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7 Reasons Why You Should Train The Forged Way

Forged Training Program Intensity

The Forged training program is the brainchild of Jim Brown. It is the culmination of decades of hard-won experience in the trenches. This is Mike Mentzer, Dante Trudel and Dorian Yates all rolled into one. But you don’t need to be Mr.Olympia to get a top class physique using this program. However, the intensity and sheer of will needed to train the Forged way is enough to make any weekend warrior quiver at the knees!  . In this article you’ll learn why the Forged training program works so well and why you need to try it.

1. It’s Brutally Effective

There are few programs around that are as potent as Forged. Although training to positive failure is brutal and not for the faint-hearted. It’s not like a typical training program where you go through the motions, do your 3×8 and go home. If you don’t work your muscles to true positive failure then you’re leaving money on the table. With Forged you need to show up and bring your A game every time. And if you’re willing to go the distance you will get exceptional results. Forged Training Program Intensity

2. It’s Kind on Your Joints

Some people may question whether going to positive failure is hard on your joints. With such training intensityThis is a valid concern and there are two things to note here. The thing is, on the Forged Training program you train with a minimum of 20 reps and maximum of 30 on most exercises. Therefore, you’re not going to be using a weight that  strains your joints. And an often overlooked aspect of training is longevity. The aim is that you can be in the gym and lift for the rest of your life. So if you’re in it for the long haul, it’s crucial to look after your joints so they continue to serve you. This is why Forged has been programmed so intelligently.

3. Less Is More

With Forged Training you are going to do two sets to positive failure ONLY. There may be times where you will want to do breathing sets or rest paused training. Note I said POSITIVE FAILURE! Not total failure or assisted negatives. But trust me when I say two sets is all you need on this program: Anything more is is just counter-productive. In order for you to grasp this concept fully, I’ll offer an excerpt from one of the bodybuilding bibles – High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way:

Any exercise carried on beyond the least amount required to stimulate an optimal increase is not merely a waste of effort, it is actually highly counterproductive… [when you train] you are utilizing biochemical resources that must be replaced, and the more you use the more that must be replaced.

In other words, training beyond what’s necessary to build muscle just cuts into recovery. Along with Arthur Jones, Mentzer was one of the Godfathers of High Intensity Training. He understood properly the principle of recovery in an industry where there is a tremendous amount of pressure to constantly do more. When guys want to see results in the gym they default to more volume, but with the Forged Training program less is more. You need to allow your body time to recover properly else you will not see the results. It may seem counter-intuitive at first

4. Sense of Accomplishment

Forged training is results-oriented: This is not a program where you can be a passenger and get results. In order to make progress, and ultimately build muscle, you’re encouraged to keep a log book. Either you write it down old school or keep it on an app. If you’re not used to logging your workouts then you’re leaving money on the table. However, logging workouts is not just something for the anally retentive. If you think you don’t need a workout log and can remember what you did in the gym last week, try remembering what you had for dinner 7 days ago. Pretty tough right?So how do you hope to make any meaningful progress in the gym if you don’t track it? I’m guessing if you’re reading this you care about your results. And logging your training gets results. Nevertheless, the point here isn’t is to extol the virtues of a training log. It’s about the sense of accomplishment it gives you see how far you’ve come. It’s a compounding effect. When you know how much you lifted last week and how many reps you got, it motivates you to keep improving each week. Or as Dante Trudel says, ‘Do you want to drive home knowing your log book kicked your ass?’ JimBrown-ForgedTraining-Biceps

5. It Makes You Scrutinize Your Diet

As Jim Brown says in his seminal post on the 3 Pillars of Fitness and Nutrition, ‘You will never reach your any of your goals without controlling the 3 Pillars of Fitness.’ They are: Nutrition, Training Intensity and Hormones. With the Forged training program the training intensity is OFF THE CHARTS. I mean honestly, you can’t train any harder. And if you’re familiar with Jay Campbell and Jim Brown’s work you should already recognize the importance of testosterone and hormonal optimization. So once you’ve got those in place, the only thing left to look at is your nutrition. And to get the best results on the Forged training program you need to have your nutrition dialled in.Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, the program is exceptional at both. Remember, ‘You can’t out train a bad diet.’ If you’re looking to take your nutrition to the next level, check out the Metabolic Blow Torch Diet.

6. You Discover Your Limits

If you’re new to the concept of training to failure, there’s one thing you’ll come to learn: Your limit is not what you think it is. This is not some cooky motivational speech. What I mean is, when you think you’ve gone to failure – you probably haven’t. Training to true failure means pushing past the pain of your muscles screaming for you to stop and to get one more rep. Or maybe another. It’s when you grind out that extra rep that you discover your limits and see what you’re really made of. And you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Forged Training Program calves
Never skip leg day, especially not calves!

7. Continuous Learning

In my opinion, one of the best things about the Forged training program is having access to a community of like-minded individuals. The Forged program has a private Facebook group that you get access to when you sign up to the program. Forged-Training-FB-Group-Cover This is worth its weight in gold because you get feedback and can clarify any questions you have on your own training. I’ve already had guys help me on things from tweaking my program to advice on healing tennis elbow. This environment in the spirit of encouraging and helping one another only serves to motivate you more and get greater results in the gym!

Final Thoughts

If you’re one of those guys who spends most of his time on his phone in the gym, then this training program is not for you. Similarly, guys who constantly switching programs in the pursuit of a magic bullet will not find anything here. However, if you’re up for the challenge and willing to take your mind and body to the next level, then this is for you. The old school values of greats like Larry Scott and Steve Reeves; dedication, discipline, hard-work and determination will be required for you to succeed on the Forged training program. It’s called Forged because you’re not only sculpting your physique but also your character. Blacksmiths forge incredible swords by the fire of passion under intense heat, blood and sweat. And so it will be with you when you follow the Forged training program. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and doubly so when it comes to growing lean muscle tissue. If you’re ready to take your physique to its best level yet, sign up today!


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