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Regenerating Humanity’s Innate Healing Potential: An Interview with RegenerAge Founder Dr. Joel Osorio

One of my newest ventures in 2023 and beyond is seeking top-tier healthcare outside of the limited borders of North America… and really the “1st world” developed nations as a whole.

The “sick care” system continues to grow in size and will only perpetuate more of the same — ludicrous costs, unreasonable insurance policies, restricted choice in inferior treatments and the simultaneous suppression of superior solutions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way — with the Golden Age comes a shattering of old paradigms and beliefs.

By far, the biggest barrier we have to break is the outdated notion that people flee to offshore nations like Mexico for dangerous experimental treatments provided by medical practitioners with (supposedly) “subpar” knowledge and experience.

Josh Ketner’s Dream Body Clinic in Puerto Vallaha provides phenomenal anti-aging treatments such as their P-shot and O-shot for sexual health in men & women, all alongside a luxury-level client care program similar to what Hollywood celebrities experience.

And just recently, plastic surgeon Dr. Luigi Palermo of Playa Del Carmen helped my wife Monica with her 3rd and most successful breast augmentation surgery yet — paying 1/4th of what she would pay in America for superior before-and-after results.

Today’s article continues this growing fascination of mine through a deep-dive interview with Dr. Joel Isaias Osorio, the founder and medical director at the RegenerAge Clinic.

His specialty lies in the application of regenerative medicine through novel stem cell treatments: Extending lifespan for the already fully optimized individual, while treating severe disease and injury in the sick and frail.

Keep reading and you’ll quickly realize why I AM giving Dr. Osorio the full spotlight — and an opportunity for you to personally work with him if you read all the way to the end.

NOTE: I also did a podcast with Dr. Osorio , which you can also choose to watch below: 

A Tragic Start To an Extraordinary Career in Medicine

Q: Dr. Osorio, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and do this interview with me. As with any physician I get to know better, what always fascinates me most is their origin story. How did you get inspired to practice medicine in the first place? 

A: Truthfully, I have always known since the young age of 11 that I wanted to become a doctor.

My father was a successful OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) who set an example for me and really allowed me to discover my passion for medicine as a teenager.

To make a long story short, I completed numerous fellowships over my medical career and I have even completed some training at Harvard Medical School.

Nothing could ever stop me from studying and learning as I believe we are only at the very brink of untapped knowledge.

Q: How did you find yourself down the path of regenerative medicine, given the thousands of specialties you could have chosen? 

A: It all started in 2009, when I graduated as an advanced fellow in functional medicine from A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and was the youngest medical doctor to do so.

Tragically, one year later my father passed away at the age of 57 due to his diabetes getting worse and worse.

This was the most painful event in my life and a wakeup call to make a drastic transition towards a different field of medicine.

Because even though I got started as a general surgeon, the early death of my father inspired me to make an immediate pivot toward the then-unexplored field of regenerative medicine.

I wanted to develop a more innovative way to help my patients, but not at the expense of removing myself from being a physician who operates on the foundations of solid scientific principles and evidence-based medical research.

Q: Let’s take a step back so we can catch our readers up to speed. What exactly is regenerative medicine and what does it aim to accomplish? 

A: I would define regenerative medicine as an interdisciplinary field that specializes in studying the replacement and/or regeneration of damaged cells, tissues, and/or organs that are no longer structurally/functionally operating in an optimal way.

The damage is usually done through one of two mechanisms – either oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, or both.

Human bodies can naturally regenerate at the cellular, tissue, organ, structural, and whole body level… but aging gradually slows down how effectively and how quickly this process of regeneration can happen.

Thanks to significant advances in biotechnology, we now have the opportunity to achieve two major outcomes.

First, we can find a solution provided by nature that allows our bodies to return to a fully optimized state of health and stay there regardless of age.

Second, we can gain a deeper understanding of how anti-aging works in the human body.

Discovering the processes that can rapidly degenerate into numerous diseases – metabolic, hormonal, immunological, etc. – helps us decipher the processes responsible for having the opposite effects.

Q: Most of the doctors I interview tend to sacrifice first-world “achievements” and status when they end up pursuing a field of medicine they are truly passionate about. But in your case, the exact opposite happened… you achieved MORE and built up a seriously impressive resume. What has your obsession with regenerative medicine granted you? 

A: I do not say this in a braggadocious way, but you will be shocked by what you can accomplish when your focus is unwavering and your heart is pure.

