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After years of attempting to solve the MASSIVE problem of finding and locating doctors who understand the fine nuances of health optimization, the wait is over.

William Llewellyn and I are proud to announce the official launch of!

What Is is the world’s first global database that links patients seeking health care optimization, with top-tier optimization healthcare providers.

This is a 100% free-to-use service for patients who are in need of good optimization health care doctors.

Both William and I are using our significant networks to personally interview and vet the physicians we allow on the website. brings you progressive physicians who are highly educated, possess substantial experience with testosterone optimization therapy, and truly understand health optimization as a whole.

Our physicians will make use of extensive diagnostics while identifying potential issues and developing a long-term preventative health care strategy that is the opposite of standardized ‘sick care’.

Our goal is to build THE definitive online network of age management and hormone optimization physicians.

Why Did We Launch

For the past decade, we have noticed an emerging problem in the health optimization space:

Numerous patients proactive in optimizing their own health have great difficulty finding a physician who truly understands the finer nuances of hormonal optimization and life extension.

Poor hormonal health – and low testosterone levels, for that matter – is a pressing health concern for hundreds of millions of men(and women) around the world.

In fact, it is as of yet an unrecognized global epidemic faced by men and women who are living longer but suffering under the negative effects of suboptimal hormones. Depression, obesity, thyroid imbalances, insulin resistance, the list of symptoms and diseases is endless due to inaccurately diagnosed hormonal issues. The overwhelming majority of doctors do not understand hormone optimization at the appropriate level. As a result, many patients end up hurt, if not worse off than where they started.

Doctors are not taught about this highly specialized field in medical school, nor do they learn a “standard patient of care” model for hormone optimization.

Most learn through trial and error.

Finding physicians who are proactive about keeping their patients fit, healthy and active (instead of waiting for disease to strike) can be an incredibly difficult task.

This creates a problem of accessibility for patients who want to get their health together and take a preventative approach towards illness.

Proactive medicine is the future of healthcare, and an increasing number of men and women are being underserved.

Out of our pure frustration, we decided to create a universal solution.

A robust network of domestic (and eventually global) physicians who are both qualified and accessible to patients seeking quality preventative health care.

How To Use

For Patients

The site is very straightforward, designed for the sole purpose of connecting you with a top-tier physician as soon as possible.

This is a service that is 100% FREE to use.

Go to the website and click on the “Find A Physician” link.

Fill out all of the appropriate information (name, email, location, etc.).

You will then receive an email with all of the physicians in your area, their expertise, and their contact information if you want to reach out fo any of them.

<NOTE> The site is currently being populated, so we will work as fast as we can to respond to your inquiry.

When you find a practice/physician most suitable for you, you will be able to book a FREE phone consultation.

You will get your basic questions answered before you choose to make a commitment to the physician(s) of your choice.

If you like what the doctor has to offer(the costs associated with their services (consultations, prescribed medications, etc.), you will be able to start working with them.

Rest assure, William and I will be staying on top of our doctor-vetting process to ensure that everyone is happy with the therapy they are receiving.

At the end of the day, our top priority is making the world’s best health optimization physicians accessible and providing an elite standard of care, no matter where you are.

<NOTE> Eventually MHC will expand internationally as the opportunity there is MASSIVE. But unfortunately, the demand and need is also yet unrecognized at the current time. But for all of our amazing and loyal followers in the international community, we feel your pain and will stop at nothing to ensure you too will be served as fast as humanly possible.

For Doctors

We are currently building up the database with progressive doctors who are willing and able to take on new patients.

If you wish to register your practice, go to the website and click on the “Physician Inquiry” link.

Provide your clinic’s contact information, and answer the pre-screening questions.

These questions will ask you to provide more information about your methodology, your experience in optimizing a patient’s hormones, and more.

These questions are crucial in helping us determine if you are a good fit for the website.

We WILL NOT place physicians on the website who do not have the appropriate amount of experience or knowledge with regards to hormone optimization.

If you are not knowledgeable, experienced or skilled in this highly nuanced area of medicine, we’re probably not a good match. (Convince us otherwise) is an opportunity for you to expand awareness of your practice.

It must become a vehicle for helping patients achieve the highest levels of health by working with physicians who truly care for their patients’ well-being.

Once you fill out the form, if we feel you are a good fit for the website, we’ll reach out as soon as possible for a phone interview.

The Future Of

Over the next 6-9 months, we have big plans for expanding the reach and awareness of the website:

Full Transparency For Patients & Physicians

We want to allow consumers the freedom to see who the best doctors are.

Over time, patients will be able to leave reviews and provide their feedback on the doctors they work with.

By doing so, we will create an equal playing field.

This will keep everyone honest, as doctors will do the best jobs for the patients, and patients will have the freedom to take their health into their own hands (“becoming a proactive scientist of your own health”, as Dr. Jim Meehan often says).

Although the exact details and structure have yet to be determined, the site will be funded by folks willing to advertise on the site and also acquire patient leads.

Expanded National And International Coverage

Initially, we expect the bigger cities and larger coastal population centers to have the most coverage (NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc.).

As the site evolves, we’ll devise ways to serve smaller markets and states where the demand for hormone optimization is not as large.

Within time, we’ll have a better idea about what cities and states generate in terms of patient lead volume and demand.

This is our way of serving patients and physicians who live in rural, less populated areas who still wish to take full control of their health.

Our end goal is to provide coverage and access for EVERYONE, no matter where in the world they live.

We are also looking into telemedicine options, where patients and physicians can work together (and prescribe/use select medications) without having to be in the same state and/or city.

*NOTE* If you’re a telemedicine service provider interested in providing a significant role on the site, contact us.

Expanding And Growing The Platform

While is still in its infancy, we envision it doing many great things.

Ultimately, it will be the future of age management and health optimization along with wellness and health.

The top doctors will have the choice to position themselves accordingly, both in and outside their primary market.

This will give patients the power to choose and total freedom in deciding how to best manage their health.

When a patient reclaims their health, and a doctor is perceived as a marketplace authority, everybody wins.

Where Can I Learn More About

Please visit the official website to enroll as a patient or physician.

If you still have any pressing questions, please contact myself [email protected] or William [email protected].

If you would like an in depth awareness of what becoming fully optimized in your health care means, pick up a copy of my newest book, Living a Fully Optimized Life.

We look forward to having you on the site, and am massively grateful for whatever role you play in the continued evolution of MHC.


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