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The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet is Now Available


Jim Brown and I are super excited to announce the launch of our revolutionary new lifestyle book, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet aka the MBTD.

Grab your copy on Amazon.


This is the diet Jim and I formulated to empower you: _to burn fat _preserve muscle _enhance focus ..and TRANSFORM your health. We created it as an inner circle diet 5 years ago, and then realized it had the potential to help millions of people. This is truly the most effective weight loss book on the market. We break intermittent fasting down so it’s dead simple to apply to your individual lifestyle today. But the book contains MUCH more than just the most efficient fat loss lifestyle program on the planet. The MBTD is power packed with the latest information on

  • Using Metformin
  • Forged Training (includes 2 custom training Forged variants for Max Fat Loss and Max Muscle Preservation)
  • Maximizing BDNF
  • Cutting Edge Medications and Supplements
  • Custom Eating Schedules for Men and Women of all body types and sizes.

We break it all down for you so it’s simple to apply to your individual lifestyle right away. So far the feedback we’ve gotten from people using the pre-release version is that it’s AMAZING! Here is one user’s results after 8 weeks on the diet.


Here is a deep review of the book left by a Twitter follower. Daniel Kelly also wrote an excellent article on how he annihilated fat using the diet.
To celebrate the launch, we’re making an exclusive offer to readers of FabFitOver40. If you me a leave a 5 STAR REVIEW  of the MBTB by Friday Midnight PST (emailing me the screenshot of the posted review ([email protected]) I’ll personally send you 2 AMAZING GIFTS!

  • The Caloric Converter (killer and expensive software that programs your calories for both Fasting and Training days)
  • An exclusive invitation to a LIVE GROUP Webinar with Jim Brown and I offering you a QUICK START GUIDE and all our insider tips, tricks and tactics to radically improve MBTD results

If you’re going to use this diet (THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT), and you’ve been suffering with weight issues -you’ll want these gifts! Please make sure your review is 3 sentences or more and describes how the MBTD is helping you in your individual experience. Your 5 STAR review will help us spread the word of the MBTD to millions of people looking to lose body fat and end the never-ending yo-yo weight loss cycle for good. Please join our FREE Facebook Group where we’ll be launching a contest for those willing to share their MBTD success stories. PS. You can get the paperback version of the MBTD FREE(just pay shipping)from TRT Revolution *REMEMBER* 

Midnight PST is the FINAL DEADLINE to leave your 5 STAR REVIEW and get the 2 Bonus Gifts. No exceptions.


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