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The Torture of 8 Years Suffering with Low Testosterone

This is the unsettling story of a 39 year old (otherwise normal and healthy) male who suffered with low testosterone for 8 years before finally reaching out to me about 4 months ago.

DOCTOR #1 – 2008

At age 31, I started feeling run down, low energy, and brain fog.  I did not know these were the issues.  It just felt like I wasn’t me anymore. I felt bad all the time. We made an appointment with my local doctor.  My doctor did no blood work.  We talked and he diagnosed me as “depressed.”  I remember telling the doctor, “I have nothing to be depressed about.  I have a loving wife, two healthy kids, own my own business and have lots of friends.  Why would I be depressed?”  

TRT Revolution-Wellbutrin-is-not-the-Answer The doctor explained that people get depressed as a we get older and it was a chemical imbalance and nothing to be ashamed of.  The doctor was a man about 40 or so.  He was very understanding.  He gave me an anti-depressant called Wellbutrin.  Just wanting to feel better, I took the Wellbutrin.  In a month I had sexual dysfunction and the doctor gave me viagra.  After about 6-7 weeks of being on Wellbutrin, I felt like a zombie.  I threw them out and quit taking them.

DOCTOR #2 – 2008

 Later in 2008, I went back in to my local doctors office.  The doctor was in his mid 30’s.  An Asian guy with a strong accent.  I told him I still felt really bad and wanted to look at something else.  The doctor said I was a normal healthy guy and maybe I needed to talk to a psychologist.  I remember thinking why would he suggest this to me?  He also said I could try Prozac to help me feel better.  I wanted to feel better so I took the script for Prozac.  I started taking it and again felt like a zombie.  The worst sexual side effect was the inability to have an orgasm.  I could have sex for an hour with my wife and could not have an organism.  I made it about 30 days on Prozac and then threw it out. I quit.

DOCTOR #3 – 2009

In 2009, I was feeling pretty weird.  No energy.  I felt really bad.  I had gained about 20-25 pounds in the last 2 years.  I went back to my local doctors office and got a new doctor.  He was probably in his mid 50’s.  He looked at my chart and ordered blood work.  I know he did not order testosterone or estrogen.  He suggested I might have a mood disorder.  He suggested I try a Mood Balancer.  I told him there was nothing wrong with my mood and I did not think I was depressed.  The doctor told me that all my symptoms showed depression.  He wanted to try this mood balancing drug.  I don’t remember the name.  He prescribed it to me.  I got the prescription.  I probably took it for 2 days and then had 2nd thoughts.  I was fucking sick of these horrendous anti-depressants.  I threw them out.  


I quit going to doctors about my problems.  Being told you are depressed when you know you are not depressed, got really old.  The next couple years I gained a lot of weight-most of which was body fat.  

I was 205 in 2007.  Between 2007 and 2015 I gained 70 pounds,  In 2015, at my highest weight-I was 275 POUNDS!

DOCTOR #4 – 2011

I thought my weight gain was the #1 issue for why I felt so bad.  I went to a weight loss doctor.  A real MD.  She was in her 50’s, great shape and seemed super sharp.  Better than all the other doctors.  She ran blood tests, again no testosterone test.  I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and super high triglycerides.  

She told me when I got my weight down, I would feel better.  She put me on a low carb diet.  It was really tough. I had to track every calorie including drinks and condiments.  To help, me she put me on an appetite suppressant called Phentermine. It was amazing. It was like being on speed.  he only challenge is when you came down, you crashed.  I also experienced some rage. I would scream at my wife and kids.  

It felt like I was out of control  I did this for about 3 months and lost some weight.  The doctor was nice and I told her I did not think being on this drug would be a life I could lead.  Her low carb diet was great and actually I felt great on it.

2011- 2015: Viagra.  

trt-revolution-you-dont-need-viagra-to-correct-low-testosterone I was so embarrassed and sick of going to doctors.  It was embarrassing to get a prescription for Viagra from my local drug store.  I started ordering it on the black market from India.  It was a nightmare.  Some of it was good.  Some of it barely worked.  I wondered what was actually in most of it.  But it was less embarrassing than going to my local pharmacy and picking it up.

