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7 Signs You Have Low Testosterone


When it comes to the consideration of testosterone replacement therapy, the presence of low testosterone symptoms are one of the most decisive factors. Like other medical conditions, you should be treated primarily on your symptoms. And not on the result of a lab test. Although, this basic underpinning of medical philosophy – treat symptoms – has been largely forgotten by many doctors and endocrinologists. If you’re similar to a lot of men,  you’ve likely been living with the symptoms of low testosterone for a long time. trt-revolution-8-years-of-suffering-with-low-testosterone And because you’ve had them for so long, you’ve normalized them. They can creep up on you slowly, like a thief in the night. Until one day you wake up and you realize what your life has become.  Let me be clear, experiencing symptoms of low testosterone is NOT normal and you don’t have to tolerate them. Therefore, it’s important you recognize them so you can take action.

1. Hesitancy 

Hesitancy or the inability to make decisions is one of the classic low testosterone symptoms. We sometimes have big decisions in our life that require thought and consideration. For example, you may take the time to weigh taking a new job or buy a home. However, now you struggle to make decisions over the smallest thing like eating out

2. Decrease In Strength or Endurance

You’ve noticed that no matter what you do in the gym you can’t seem to make progress. Instead of improving, your results seem to be getting worse. Perhaps you’ve struggled to put on any appreciable muscle mass, despite training and eating right. 7-Signs-Low-Testosterone-Loss-of-Muscle-Mass-TRTRevolution 3. Decreased Enjoyment of Life

It feels like you no longer have the same enthusiasm for life you once had. Some days you’d rather stay in bed than face the world. Things you used to enjoy no longer hold significance. And you feel apathetic about virtually everything.

4. Decreased Sex Drive

The physical intimacy from your relationship has all but disappeared. Your erections aren’t as strong and you rarely wake up with morning wood. Weeks pass by before you experience the urge to have sex. And when you do have sex it feels like a chore.

5. Mental Fog

It feels like you walk around with a cloud above your head all day long. You lack clarity and your thinking is slow. Everything may seems surreal and you may feel detached, as if you are a spectator in your own life.

6. Anxiety

There is a gnawing anxiety that eats away at you. It’s always there in the background. You overthink things and you begin to worry about every area of your life. 7-Signs-Low-Testosterone-Anxiety-TRTRevolution

7. Lack of Energy

The drive to go out and get shit done has evaporated from your life. When you get home from work all you want to do is sit in front of the TV. You don’t have the energy to go to the gym and you may find yourself falling asleep after dinner.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that no one symptom alone is a sign of low testosterone. However, if you have experienced several of these low testosterone symptoms, you should consider further testing and potentially TRT. Sadly many men are misdiagnosed with depression when they are actually suffering from low testosterone. This is because hormone replacement therapy is cutting edge and many doctors are uninformed. As a result, they are unable to diagnose low testosterone accurately. When you have the symptoms of low testosterone and require treatment, the cold truth is many doctors will turn you away. Especially so if you’re a young man. Therefore, it’s crucial you learn as much as possible about TRT. Know it inside out. Because low testosterone is a horrible way to live. Don’t suffer a life of mediocrity because of your own ignorance. Educate yourself today. 


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