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Masculinity, Melancholy and Low Testosterone

The Definitive TRT MANual

I get asked about Testosterone A LOT!

It’s seemingly one out of every two questions.

How to raise it?

How do i find out my testosterone levels????

While I could write essays about the above, the more pragmatic solution is that YOU need to educate yourself if you really believe your hormonal health is a concern.

And if you live in a large coastal population center, it should be.

Male endocrine systems are under constant siege from endocrine disrupting chemicals and environmental pollutants.

There is no reasonable nor ethical way I can advise people to “just do this” and your test levels will improve.

The basics of Testosterone and health are fairly reasonable to understand.

-Its a hormone, it affects your physical health

-If its low, your mood can change dramatically

-Its affected by lifestyle-stress, sleep, energy expenditure

-If you are fat, sloppy, eat lousy, dont exercise, your test is likely to be low

-You can raise it through lifestyle change (although for some it might not work as well as others)

-Low test levels can be misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety (a very unfortunate reality and diagnosis for a majority of North American men)

What strikes me as being the “gap” is that most simply have ZERO idea that testosterone affects them at all.

Or that their levels matter.

Its this odd dichotomy where society “knows” testosterone is a male hormone, but no one actually has knowledge of what it DOES in the body, beyond a vapid “it makes you horny” or “testosterone means you are aggressive”

So what do I suggest?



I actually did some editing on said book and am very good friends with the author (Jay Campbell).  I myself have a copy, and have given away several.

The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How to Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Health And Happiness 

Beyond the obvious advice of

-Lift weights

-Eat Clean (high protein, healthy fats, moderate carbs)

-Drink water

-Manage stress

The book is the absolute best resource for understanding testosterone’s role in health, what to do if you think you might need TRT, how to talk to your doctor, what your levels should be, how to get tested, and much more.

Don’t waste another second being uninformed about the holy grail of Men’s hormones, educate yourself today!

PS. Jay and I are hard at work editing the Advanced Strategies Version of the TRT MANual slated to be released this summer.

This isn’t just some cheesy up sell.

Jay, Jim Brown along with help from Dr. Aaron Grossman and myself are adding 5 PACKED CHAPTERS on training, dieting, mindset and “agents of change”.

This book will be unlike anything else before it when it comes to helping Men and Women optimize their hormonal health and live longer and stronger.

Look for much more on this upcoming book and also TRT University soon.


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