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Golden Rules of TOT: Knowledge You Need Before You Start


As a scientifically proven and correct way of improving your life, health and performance, Testosterone Optimization Therapy rightfully occupies the interest of many men. Still, before you blindly jump into it, you have to inform yourself and ensure that’s the right solution for you. To help you with your decision, we bring you the golden rules of TOT, starting with the first five:

Determine Whether There Is a Clinical Need

You shouldn’t undergo TOT unless there’s an explicit clinical requirement. That means you must officially be diagnosed with Partial Androgen Deficiency or PAD for short. If you’re not experiencing symptoms of PAD and your blood work doesn’t confirm that you have it, then you have no clinical need for undergoing TOT.

Are You Ready to Commit?

Before you start TOT, there are questions you need to answer. You must assess your current state of health and the level of commitment that you’re ready to exhibit. With TOT, there’s no “trying it out to see if it works.” Mostly, TOT requires numerous lifestyle changes to be as effective as possible, and it’s a lifelong course of action. If you cycle on and off therapy, it might cause serious side effects as your body’s natural production of testosterone is disrupted.

Can You Find a Good Physician?

You will need the help of a physician who knows what they’re doing regarding TOT. Ideally, your TOT-prescribing physician should have an experienced-based practice for over five years. You will likely require expert knowledge to tweak and optimize your testosterone therapy along the way, which is why having a good physician by your side is imperative. Avoid physicians that are inexperienced with TOT, and especially those who think they know it all.

What If You Can’t Find a Physician Nearby?

It’s not always possible to stick to the third golden rule, however. You may be living in a country where there aren’t any qualified TOT-prescribing physicians. In that case, you should be willing to commit to learning the concepts from the TOT Bible, an extensive resource on the topic of TOT. You might have to find experts outside of your country to help you, so make sure you’ve done enough research to make informed decisions.

Give It Time Before You Start

Finally, before you begin, you must be aware that when Testosterone Optimization Therapy is done correctly, it only uses testosterone to establish a baseline for your blood work and evaluate your important biomarkers accurately. It is why you must wait for about six weeks after your baseline blood work is established to start with TOT. That way, your physician will correctly determine and understand what effect exogenous testosterone has on your endocrine system. To have success with TOT, it’s essential that you gather as much information as possible. Only this will help you arrive at the right decision regarding your specific therapy process.

Talk to your physician about the TOT Bible and the latest research on hormone therapy before you decide whether you should undergo it. To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here!  


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