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Fat is Bad, Carbs are Bad, Protein is Bad, and Listening To The Media is BADDEST


If you follow what popular media has to say about diet, you are likely continuously confused about what is healthy and not healthy.

At given times, there have been “studies” released which seemingly demonize every single conceivable food.

Fat was considered unhealthy for years, but then it wasn’t.

Carbohydrates were considered the base of a healthy diet for decades, now the USA is massively obese.

People ate bread for thousands of years, but not gluten is the devil incarnate.

Fruit has sugar in it and sugar is BAD, diet soda supposedly makes you dumber, and steak causes cancer.

So which of these things are true?

None of them.

Fucking none of them.

How can that be? So what is true then?

What is true is that diet, and health effects of diet, they are all CONTEXT specific.

What is true is that studies are NOT knowledge or “truth” they are experiments that produce outcomes, and these outcomes may have clues, not TRUTH.

What is true is that there is no such thing as “universal human diet” at all, and that the very belief in one is fundamentally flawed.

What is true is that ANY macronutrient in excessive amounts can cause negative health effects, and specifically how much varies from person to person and situation to situation.

What is true is that Science is NOT about finding “absolute” truth at all, it is a process of studying phenomena to observe patterns and relationships, and any knowledge from it is not absolute either, but based upon the strength of patterns.

What is true is that carbohydrates CAN be healthy, and entirely necessary for health. Same for fat, same for protein.

What is “true” is that media operates on the basis of outrage, fear, and sensationalism, and that looking to the media for truth is akin to looking for ice in the desert.

You are not going to find any

What about diet books though?

THIS diet book said wheat will kill you.

THAT diet book said protein will kill you.

ANOTHER diet book said sugar gives you Komodo Dragon Brain AIDS and then you die.

Aren’t they true?

No. No they are not.

Without fail, every popular, holy grail, I-have-found-the-answer diet book that has been published, they all have done the following

  • Cherry picked evidence
  • Used red herring and straw man arguments
  • Absolutely lied with statistics
  • Use constant affirming the consequent arguments
  • Presented false yes/no either/or dilemmas
  • Used circular logic

And so on and so forth.


The irony is that they are almost always written by doctors or PhDs, who I will readily say are lying out the side of their mouth, and/or are so wrapped up in their own dogmatic superiority that they cannot conceptualize being wrong about anything.

So whats a person to do?

A few things

  1. Question everything
  2. Don’t rely on the media for your diet advice
  3. Understand that human health is predicated on the principles of BIOLOGY
  4. Study your own health and take responsibility for it
  5. Don’t waste money on magic diet books

If you want a 101 breakdown of nutrition, the Metabolism Primer and Muscle Gain nutrition would be excellent reads.

Don/t fall for bullshit, because almost everything you hear about food is bullshit.


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