DOCTOR #5 – 2012

 I went to another doctor probably in 2012, presenting with the same old symptoms and also Erectile Dysfunction.  I noticed I had lost my zest for life, I had a massive lack of confidence, anxiety, and serious sexual issues.  The new doctor was a man in his early 40’s. He was sympathetic and suggested I lose 20 pounds and work on my BMI.  He pulled no blood.  No test for low T.  He gave me a prescription for Viagra.  My new best friend.  I was resolved to lose weight and improve how I’m feeling.

DOCTOR #6 2013 

I met with a new doctor and told him I had been reading on the internet and thought I had low testosterone.  The doctor was in his late 40’s and male. He told me I was too young to have low T and explained to me all the reasons why I had normal testosterone. He gave me a 5 minute talk about male hormones.  

trt-revolution-dont-always-trust-your-doctor He told me that because I had fathered children, could have an organism and was able to lift weights, I COULD NOT have low T.  

He told me he would look at low T if I was over 50. His advice was to eat more salad, get to a healthy BMI and look at exercising more.

2013 – The GYM

I was around 260-265 pounds,  I decided to go to the gym.  We got up at 4:30 AM and went to the gym from 5 AM to 6:30 AM.  I did cardio for 45 minutes and lifted weights for 45 minutes.  I lifted heavy.  I read you could raise your Testosterone by lifting heavy and I suspected my T was low.  I was in the gym 6 days a week.  Like a pro.  I was fucking exhausted all day.  But I put my mind to it.  I noticed I was not making gains.  My wife said I looked bigger and more muscular.  But I knew the gains were very minimal.  I did not feel better.  I felt like it was all for nothing.  I wasn’t gaining muscle, getting cut and I still felt like shit.

DOCTOR #7 – 2014

Went to another doctor several towns over who listed he specialized in “men’s health.”  He was a huge guy a former college football lineman for a Pac 12 University.  I had been reading on the internet about Low T.  Just googling my symptoms.  I felt there was a good chance I had low testosterone.  I mentioned to him I felt what I was experiencing was LOW T.  Again, this doctor told me there was no way I had Low T.  He said I was too young.  I just needed to lose some weight.

I pushed this guy.  I told him I had been hearing about losing 10 pounds for years.  I wanted a damn blood test.  He again told me that if I had Low T I wouldn’t be able to father two children. I told him I would pay cash right now for it.  Don’t put it on my insurance.  He finally relented.  They did a blood draw.  I set a follow up appt for a week later.

The doctor told me my blood test was in and it showed LOW T.  My level was 249 ng/dl.  Which is like a 90 year old man.  He told me the level was “just a little low.”  He said to get me up to the 300 range, he suggested I lose 10 pounds, eat healthier and go to the gym.  I REFUSED.  I told the Doctor I wanted to get on TRT.  I had been dealing with low testosterone for too long.  He could see I was desperate and sick of this. He said he would put me on TRT.  Remember, I went to a MEN’S HEALTH EXPERT.

He put me on testosterone cream from a compound pharmacy across the street.  He told me to start immediately and call him in 2 weeks.  I started the next day.  In two weeks, felt nothing.  I called the doctor and he told me to double the dosage.  In two weeks time, my penis and testicles shriveled up to nothing.  I looked like a 7 year old boy.  It was brutal.  I was embarrassed for my wife to even see me.  I did feel better in other areas of my life. 

 I met the with Doctor and told him my symptoms.  Remember, he was a MEN’s HEALTH Specialist.  


He told me my shrinking testicles and penis were a side effect.

If I wanted to feel better, I would have to deal with it.  

So now I decided that losing weight would raise my Testosterone.  I read weight loss improved low testosterone.  For 4 months, I ate 500-1,000 calories.  1 egg and 1/2 slice of toast for breakfast. Soup for lunch, lettuce and maybe 3 ounces of fish for dinner. 1 protein shake.  I lost over 50 pounds in 4 months.  Obviously, this did not raise my testosterone.  I thought it would but failed.

Fall of 2015 to July 2016

For some reason, things got super bad for me in the fall of 2015.  Getting out of bed was really tough.  My mood was depressed.  I felt like shit.  I had zero sex drive.  I couldn’t read a book, watch a movie, I could barely function.  The only thing I could do is watch TV in my bedroom alone.  I was in very bad shape.  

The only things that made me feel good were alcohol and eating sugar. I lost hope.

