways vibratory acoustic healing can be applied to improve quality of life?
  3. Mechanical vibration devices vs. sonic vibration
    What makes VibraGenix such a huge game changer in the healing space?


Guest Bio

Dr. Caroline Stites is the founder of VibraGenix, a health and wellness lifestyle company featuring research based holistic technologies.

They are the developers and inventors of the VibraGenix Whole Body Sound Vibration plate and Sound Pod and they are the only company to integrate holistic frequencies with sound vibration.

VibraGenix designs and manufactures a line of sound plates and sound pods for weight management, wellness, fitness, beauty, university and professional sports teams, homes, resorts, integrative wellness centers and spa markets.

Their products focus on services that furthers recovery, strengthening, regeneration, weight loss and anti-aging, all of which are experiencing explosive growth.

I AM so impressed with the VibraGenix technology, I’ve made it my personal mission to ensure as many people as possible experience its profound consciousness enhancing frequencies.

If you are Physician, Holistic Energy Healer or anyone interested in using the power of vibration to attain more love, joy and full spectrum well being in your life, I strongly recommend putting the VibraGenix platform in your home or office and using it every single day.

-Jay Campbell

For much more information and potentially up to $4k off your purchase, head over to


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