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How to Avoid Becoming A Victim of Low Testosterone

Today we live in a victim society, where everyone is to blame but themselves. Nobody wants to take responsibility. Instead of taking action in their own lives, we have grown men crying about being victims of the government,

In reality, they’re victims of low testosterone.

The definition of a victim: “A person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency” People talk about war, famine and poverty. And of course they are all terrible. But make no mistake, low testosterone is one of the most destructive forces in our society. The symptoms of low testosterone alone make life a misery; low libido, anxiety, decreased enjoyment of life, mental fog, indecisiveness and lack of energy. Indeed, it’s often cited that testosterone declines by 1% a year after the age of 30. And this may be the case under normal conditions. But what we see today is ANYTHING BUT normal. We have an army of men in society with low testosterone. Young men in their early 20s have testosterone levels of 300 ng/dl or lower. I myself went on TRT at the age of 29 because I had the testosterone levels of an 80 year old man!

The Normal Range Fallacy 

In July of this year, Labcorp recently changed its reference range for total testosterone. The previous reference range was based on a 2011 study of lean healthy males. They cite a 2017 study as a primary factor for their new reference range:

“In early 2017, Travison, et al. demonstrated that obesity is directly associated with lower testosterone levels in male patients…The lower numeric range in the new standardized reference interval reflects a difference in average subjects with higher BMIs as well as harmonization with the CDC reference method.”

Basically, they’ve had to accommodate a population that is now more obese and has lower testosterone. Remember, there is only 6 years difference between the studies. Most people have noticed the Labcorp testosterone reference range is now 264 ng/dl. And the previous end of the ‘normal range’ was 348 ng/dl. So now if you’re 30 and have the testosterone levels of a geriatric – congratulations you’re normal! What’s even more disconcerting however, is the fact they’ve also lowered the top end of the reference range. It was originally 916 ng/dl now it is 1197 ng/dl. That’s almost 300 ng/dl of difference.  This is HUGE. Therefore, according to Labcorp, if you’re above 916 ng/dl you have supraphysiological testosterone levels. The normal reference range was already a joke, because it’s not adjusted for age.


If I was to wear my tinfoil hat, I’d say there appears to be a concerted attempt to normalize low testosterone. Docile men are easy to control.

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Low Testosterone

As you’ve seen, the medical establishment says that low testosterone is OK. Even though you have the symptoms of low testosterone, your doctor says your testosterone is in the ‘normal’ range. ‘Nothing to worry about!’

What they’re really saying is: It’s OK to be a victim. It’s OK to be passive and accept everything like a good little boy.

This is the antithesis of what it means to be a man. 

But you don’t have to listen to an incompetent doctor. As Jay Campbell wrote in The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual:

Any doctor who provides unnecessary resistance to getting a blood test (let alone discussing TRT) is probably going to be troublesome and unhelpful to the process. If he or she is unwilling to intelligently discuss your request or rejects you out of hand, it is your right to seek the council of another doctor. 

If you feel you’re suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, get your testosterone levels checked. Seek out a competent doctor who actually knows what he’s talking about. In the USA you have BodHD and in Europe there is Balance My Hormones.

There Are No Shortcuts

But men are not victims of low testosterone just because of incompetent doctors. There is also a HUGE factor I see especially among younger men: An entitlement complex. Myself and Jay Campbell get messages from guys every day who want advice on TRT. And that’s fine because we’re here to serve and help other men. The problem is that many of these guys want the answers handed to them on a plate.

‘Do you have any recommendations for when I talk to my doctor?’ ‘What page can I find out about blood tests in Jay’s book?’

If you’re not willing to put in the work yourself, why should we take the time to respond? Please don’t misunderstand, this is not to be obnoxious. You need to UNDERSTAND this stuff. Because if you come across doctors who don’t have a clue and neither do you – how do you ever hope to get treated? So ditch the entitlement complex.

Final Thoughts

A society of men with low testosterone results in a class of victims. A victim society is toxic; it breeds hatred and division. The Western world is at a decisive moment in history: Our sense of community spirit has gone out the window. We don’t want to get along and help each other. We’d rather blame each other. Our society is broken. History shows us that when societies have gone through turmoil, men have stepped into the breach to make a change. But how are we supposed to make a change if the men in our society have low testosterone? They’d rather go the other way or sit on their couch and play video games. Do you want to be a victim of low testosterone, and allow others to dictate to you what it means to be a man? Or do you want to take charge of your own life and live life on your own terms? Don’t wait a minute longer and READ JAY’s BOOK FREE!  And if you’re in a foreign country, send him an email and he’ll gladly send you the PDF. And for the love of God, get on the waiting list for his upcoming opus: The TOT Bible. TRT-MANual-AS-Edition-FREE PS – The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet is launching tomorrow on Amazon and the paperback is FREE. If you’ve been living with a lifelong weight problem, targeted intermittent fasting is your answer. Look at Dennis Pontani’s results: Metabolic-Blowtorch-Diet-User-DennisP-Before-and-After


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