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Fat Loss Links

How to Lose Bodyfat in the Fastest Most Efficient Way Possible, with Alexander Cortes.
Listen here. (2 hours)

How to Use the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet to Get a Super Lean Body.
Listen here. (8 mins)

 Nutritional Restriction & Metabolic Flexibility, with Stan Efferding.
Listen here. (1 hour)

 The Connection between the Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Flexibility, with Ben Azadi.
Listen here. (44 mins)

 Metabolic Blowtorch Diet: The Benefits of Fasting for Longer Periods, with Daniel Kelly.
Listen here. (27 mins)

 Systems for IF, Ketogenic Dieting & Metabolic Disease, with Brett Osborn.
Listen here. (35 mins)

 Effective Nutrition, Food Sensitivity and Ketogenic Dieting, with Paul Burgess.
Listen here. (1hr 10 mins)

How to get Ripped, with Richard Cooper
Listen here. (42 mins)

If you want specific and detailed instructions on how to lose fat, do intermittent fasting safely, retain muscle while fasting and stay lean throughout the year, just like how I am even at the age of 51…

 then you must checkout my popular, evergreen books Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and Guaranteed Shredded.

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