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Forged Training: Exclusive Interview with Jim Brown on his Amazing Weight Lifting Program

When it comes to advice on workouts, my go-to resource is Jim Brown. He has decades of training under his belt and the has scars and world class physique to show for it. Jim is very methodical in his approach to anything. And when I discovered he was bringing out a new training program, I knew he would bring something revolutionary. I’ve been privy to his new Forged training program before it gets released to the public. And all I can say is WOW!

It is absolutely FANTASTIC for building muscle.

In this rare and exclusive interview,  I sat down with Jim to find out more about his revolutionary lifting program which is launching this Friday. Q: Jim, for the people unfamiliar with your new Forged training routine, can you outline how it works and what kind of results people can expect from it? JIM: With Forged training I have condensed over 33 years of bodybuilding experience into one program. There is a lot of noise out there in the bodybuilding industry. And I’ve been at this game long enough to know what works. The best thing about this program: The workouts are extremely customizable, so you can create your own workouts – FOREVER. There are a few rules that form the backbone of Forged.

  • Balancing stimulus with recovery
  • Training to positive failure
  • Adopting the right mindset
  • Beating your log book.

As for results? I have had many success stories and one of my favorites is from a true bad ass. (He will remain anonymous for this interview) If you looked at this guy you’d think he was a superhero. He got his stripes training the old school way, and like me loves to get in the gym and completely destroy himself. Jay Campbell and I earned his trust with our TRT protocols, and after much debate he decided to try Forged. He was initially skeptical, because it was much less volume than he was used to. There was much less wear and tear on his body and joints. And as expected, he gained muscle and strength. Let’s just say now he is one of our biggest champions.   Q: You’ve been in the bodybuilding game for decades – how did you come up with the Forged routine and what were your influences? JIM:  I was always that guy in the gym that would see someone training hard and think, “OK fucker let’s go.” I’d become obsessed with out training them. I honestly thought that’s how I would become the biggest, strongest beast I could. That type of training really fit my mindset and I loved training that way.

I would literally puke 2-3 times a week in the gym. It was really hardcore.

There would be days I would puke in gym and be so sick I couldn’t eat for hours. My legs would be sore for 10 days! My body was responding, but I knew I wasn’t recovering properly and it was not the best way to go about it. I watched the Blood and Guts documentary by Dorian Yates and I decided to cut my training volume down. At that point I was already training to complete [muscle] failure and beyond. But seeing Dorian doing less volume really made me think.

Later I began doing Dante Trudel’s Dogg Crapp (DC) training. DC focused on rest pause training, dynamic stretching [after sets] and the importance of your training log. I was also heavily influenced by a guy named Phil Hernon. Phil said I needed to work my muscles 2 or 3 times a week. You could say my training philosophy really came from those two. After this, I experimented with training to positive failure only and then adjusting volumes. So I was able to work my muscles 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. That’s when I really started getting big and strong.   

Q: The Forged training program is featured in the eagerly anticipated Metabolic Blowtorch Diet book. Why is the Forged program best from a fat loss and muscle maintenance standpoint when dieting? 

JIM: We needed something to allow you to spend minimal time in gym and provide enough stimulus to force your body to adapt. AND on top of that, do it all in as few as days as possible so you can have 2-4 extended fasting days. So following the rules of Forged training – we came up with two examples of workout splits in the book.

Q: The Metabolic Blow Torch Diet involves long fasts, and the Forged protocol requires you to train to positive muscle failure. Some people may be concerned about training to failure when they’ve fasted the day before – is this a valid concern? 

JIM: I am not a fan of training fasted and we don’t recommend it in the book. Admittedly if you train fasted you can perhaps burn more stored fat. But you will burn much more fat on the extended fasting days with the Metabolic Blow Torch Diet. What’s more, training fasted saps your energy and we are trying to minimize muscle loss and in some cases gain. The day after an extended fast I personally find I need 1-2 meals and at least 3 hours before I can train at an intensity that is acceptable to me. Everyone is different, so you might have to experiment to see what works for you. We put this program together based on years of beta testing. For a person wanting to loose body fat, gain or maintain muscle, AND see the benefits of at least 3-4 extended fasts a month – this is the way we have found to be optimal. 

Q: How long should you stick with the same set of exercises with the Forged protocol? 

JIM: I recommend you stick to the same movements and order of them as long as you are progressing in some way, meaning beating reps with a certain weight or increasing weight and staying in the recommended rep ranges. If you start to stall then it’s time to change. 

Q: Is it OK to train to positive muscle failure year round? 

JIM: Absolutely, one of the main things I teach is how and why to balance stimulus with recovery.

Q: When will the standalone Forged program be released and what kind of things will it include? 

JIM: The online program will be launched together with the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet – so Sept 29th. If you become a member, you will have access to hours of video where I explain by step all the theory and rules behind Forged training. I also teach the mindset you need to adopt to make this program a success. We have an FAQ section and some examples of training splits. We also show you how to set up your own program based on your individual goals.

I guarantee anyone paying the price for access to the site will get value from it.

We will also have an ongoing private FB group where I will be doing weekly live Q and A’s, as well as contests to win incredible prizes like customized Forged Cardillio weight belts, EMF and private training. We will have some long time Forged trainees in the group. And I envision it becoming a resource for everyone to share ideas, gain motivation and even evolve the Forged training principals further.


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