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Webinar Brain and Mental Performance Optimization Based on Your DNA with Dr Anthony Jay



Are You On a Quest to Optimize Your Biological Systems? Learn How to Harness Them through the Power of Your DNA!

Do You Want Clear, Actionable Advice on Optimizing Your Brain and Mental Performance based on Your Genetic Code?

Join 3x International Best Selling Author Jay Campbell and Mayo Clinic Researcher and Author of Estrogeneration Dr. Anthony Jay as they present a monthly premium webinar series teaching you how to FULLY OPTIMIZE your health and wellness by understanding your DNA.

Our First Edition will teach you how to optimize your brain and mental performance!

What You’ll Learn:

■ Don’t just guess for Alzheimer’s prevention and save $100’s per year on supplements
■ Learn about “miracle grow for the brain” and how to increase it
■ Discover how your brain deals with stress and hacks to eliminate mental stress
■ Is Resveratrol important for increasing your mental lifespan? Genetics matter.
■ Learn how to improve the length of your telomeres and lifespan
■ Recognize how well your brain deals with carbs
■ Learn How to Clear Your Brain of Heavy Metals

Testimonials for Brain and Mental Performance Optimization based on DNA

The show you did with Anthony Jay was awesome, I had my DNA done and sent to Anthony with a consultation scheduled for July. I can’t wait to talk to him after listening to the show tonight. I am a super fan of you, your books and podcast series. I’m 51 and trying to get in the best shape of my life and I’m doing it with all your info and panel guests. Started fasting using your book. I never thought I could make a 20-hour fast but now I’m doing it 2 days a week with ease and my body fat has not been this low in 20 years. Thank you for all the info you provide.

—— Joseph DiMarsic

Hi Jay,

The Gene webinar was great, Dr. Jay is a genius. That information is pure gold. Everyone who cares about their health needs to do this, thank you very much.

I just last night asked about telomeres and why mine are short with the lifestyle I live. I was disappointed to learn my Telo years are 59 when I’m 51. I must have that bad gene. Glad to know there is something I can do about it. Dr. Jay is going over my Gene’s in July.

Thank You

—— John Corticelli

Jay…….. the seminar tonight on getting the most from our DNA was fantastic! I had no idea of the “hacks” that can be utilized to defeat things the general population think are inevitable! I have already contacted Dr. Jay on what my next step should be to begin working with him. As usual Jay….you are on the bleeding edge of Optimization!!!

—— Todd Wilkerson


I just want to thank you for the great podcast. I suffer from several bad genes and have been doing interventions e.g., taking large doses of DHA for several years as Anthony Jay suggests and you as well. But the confirmation that this is the major intervention that has shown results is unbelievably important to my outlook as I approach my 70s. I use SelfDecode to analyze my genome which made me aware of many defects but unclear on interventions. I knew I had the less troubling APOE 3/4 defect, late-onset Alzheimer’s, but the DHA intervention was just a guess on my part. I know there is much more in my gene/brain profile that Anthony Jay can help me with. I just requested a consultation with him and I am so looking forward to putting my understanding of how my body and brain work on more solid ground with actionable information and depth of knowledge.

Again, a big thank you for improving my life once again!

Best regards,

—— Steven Hales

The webinar produced by Jay and Anthony is a wealth of knowledge with regards to DNA and what anyone can do to improve their health and performance with a degree of time investment and a small amount of money. Anthony is giving away his trade secrets in this video making it possible for anyone to get most of the information a DNA Consultation will provide. I can hardly wait for the future webinars covering other topics. I feel that it was well worth my time and investment. I have been interested in the Optimized Forever premium group for quite a while but joined with a 3-month commitment last weekend because of the announcement of Anthony Jay’s involvement and future webinars. I feel that the consultation cost and group membership costs are the best financial health investments I have made this year. And despite having learned trade secrets of how to do my own DNA analysis, I will schedule my wife for a consultation asap so that she is able to address her own unique DNA/health concerns immediately and have Anthony help filter the best info to the top in the least amount of time. I am sure that I will feel the money invested into her health will be of great value also.

I have elected to keep my identity private with respect to the nature of information shared and how I feel about my family’s privacy.

Due to the nature of the product, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this purchase unless you experience an ACT OF GOD that requires me in good conscience to refund you.

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