Over 20 years of medical practice experience and entrepreneurship have naturally allowed me to accumulate a very long list of accreditations.

My LinkedIn page is comprehensive and functions as my “online resume”, but some of my proudest accomplishments include:

  • Publishing +30 scientific articles and presiding as the Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Regenerative Biology and Medicine
  • Making multiple international and national media appearances – podcasts, print and online publications, radio, and television
  • Given +50 lectures over the past 5 years across numerous prestigious conferences dedicated to new advancements in medicine and science.

But if I’m being transparent, credibility matters more than another piece of paper or media appearance.

It is far more important for me to revolutionize the field of regenerative medicine and always have my eyes on the latest developments in my field.

I believe this obsession with innovation in the human body is what allows me to run a successful medical clinic that’s rapidly expanding in locations and client volume.

The RegenerAge Clinic: A Visionary Approach To Offshore Medical Care

Q: That’s a great explanation which naturally lead you towards building the RegenerAge Clinic you founded in 2017. I already know you operate in two locations – a medical practice in Cancun and an office in Mexico City. But why choose Cancun, Mexico of all places? Let alone operate outside of the United States entirely? 

A: Several reasons why I chose all of our medical dealings to happen in Cancun.

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the 2nd largest and busiest airport in the entirety of Mexico.

Given how much international traffic we get (Europe, North American, Central America, South America, etc.), it was important for me to establish my practice in a place where my core demographic can easily travel to.

It’s a 2-hour flight to Cancun from Atlanta or Houston, and 3-4 hours if you’re flying in from New York.

Another reason I chose Cancun is because a growing number of successful and rich ex-expatriates are packing their bags and going to Mexico.

It wouldn’t shock me to see explosive growth in Canadians, Americans, and Europeans immigrating to Mexico over the next 5-10 years.

(NOTE: I am a paying subscriber to Sovereign Man, the biggest expatriate community on the Internet at +150,000 members. Founder Simon Black had spent the past two years documenting and advising Americans who want to escape the USA to get a 2nd passport in Mexico.

Right now, his #1 uncontested spot for relocation is Cancun.

After an employee of his sought refuge in Mexico during the 2020 lockdowns, Simon himself had his two children born in Cancun and the city is now one of three key locations for Sovereign Man)

Lastly, the practice overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

A very visually pleasing sight for any patient while they are receiving treatment!

Q: Tell me more about the vision you have for the RegenerAge clinic. What’s your big M.O.? What’s the one major purpose you want to achieve? 

A: Our mission statement on the homepage of our website says it all:

“To achieve a transformational level of advancement in the regenerative healthcare area for humans, utilizing novel, proprietary, combinatorial interventions, including stem cells, regenerative biologics, functional nutritional bio-products and diets, bioidentical hormone replacement, and aesthetic rejuvenation tools, yielding an unprecedented, integrated option for activating the natural healing processes of the body and maintaining health and wellness.”

To dive deeper, I would say this statement can be divided into two more specific goals:

  1. To assist patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, whose medical needs have gone unmet by the traditional healthcare system, experience real quality-of-life improvements
  2. To help already-healthy people extend their healthspan and fully optimize the human body at the cellular level.

I hope that my approach in combining medical innovation with the newest knowledge in stem cell biotechnology will allow me to restore tens of thousands of people worldwide to full health.

Q: Describe the typical patient experience to me. What’s the start-to-finish procedure for onboarding a client and giving them the full medical treatment they need? 

A: The first thing I do with any new patient is give them an initial consultation on the phone.

If I feel their particular health solution could be helped by what my clinic provides, we will do a much longer tele-consultation to dive into the patient’s situation deeper and explain in clear terms what my treatments can and cannot do for them.

Once the patient is educated on how stem cells work and has their expectations set correctly, they walk into the clinic and I work my magic.

My treatments can be administered in numerous ways… intravenous, intrathecal (i.e. in the spinal canal), intrapenile/intravaginal for sexual health treatments, and so on.

Q: Sounds like you vet your patients very seriously. Is this the best way for you to do it, based on your own personal experience? 

A: Yes! I cannot emphasize how many people believe stem cells are literally magic cures.

1 – This is advanced disease prevention for people who want to improve their health and empower their bodies.

2 – The biological treatments are 100% based in medical evidence. I do not give my patients anything that cannot be proven in both a science setting and a real-world setting.

In the context of increasing healthspan and longevity, the stem cell treatments achieve two goals: – they decrease inflammation in the body’s tissues and they decrease the oxidative stress that cause genes to express into a pathological (diseased) state.

