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The #1 Issue When Starting an Optimized Lifestyle


You ever learn a new skill? Of course you have. If you ride a bike, drive a car, any sporting activity, whatever it is you took the time to learn something you wanted to know. Regardless of skillset and physicality it all took one important thing. Patience. The #1 thing we see time again is a lack of patience in regards to enhancing and optimizing health. Translation: Doing too much too fast

Odds are there are years of damage behind you that need to be reversed.
When it comes to genuine healing of your body – there is a specific sequence of events that must be followed that are custom tailored to your specific wants, goals and lab values.
For the majority of you it will start with hormone optimization.
For a smaller portion it will be thyroid function, insulin resistance and nutrient deficiency.
I can’t tell you from here what it is. You need biomarkers and a comprehensive physical exam by an ACTUAL licensed practitioner.
And no offense to those of you who see chiropractors or *naturopaths* for your health but the REALITY is you need to have someone trained in BOTH actual BIOCHEMICAL MEDICAL science and INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC BASED health.
One without the other is not equally yoked and like being caught with your feet dangling on a seesaw.
But you already know if you’re reading this…
The point being is – be patient.
You might have to hear no.
Only so much water can fill the cup and you have to prepare yourself for what’s to come.
If you want a quick fix, this is likely not the path for you…
Again it takes tremendous patience and consistency to live a *life-affirming* life.
Then you reach it and realize how simple it was all along.
Patience, young grasshopper.


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