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How Testosterone Gives You the Competitive Edge to Dominate

How Testosterone Gains You the Competitive Edge to Dominate

Testosterone is responsible for the masculine need for competition, and victory. One study even shows that a man’s testosterone levels may predict whether he will persevere through defeat or give in when confronted with a challenge. When faced with adversity, Testosterone tangibly speeds up reaction times, improves eyesight and physical endurance, and produces feelings of invulnerability. Think of the times in your life when you’ve experienced the “thrill of victory” as your favorite sports teams won a big game, whether you were watching or participating. It’s exhilarating! A similar feeling is felt in business when you close a big sale or sign the paperwork on a huge deal. There is more than enough scientific evidence showing that testosterone levels in men increase exponentially for days after winning a game or achieving something of great significance. Now, imagine incorporating those feelings into your everyday life when using therapeutic testosterone, because that’s EXACTLY what it’s like.

Aren’t you looking to get that competitive edge back into your life? Of course, you are. Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) can help you achieve that by helping you become a much more productive entrepreneur and business person. How? Testosterone has been linked to risk-taking and higher status in men. Men with high testosterone have higher social status and tend to be more risk-prone (i.e., take greater risks and take them more often) than their low testosterone, lower-status brethren. Many people (including the authors of this book) believe that the ability to calculate and assume risk throughout one’s life is what separates the truly successful from those wishing for success.

TOT will provide a sense of invulnerability and encourage you to take risks, allowing the potential for high rewards and higher social status. One study even suggested that individuals with optimal testosterone levels are more tactical, rather than dominant. This means that testosterone doesn’t just make you more confident to take risks but more strategic. Testosterone creates a positive feedback loop where a man with higher levels of testosterone may triumph over an opponent with greater skill but lower testosterone levels. Testosterone levels rise after every victory a person experiences. Testosterone is your winning streak!

A landmark study on testosterone in rugby players provided amazing insights on how experienced individuals with optimal testosterone levels are more tactical, rather than dominant. “…Testosterone induces dominant behavior among higher-ranking individuals and obedience or submissiveness among lower-ranking individuals. We found no main or interaction effects of game type on acquiescence but did find a significant interaction between seniority and testosterone. Senior players acquiesced less if their testosterone was high rather than low, while junior players acquiesced more if their testosterone was high rather than low. This interaction effect between testosterone and social status among persons embedded in hierarchical relationships is a novel finding; it suggests the fascinating possibility that testosterone is connected to behavior that is characterized as tactical rather than dominant. In conclusion, TOT will not only dramatically improve and strengthen your mindset, but ultimately allow you to possess and maintain a competitive edge. To read much more about the usage of therapeutic testosterone gives men the competitive edge, purchase The TOT Bible.


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