3 – I strive to make my treatments as reasonably affordable as possible. I know doctors who will charge WAY more than I do for the same treatment and IMO, it’s not very ethical.

4 – At the same time, the stem cell medical treatments are NOT cheap and they are designed to provide real and measurable outcomes. Again, I know of some doctors who do things very cheaply just so they can get more clients.

I personally don’t like the “cheap” clients because they often refuse to learn how they work in the body.

So I guess you can say I’m somewhere in the middle when it comes to my prices.

But that, combined with my vetting process, allows me to attract clients who will take my advice seriously and do all they can to maximize the health benefits they receive from my treatments.

The RIGHT Types of Stem Cells, Bought From the RIGHT Place, Used the RIGHT Way

Q: You’ve mentioned stem cells quite a lot in the last few questions about how you treat patients. Out of all the advanced and experimental treatments you could offer patients, what do you find most attractive about stem cells? 

A: Stem cells are just the very start of what will come in the future. They are a big part of regenerative medicine, but even the concept itself will eventually be phased out.

See, I believe the real “ultimate” goal of regenerative medicine is to transition towards an era of reprogramming.

An era where we can directly edit genes and then synthesize proteins that will repair human DNA.

An age where treating disease will become secondary to increasing lifespan because bodily degeneration will become closer to being fully solved.

But until that time comes around, we work with the most advanced biotechnology tools we have.

Stem cells can help us treat chronic/autoimmune diseases instead of just controlling them to the point where patients do not improve their current condition.

Believe it or not, the breakthroughs we’ve achieved with stem cells so far are a big reason why I switched from surgery to regenerative medicine.

Q: If that’s true, then what explains all the backlash and controversy that stem cell treatments have received? What happens to the doctors in the USA who want to use them but get shut down by the FDA and other regulatory agencies? Is there a greater conspiracy to stop Americans from having access to life-saving treatments? 

A: As much as I have my own gripes with the modern pharmaceutical industry, the major issue with stem cell use in the United States is very straightforward.

It comes down to non-ethical practitioners attempting to make a profitable business out of stem cell research by making unprovable and exaggerated claims.

On top of making promises to patients they could not keep, their websites and marketing materials would claim that stem cells could completely cure certain diseases with zero side effects whatsoever.

This has been a big problem for the field of stem cell therapy since the 2000s, and even the FDA has had to step in numerous times (here and here) to stop predatory behavior around deliberate misinformation regarding what stem cells can and cannot do.

The two most important things in regenerative medicine for any treatment are the following:

  1. Robust scientific evidence demonstrating a clear positive effect
  2. An absence of major negative side effects (i.e. do no harm).

Many regenerative medicine practitioners who eventually get caught red-handed try to skip one of these two things, and make promises to patients they can’t keep… putting them in a situation where they can’t defend themselves if something bad happens to a patient.

Over-excitement does not absolve a doctor from having to make ethical claims.

If you’re serious about making money with stem cells, which I fully support, you have to prove your methods are safe and achievable for the vast majority of your patients.

All that being said, a lot of the patients who need these experimental treatments often have nothing else to lose because they’ve literally “tried it all”.

Or at least what their finances will allow.

These patients have the right and freedom to choose what goes in their bodies.

Q: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re doing everything by the book. What’s your trade secret to success with stem cell therapy where so many other clinics and practitioners fail?

In the six years I’ve been running RegenerAge clinic, I have treated thousands patients and performed over 48,000 procedures with zero side effects.

It all comes down to sourcing.

Specifically, our clinic uses mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) taken directly from umbilical cord matrix (a.k.a. Wharton’s Jelly), which is donated from healthy American women who had full-term births or C-sections in accordance with strict FDA guidelines.

There is a reason why we continue to use MSCs as part of our stem cell treatments:

“HUC-MSCs [Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells] are self-renewing and multipotent. They can continuously proliferate and differentiate under specific conditions into one or more cell types that constitute human tissues and organs.

They affect immune responses and can be easily harvested, separated, cultured, expanded, and purified. HUC-MSCs retain the stemness after multiple passages and expansion. The surface antigens of HUC-MSCs are not prominent, the rejection of transplanted cells is insignificant, and the matching requirements are not strict, facilitating their use in allografts”

Not to mention the “jelly” itself contains numerous other compounds to aid in the regeneration process:

“There are numerous growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and extracellular vesicles present in the Wharton’s jelly formulation analyzed. The amount of these factors in Wharton’s jelly is higher compared with other biologics and may play a role in reducing inflammation and pain and augment healing of musculoskeletal injuries.”

