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Benefits of TOT on Dealing with Obesity and Improving Your Health


Obesity is a significant health problem in the US. Over 220 million (70%) citizens are either obese or overweight according to the CDC, with 38% of men having been affected. Obese men face significant health risks that can lead to cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome disorders, diabetes, decreased sexual performance, infertility, and other health problems. We all know the reasons behind this – a poor diet and lack of exercise are slowly killing us. However, recent medical breakthroughs have suggested that increasing the level of testosterone (with diet and exercise) helps men reduce body fat to improve overall health. And since Testosterone Optimization Treatment (TOT) is at the forefront of these treatments, it is worth taking a look at its benefits as a solution to obesity.

Effects of TOT on Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Testosterone levels are lower in men with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. Recent studies reveal that TOT in men with type 2 diabetes is beneficial to decreasing insulin resistance and lowering visceral body fat, both of which play a crucial role in cardiovascular disease. TOT has also been proven to increase lean body mass (LBM), reduce fat mass, waist circumference and the body mass index (BMI) which causes sustained and significant weight loss. That’s why TOT in obese men with low levels of testosterone is a unique and effective therapeutic approach to managing obesity.

The first thing men with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome should measure is their testosterone levels. If testosterone levels were found to be low or low-normal, a well-designed TOT protocol (along with a proper diet and exercise routine) is a reasonable strategy for optimizing health. Dr. Rob Kominiarek, an experienced medical professional, specializing in physical fitness, loves using transdermal testosterone delivery systems to treat obese men suffering from metabolic disorder and insulin resistance. He uses it to drive up DHT levels to improve sexual function.

The Connection Between Aromatase, Estrogen, and Obesity

Aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen, is more abundant in fat tissue. The higher your body fat percentage, the more aromatase enzymes you have floating around. You are also more likely to convert supplemental testosterone into estrogen (estradiol, E2.) The conversion happens more often in stubborn body fat deposit areas, which contain specific stubborn fat receptor cells with reduced blood flow. It includes fat tissue found in the love handles, chest, and upper and lower back areas.

The hypogonadal-obesity cycle – a role of aromatase in modulating testosterone-estradiol shunts – is another major factor in the genesis of morbid obesity. In other words, the higher your body fat percentage, the more likely you are to take on the adverse effects of estrogen. They include poor erectile strength, moodiness, water retention, and increased fat deposition.

For men with high body fat percentages who are starting TOT, it may be prudent to use a minimum effective dose of an AI medication to minimize estrogen-induced side effects. However, this is only a temporary solution, due to the potential damage to HDL and bone mineral density that AI medication can cause.

The Bottom Line

A combination of TOT, quality diet, and regular exercise is an ideal solution for losing weight and improving health. Before you start the treatment; always discuss it with your physician. Monitor sensitive E2 levels and prioritize losing body fat while undergoing TOT. To find out more about testosterone optimization and how it can help you lose weight and live a healthier, more fulfilling life, get your copy of The TOT Bible today.


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