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Golden Rules of TOT: TOT Usage and Delivery Systems


When it comes to the usage and delivery systems of Testosterone Optimization Therapy, the more knowledgeable you are, the better. Only having the right information will help you determine what the right course of action is for you. Of course, you will have to rely on the advice of your chosen TOT-prescribing physician as well, but it never hurts to find out everything you can about it yourself. Here are the five golden rules of TOT about its delivery systems and usage:

Do You Need Aromatase Inhibitor Medications?

AI medications are somewhat of a controversial topic when it comes to TOT. They have been proven to cause serious adverse effects to bone mineral density if used for more extended periods. It is why you should only use them if there is a clinical need, which is determined through your blood work and individual needs. Their use can help deal with some of the possible side effects of TOT, but AI medications should only be used until you can achieve a therapeutic range of both testosterone and estrogen.

Front Line Treatment for Men of Prime Reproductive Age

The main aim of TOT for men of prime reproductive age is to raise their testosterone levels without disrupting their body’s HPTA and HPGA axes, by increasing luteinizing hormone levels (so hCG, hMG, and clomiphene.) There are possible fertility side effects when using TOT, although the risks are minimal. It’s recommended the men undergoing TOT attain a measured sperm count and freeze their sperm before starting TOT to be safe.

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Delivery System

Even though injectable testosterone is regarded as the best way to optimize blood levels of testosterone, it won’t be the delivery system of choice for everyone. For those who have a needle phobia, transdermal delivery is probably a better option. However, other delivery systems aren’t as efficient and might contribute significantly to the development of various issues during therapy.    

Best Practice for Assessing Your Overall Health

The only way to correctly assess your overall health while undergoing TOT is to do blood work regularly. Since you’re committing to TOT for life, you need to become aware of what your biomarker ranges look like when they’re good, and when changes are required. Tracking your results is crucial if you want to maintain optimal health during TOT.

Injectable Testosterone as a Delivery System

There are a few optimal protocols for injectable testosterone to choose from. The most popular one is injecting 50-100mg of testosterone twice a week (every third day). That way you’re not injecting yourself too often, and the levels are optimal. Other options include daily doses of 10-30 mg, and 50-70 mg every other day. Daily doses imitate endogenous production of testosterone, and they work well for individuals with a Type A personality. Injecting testosterone every other day is a good compromise between the first two options, especially if you can’t bear to inject yourself every day.

Everyone needs proper guidance when it comes to TOT, and one extensive resource that can provide it is the TOT Bible. Consulting with your physician is also extremely important for maintaining your health in optimal levels when undergoing TOT. Hopefully, these golden rules have helped you determine which areas you should focus on regarding testosterone usage.
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