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Golden Rules of TOT: TOT Myths and Truths


There are many myths around the effectiveness and results of TOT, and they can sometimes deter people from undergoing it, even though this type of therapy can help. However, it’s important to remember that as our knowledge about a given topic advances, those myths often reveal as nothing more than incorrect assumptions. It happened many times throughout human history, with no signs of slowing down. To contribute to the spread of knowledge about TOT, here are some of the myths that you probably encounter often, and some truths to contrast them:

Myth: Using Testosterone Is Morally Wrong/Unethical/Illegal

There is nothing illegal, unethical or morally wrong with optimizing the testosterone levels in your body. It’s a health procedure like any other you might undergo during your life. The only downside to this therapy is that you’ll have to maintain it for life, which means you need financial stability to pay for your treatment. However, if you factor it in your expenses and ensure you can purchase any of the medications you might need, then there are no other obstacles to TOT.

Myth: Side Effects Will Ruin Your Life

Risks of side effects during TOT are minimal if you do it right, but they can still occur. If that happens, having a good physician who knows how to alleviate these side effects is paramount. Some of the side effects that quickly resolve with the right actions are water retention, mood imbalances, high/low estrogen readings, gynecomastia, and lack of erectile strength. Before implementing medications that could tackle these side effects directly, we recommend first adjusting the dose of testosterone, as well as the frequency of treatments.

Truth: You Need to Have a Healthy Lifestyle for TOT to Change Your Physique

Testosterone Optimization Therapy shows excellent results when it comes to changing the patient’s physique. It can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, but it has to be paired with a healthy lifestyle for you to see the effects. It’s not a magic bullet that will work regardless of what you eat and how much exercise you have. That means you need an insulin-controlled diet, as well as cardio and weight training to reap the maximum benefits of TOT.

Truth: You Need a Firm Commitment to Reduce Fat

If you are obese (body fat over 30%), it’s safe to assume that many vital processes in your body aren’t working well. Until you get those systems somewhat into normal, TOT will likely fail, or it won’t work as expected. Testosterone can cause additional problems if you are a “metabolic emergency” due to obesity.

Truth: “Testosterone-Boosting Supplements” Are Almost Always Scams

So far there has been no scientific evidence to back up the claims made by supplement companies that testosterone boosters work. TOT remains the only proven way to optimize your testosterone levels and raise them, so you have to turn to pharmaceutical means if you want to maximize testosterone. Knowing what is and is not true regarding TOT can help you decide with input from your physician. When in doubt, turn to facts and scientific evidence. You’ll find plenty of it, all explained in the TOT Bible. To Join the World’s #1 Premium Access Group For Optimizing Your Hormones and Long Term Health, Click Here!


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