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8 Days Out from Our Iron Man Photo Shoot


We are now only 8 days away from our photo shoot with Iron Man Magazine. Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes, Jim Brown and I are dialing it in, as we pull out all the stops in our attempts to look our best ever at Metro Flex in Long Beach. JimBrown's-Striated-Quad The best thing about our preparation for this photo shoot is the new knowledge we’ve gleaned. Knowledge that will be added to the upcoming release of The TRT MANual Advanced Strategies Version. When I say this book is going to BLOW THE WORLD AWAY with the information we’re releasing, I’m not bullshitting you. The entire book has been improved to include the most up to date information relevant to using Testosterone productively and in the context of health and longevity. It’s packed with even more studies and data. #1-TRT-Book-of-All-Time-TRT-MANual Even more AWESOME, we’ve added 5 Chapters that without a doubt make it the best book ever written on optimizing human health. Chapter 14: Insulin Controlled Living (Anyone who follows us know we practice what we preach. In this chapter we lay it down how anyone can reduce their insulin signal to live longer and stronger) Chapter 15: The Metabolic Blow Torch Diet (The Full Details on the most revolutionary diet ever developed and how to use it for Extreme Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fasting or Maintenance) JayCampbell-14DaysOut-IronMan-PhotoShoot Chapter 16: Agents of Change (Everything you ever wanted to know about ergogens that will TRANSFORM male and female physiques including Metformin, Nicotine, Ipamorelin, Cialis, Multi-Spectrum Thyroid Hormone, Energy Memory Focus, Modafinil, Growth Hormone, Albuterol, Ashwaghanda and much more) JeremyHerider-EMF-Testimonial Chapter 17: Jim Brown’s Forged Training (The Be-All-End-All book on weight training to take your physique to its true genetic limit. Jim Brown’s Forged Training program is unlike any other and for the first time it will be available to the public. Imagine employing this training system and skipping 10 years in normal muscular development. It is that effective. Jim-Brown's-Forged-Training-Logo


Chapter 18: Adopting a Testosterone Mindset(Alexander’s modern day treatise on why adopting a Testosterone Mindset is the key to succeeding in life with women, your career and overall life performance.) We’re also going to be working with a large independent publishing house to ensure it becomes an international best seller. As the #1 5 STAR RATED TRT book on Amazon with 225 5 STAR REVIEWS, we’re aiming to reach millions more people with the next iteration. This book will be a game changing manual for not only men but women too. In fact, there is information about the upcoming book Monica Diaz and Allison Woodworth are doing for optimizing women’s health and beauty as they age. Another revolutionary work designed to teach women to optimize their hormones safely and for maximum performance and health. Cracking The Fountain Of Youth Code Cover To say we’re excited about what we’ve accomplished would be an understatement. All in all, there are MASSIVE things in store coming from TRT Revolution, Optimized Life Nutrition and CHEKD. 90 Days to Optimized is weeks away. 90-Days-to-Optimized Imagine a fully automated AFFORDABLE program that encompasses every aspect of our philosophy spread out over 12 weeks?

A program THAT WILL get you into the best shape of your life.

Look for it soon.


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