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Perfect Does Not Exist in Health


“What is the most perfect way to eat? If you were to go meal by meal?”

I got this question yesterday on a twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything) that I did.

It’s a perfect example of a well intentioned question with absolutely NO answer at ll.

Perfect does not exist in health. There is no perfect diet. There is no perfect exercise. There is no perfect program, perfect workout, perfect meal, perfect supplement. NOTHING is perfect because everything depends on the individual.

Perfect in regards to what? For who? Perfect by what criteria? This is a case where the average person simply does not know how involved, extensive, and broad the subject of health is.

Without context, every recommendation you ever hear is arbitrary. This is why I hate generic advice, even though I would likely have a much bigger audience if I was to give it. I have no idea what a person’s assumptions are about healthy living, and my advice could mean something entirely different to them than it does to me,

I can make diet very simple at times, but thats also predicated on someone having foundational knowledge, and most do not have that knowledge.

This was the reason I wrote the Musclegain nutrition guide, and the Metabolic Primer.

I suggest people read both these things. Yeah, I wrote them, it’s a sale. yippee

But when someone does not what calories even are,

or I suggest “calculate your metabolic rate” and it’s a blank stare

or I get the question “what foods have protein in them”

You need to educate yourself, and you need to start at the basic level of human nutrition.

Otherwise I’m telling you information that you cannot use and cannot apply.

Your health is not a random process, and neither can be your learning. Take responsibility and teach yourself.

Talk again soon,



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