Achieve Higher Social Status with the Power of Testosterone

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

July 26th, 2018


True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”  – Arthur Ashe, US tennis player What if I told you that you could achieve real heroism? Do you want to be supremely confident in your decisions? Are you ready to be assertive and purposeful in everything you do and say? Do you want your choices to empower you to behave in ways others find attractive? What if I told you that optimized testosterone levels would take you there?

Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) will help a depressed man who takes no action become more assertive, empowering and giving him character traits that invoke his latent confident spirit. Optimizing your testosterone levels will pump high octane fuel in your tank so you can serve and do more for your community, your friends, and your loved ones – unlocking the true hero inside of you.

Think about it. Men with high testosterone have higher social status and tend to be more risk-prone than those low testosterone, lower-status brethren. When they take higher risks and take them more often, they get things done. There’s science to back it up; testosterone has been linked to risk-taking and therefore, higher status in men. Many people believe that the ability to calculate and assume risk throughout one’s life is what separates the truly successful from those who sit around dreaming of success. Testosterone levels rise after every victory a person experiences, creating a positive feedback loop where a man with higher levels of testosterone triumphs over an opponent with greater skill but lower testosterone levels. Testosterone is your winning streak! A study on testosterone in rugby players provided surprising insights on how experienced individuals with optimal testosterone levels are more tactical, rather than dominant. Testosterone induces dominant behavior among higher-ranking individuals and obedience or submissiveness among lower-ranking individuals.

We found no main or interaction effects of game type on acquiescence but did see a significant interaction between seniority and testosterone. Senior players acquiesced less if their testosterone was high rather than low, while junior players complied more if their testosterone was high. This interaction effect between testosterone and social status among persons embedded in hierarchical relationships is a novel finding, suggesting the intriguing possibility that testosterone is implicated in behavior that could characterize as tactical rather than dominant. When you have higher levels of testosterone, the ability to be supremely confident in your decisions and take decisive action increases exponentially. You are no longer a man of words, but a man of calculated and tactical action. And for the already confident and risk-taking men out there, TOT will make you even more focused, determined and a stronger leader amongst your peers. Being hormonally optimized gives you the mindset and focus on achieving your goals.The connection between what you can accomplish and the state of your physical health is something that most men ignore. But once you realize what you can achieve when your body is healthy, you’ll never look back. To read much more about how Testosterone helps you achieve higher social status, purchase The TOT Bible.

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