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Get More Sleep – Expand Your Consciousness


There was a time when I would wake up at 5am or earlier for training clients.

My alarm would go off, 430am, pitch black of night still.

Waking up at that hour HURT.

I’m a night person, I’ve never been able to fall asleep easily before midnight.

Even as a baby, my parents have told me stories of putting me to bed in my crib at 8am, they’d hear me in room till midnight.

I’d be talking to myself, playing with stuffed animals, it would be hours before I fell asleep.

I’ve never struggled with quality of sleep, or staying asleep, Im just a night owl, as the term goes.

Last year in 2016, I tried to combine this with working an early morning schedule, my first client would be at 530am.

Suffice to say, after a year of doing this, I was burned out.

Despite the constant fatigue, I STILL struggled to fall asleep before midnight.

After so many months, my recovery and my training started to suffer.

Minor aches and pains became persistent pains.

Brain fog would set in unless I stay dosed on caffeine all day.

The weekends I would attempt to “catch up” on sleep. No matter how much I slept, the underlying tiredness remained

You cannot actually catch up on sleep, this idea is a false one. You take years off your life with every night you lack sleep.

Despite this, and a schedule of seeing upwards of 30+ appointments a week with clients, I still was able to create momentum for website, start writing emails, and keep up an article schedule.

How so? Im begging my own question.

I did this through energy management. Time management in a practical sense, but beyond time, I learned ways to “energize” myself.

Part of this was physical, but there is a mental component to this as well. Physicality and mentality as I say.

Framing this requires asking a question,

How do you manage your energy?

Human beings are capable of a very powerful, very unappreciated phenomena, we can create substance from NOTHING.

Thoughts are immaterial. They are infinite, and they are unquantifiable.

Everything in the material world around you started as an idea.

You cannot hold ideas, they are not physical, they are only THOUGHT.

And the How and Why of this continues to confound and elude science at every step.

Consciousness has no clear definition.


The irony of consciousness is that all the logic in the world cannot solve for the fact that is self-proving.

We know we are conscious because we are conscious enough to know we are conscious.

A circular statement if there ever was one. The brain may be nothing but chemicals, but we rely on those very chemicals to be able to even say that sentence and have it make sense.

As I frame it, this gives us the miraculous ability.

We can THINK, and we can create from that. In that sense, your output is always INFERIOR to your creative force.

We must recognize the power in this. The productivity and quality of our lives is highly dependent on how we manage our energy.

What we focus on expands, what we neglect, dies.

The thoughts that take up mental real estate in our minds can dominate our lives, and they can be entirely hypothetical.

We can worry ourselves to death, be angry to the point of high blood pressure, waste away from a broken heart

We can literally THINK ourselves into illness.

And we can also think ourselves into vitality. Or into energy.

If you view your personal energy as limited and finite, so it shall be.

We set our own boundaries and limitations.

We also live in a society where all of our basic needs are readily met.

This gives us the room to make ourselves into productivity engines, if we so desire.

The PHYSICAL part of this is easy

  • -deep breathing to facilitate the flow of oxygen
  • -a healthy cardiovascular system
  • -a physically strong body not worn out by gravity
  • -being as pain free as possible
  • -fueling ourselves with water and necessary nutrients
  • The above I can help anyone to do.

The mental part, that is more difficult, that comes down to BELIEF

  • -A belief in being high energy
  • -a belief to not be affected by what you cannot control
  • -a belief that you can endure and keep going
  • -a belief in not giving energy to negativity
  • -a belief that the work you do matters

Doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, all these things drain people.

Much can be made of your external environment, but the majority of people’s battles exist within their minds.

Becoming High Energy is a Mindset. Its how you live. Your life is an energetic one.

I perceive myself as high energy person.

I believe I can keep going beyond the norm, I believe my physicality enables me to have great endurance.

I TRAIN for this.


I practice this in my thinking, my studying.

Ive engineered my environment, from the pens to I use to the desk chair I sit in to the shoes I wear, all are comfortable, pleasing the eye and touch, and they enable me to train, write, and think at maximum.

Nothing I have within my routines and rituals is “random” or there by accident.

My possessions and practices are all intentional. As such, my energetic flow is not readily impeded by anything.

This enables productivity, and it keeps me going.

Whether I truly have more energy than anyone else, I do not know, I do think I manage it far better than most however.

What I do is not beyond anyone else’s ability. I’ve given it great thought, most do not.

You can do this for yourself as well. At any time, you can get yourself healthier, faster, fleet of thought.

You can create better version of yourself, more than what you are now.

I believe in you.


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