So on top of repairing damaged cells and regenerating tissues, we can aid the overall healing process through strengthening the immune system and lowering stress.

Because remember what I said earlier in our interview: The two main mechanisms of bodily damage are systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.

As of right now, these are literally the best type of stem cells your money can buy.

All the moms who selflessly donate the placenta and umbilical cord tissues are the true heroes who allow us to even offer stem cell treatments at all!

Q: How are you able to get these stem cells produced and distributed in Mexico? There has to be some brutally competitive process where less than a dozen or so clinics are able to even reasonably afford, let alone access them.

A: Here’s the harsh truth.

While Mexico has multiple practitioners offering stem cell therapies, the biotech in our country is significantly less powerful and advanced compared to what’s available in the United States (for obvious reasons).

So what most Mexican practitioners do use end up using adipose-derived MSCs (AD-MSCs).

They’ll end up paying plastic surgeons to bring in the fat they extracted from liposuction surgery done on patients whose health status and history of chronic disease are unknown to the buyer.

It’s not the purest and most powerful material. based on my experience, Wharton’s Jelly is indisputably the best source for MSCs.

Additionally, isolation of MSCs from the umbilical cord isn’t regulated in Mexico.

It’s not legal for you to just buy placentas from anywhere you like in the country to get your stem cells.

For this reason, practitioners can’t claim that Mexican biotech is being used for the patients’ stem cell protocols.

To sum up, our clinic ONLY sources certified American materials for our MSCs – as mentioned earlier – and this isn’t going to change.

And since we’re not fighting against the FDA or the Mexican government, we are able to provide this quality of treatment to our patients.

Who Are Stem Cells For, And What Can They Do? 

Q: Since the majority of my readers are already in excellent health, I’ll cut straight to the point. What should one reasonably expect from your stem cell therapies if they are fully optimized and don’t have any lingering health concerns? 

A: If you aren’t treating any pathology, our stem cell treatments should be seen as a premium investment into your health.

Yet as your readers already know, they singlehandedly cannot outdo a high-inflammation lifestyle (eating processed foods, high stress, no exercise, etc.).

You definitely want to get some blood labs done before taking stem cells to get a baseline of your critical biomarkers, and then get your blood labs done six months later to see if any difference was made.

However, I advised ALL patients to avoid exercising 72 hours before getting stem cell treatment and 72 hours after getting stem cell treatment.

Natural inflammation happens in the muscles as part of the post-workout recovery process, and the stem cells will disproportionately get attracted there.

Overall, you can think of stem cells as a preventative process that helps you get a head start on keeping bodily inflammation low into your older years.

Anyone who is in this camp knows they’re not getting the super-serum from a Marvel comic book responsible for the creation of Captain America!

Q: Going off your recommendations, how often should healthy people be taking these stem cell treatments? At what age should they start using them as a preventative measure? 

A: Once you are in your mid-30s, I would recommend once-a-year treatments and nothing longer than 18 months between treatments.

After the age of 36 is when our natural production of human growth hormone starts to go down with each passing year.

Aging will also appear in your skin and you’ll start to feel it in your joints.

If you put off stem cell treatments for too long, you speed up the process of oxidative stress and inflammation can start to take over.

Sure, you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and it will definitely help a lot.

But to refresh your cellular activity, you’d better inject some fresh cells to give you the boost you need for repairing damaged tissues.

Q: Let’s close out the interview by helping out people who are in poor health and desperately need something effective. What types of conditions do you end up treating? 

A: If you look at the comprehensive list of conditions the RegenerAge Clinic is experienced in treating, you’ll notice our treatment options fall in two categories.

The first category is “Anti-Aging”, which encompasses facial rejuvenation for a youthful appearance, penis/vagina rejuvenation for enhanced sexual performance, arthrosis (wear and tear of joint cartilage), and other advanced protocols for overall longevity.

These conditions are commonplace among the healthy people we were just talking about, and you can see an example below:

The second category, and the one I’m most passionate about, are the “No Option” treatments.

On our website, we talk about these treatments and how they are designed for medically vulnerable patients who have literally exhausted all conventional treatment routes without any success:

“A ‘No Option’ patient either has a terminal medical condition or can’t get treatment for their condition. REGENERAGE® offers people with no treatment options access to promising, cutting-edge treatments to restore health and hope.

