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November is Impotence Awareness Month

Impotence AKA erectile dysfunction is far too familiar for millions of men. In fact, nearly 50 percent of men in their 50’s suffer from mild to moderate ED. However, ED is not only a problem for elderly men. In the United States, 5% of men with complete erectile dysfunction are under the age of 40, some even suffering from impotence as young as 20 years old. In men, impotence is defined as the inability to obtain and/or maintain an erection. Despite the stigma surrounding discussion on the issue, there are many solutions if men can have the right conversations.

There are numerous health factors associated with ED, some outside of our control and some within. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcoholism and many other factors are known to cause erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, the best prevention method is a healthy diet and exercise, while avoiding some of the risk factors like tobacco and alcohol. However, if you’re a relatively healthy person, another cause may be low testosterone. With men suffering from so many other risk factors, low testosterone may not be the most common reason for ED.

However, for some men, low T is the root cause for impotence. Not only can low T cause erectile dysfunction, but it can also lower a man’s libido (sex drive), drastically hindering his ability to have enjoyable sex. If you suffer from low testosterone or are looking to prevent it, check out The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible. No matter what your age, all of these issues can begin to affect you. If you suspect you suffer from impotence, you should consult a physician. In the early stages, the only remedy necessary may be some lifestyle changes. For more serious issues, you may need to be prescribed medication for ED. Remember, millions of men are suffering from this issue. If you are willing to drop the stigma and discuss the issue, help could be right around the corner.


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