Dealing with this and living with it were too much for me.  I thought about hanging myself every day.  

The only thing that stopped me was I knew I had Low Testosterone.  It wasn’t me.  It was the Low T.  I have a great life, a wonderful wife and healthy kids. I had to fight this and get better. I just didn’t know how.  

In February 2016, I went in for a new Testosterone test. I was sure with the weight loss and improved health, it would have to be above 500. The Doctor did a blood draw and it was still 245 ng/dl.  I had LOW T.

2016 –  I started a Low T Diet I had read about on the internet.  And lifting heavy weights again.  I did this for 60 days as it said to, no change in T levels.

DOCTOR #8 – 2016

I found another doctor. Showed him my labs.  Asked him to give me a referral.  He was a male doctor in his early 60’s.  He said he would give me a referral to a endocrinologist.  

He looked at my T-Level and said with a straight face, “You are just a little low.  You need to eat a more plant based diet and lose 10-15 pounds. He suggested walking 30 minutes more a day.  This will raise you up to the normal level.”

 After he said that, I did not want a referral to anyone he was working with.

DOCTOR #9 “The Naturopath” 2106

I felt maybe there was a diet or herbal fix to my low T.  I researched naturopathic doctors and found a lady ND.  She was in her early 50’s and in great shape.  She rejected my several blood tests for Low T.  She would only do at home saliva tests.  That was the only way to measure Free T.  The key she said! Her first step was to order a full blood panel.  Then an at home saliva test for Low T.  

Then she had me do a 10 day detox.  It was similar to hell.  Drinking horrible boxed drinks and throwing up. Taking pills and then having diarrhea for hours.  It was not something I would wish on my worst enemy. She also gave me herbal pills for sleep. They actually worked great.

TRT-Revolution-Research-Naturopathic-Doctors My first Testosterone test came back and showed I had high testosterone.  I thought she was a nut.  She decided to give me another at home saliva test.  This 2nd test showed I was low normal.  Again, I was getting skeptical. The ND decided to put me on “Bio Identical Testosterone.” She told me testosterone was synthetic and would harm me.  She said Bio Identical was the future and everyone of her patients on it was feeling great and doing great.  

Hell, I wanted to feel great too. She put me on hCG nasal sprays. I thought I felt better. She did another saliva test and still low normal results. She then put me on Testosterone Cream with Progesterone added in.  She said the progesterone would control the testosterone.

The hCG would stop the severe genital shrinkage I had before. I was also instructed to shave the area around my anus.  And apply the cream there every day early in the morning.  To add insult to injury.  It was awful. After 30 days, I felt no different and was getting suspicious.  I went back to the Men��s Health Specialist and he pulled my blood.

To my shock, the Naturopathic Doctor had LOWERED my testosterone.  I felt like a sucker she had stolen $1,000 from.

At my wits end and seemingly running out of hope, I contacted Jay Campbell and TRT Revolution.

After speaking with him for about 30 minutes (and telling him intimate details of my sad and sordid story) he put me in touch with Checkd and Dr. Aaron Grossman.

The best part about speaking with Jay was how unaffected he was listening to my story and how he made it seem it was an everyday occurrence in his conversations with other men experiencing similar nightmares.

He also very confidently told me he could get me back to optimal health within a couple of months. Based on my previous experiences, my doubts were significant. In fact, I truly thought he was full of shit especially considering everything I had gone thru the previous 7.5 years.

Fast forward 4 months to today and and it’s hard to imagine I would feel like the man I do at this very moment.

My confidence, my masculinity and my zest for living has been completely restored. Shit, I feel like Superman. My energy is boundless and my sex drive is amazing (my penis isn’t shrunken and if anything my erections are the best I’ve ever had).

Final thought:

The only person I was truly honest with about everything I went through was Jay Campbell. I even kept things from my wife. I never talked to my father, uncles, friends or co-workers.  I suffered in silence for years. Jay Campbell was the first person who told me the truth and listened to what I had to say (complaints and anger and all). He was the one person I felt I could be honest with what I had gone through.  

If you are a man who is or has experienced anything like what you just read in my story, stop what you are doing and reach out to Jay Campbell immediately. What the hell do you have to lose?

No man should have to suffer the consequences of low testosterone. I just hope my story is able to stop other men from suffering in silence.


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