The bio-medical industry can leave patients very vulnerable when they run out of treatment options. It is hard to find a way into clinical trials if the person is already sick. There are not enough people who are part of these clinical trials. This is because they do not have any other options. REGENERAGE® offers hope to people with no other options for treatment.”

It’s very sad to see this, especially in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis where the best you can do is symptom management.

And with metabolic disorders like diabetes, once certain genes have been triggered by epigenetic factors, there’s no way to go back.

So the next best thing you can do is to (hopefully) prevent the inflammation that a particular pathology causes to your entire system.

Q: I’m sure you have numerous disease states you could walk me through, but let’s focus on just one for brevity’s sake. Anything you find more interesting than others?

A: While I mentioned penis rejuvenation for healthy people, I also run to the occasional “no option” patient who suffers from seemingly untreatable erectile dysfunction (ED).

By and far, the most difficult ED patients to treat are those who suffer from chronic diabetes:

“Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 34% to 45% of men with diabetes and has been demonstrated to negatively impact the quality of life among those affected across all age strata, with a greater impact on those with permanent—rather than intermittent—ED “

“…ED as a marker of potential cardiovascular (CV) events has been reported by numerous investigators. In fact, ED has been shown to be significantly associated with all-cause mortality and CV events. Diabetic retinopathy has been shown to correlate with the presence of ED”

And if you happen to have chronic renal failure (sometimes due to a kidney transplant gone wrong), good freaking luck:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition among male chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. Its prevalence is estimated to be approximately 80% among these patients.

…The etiology of ED in CKD patients is multifactorial. Factors including abnormalities in gonadal-pituitary system, disturbance in autonomic nervous system, endothelial dysfunction, anemia (and erythropoietin deficiency), secondary hyperparathyroidism, drugs, zinc deficiency, and psychological problems are implicated in the occurrence of ED.”

Put the two together and you’re a goner in the world of allopathic medicine.

In my experience, Viagra and Cialis won’t help these poor souls.

Fortunately, I am currently conducting trials in Mexico with a small cohort of 30 individuals who are suffering from hard-to-treat ED for the reasons mentioned above.

And the treatment I am using to treat these patients is called “The I-GUANA Shot”.

I’ve written an entire published paper outlining how the 15-minute treatment is administered, but the main takeaway points can be found below:

“A single dose of intra-cavernous application of umbilical cord tissue derivate Mesenchymal Stem Cells scaffold as therapy for Erectile Dysfunction once or twice a year may improve the quality of erection for healthy patients and also for those mentioned under certain clinical conditions.

At REGENERAGE® we use our state of the art BioActivated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (expanded and cultured with our patented and unique polypeptide Bioquantine®) giving a boost to the effects on each one of our protocols, being the ED one of the most innovative of its kind in the world.

…The outcome will be noticeable from 8 days up to 24 days after the application and the benefit may last from 6 up to 12 months. PENILE REJUVENATION with THE I-GUANA SHOT® stimulates new tissue growth and blood supply, resulting in improved, firmer and larger erections.

…In this instance, growth factors communicate with the cells responsible for cell turnover, rejuvenating damaged and aged tissue.”

Ideally, the trial will prove my treatment to be safe and effective for the patients.

In which case I’ll have something of great value to offer to any “No option” patient who wants to improve his sex life.

CONCLUSION: Get Connected With RegenerAge Clinic Today!

Q: Dr. Osorio, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and do this interview with me! I see a lot of potential in what you offer for myself and my entire reader base. 

A: Don’t mention it. For many of you readers, I imagine they can set themselves up on a nice week-long vacation where just 1-2 days are spent in my clinic receiving treatment.

I can’t tell you how many people like you I’ve seen coming to Mexico from all over the world for an extended vacation, sometimes even becoming permanent residents.

The beautiful weather, the generous people, the rich culture, and the lack of crime have made Cancun an extremely attractive place for people from all walks of life.

Whether you are in pristine or poor health, the regenerative stem cell treatments offered by my clinic can help you go from who you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Q: I’ll end with a direct call to action. How does somebody contact you to get started and see if stem cell treatments are right for them? Where can they learn more about who you are and what you do? 

A: Click here to go to my contact page and put in your information.

Once that’s done, myself or someone from my clinic will call you for the initial phone consultation.

If you’re the right fit for stem cell therapy, we’ll have a deeper telemedicine conversation and discuss the specifics of your treatment options.

The best way to learn more about who I am and what I do is through the official RegenerAge Clinic website.

It’s a brand-new website that keeps getting updated with content, so keep checking back for any recent developments.

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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