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The Reality of a Hollywood Transformation


I recorded this podcast last year

“The Reality of a Hollywood Transformation” 

Whats a Hollywood transformation?

Its the typical

“WOW, so and so go so shredded/jacked/ripped/toned for such and such movie!

How did they do it” 

I’ll tell you, since the pattern of what they did is always the same.

Jay Campbell and Mike Cernovich also had a great podcast from 3 years back discussing relatively the same thing.

  1. Lift Weights-hard and heavy traditional bodybuilding and training
  2. Do Cardio-Intervals, HIIT, running, aerobic cardio, do it all
  3. Eat a super strict diet-Chicken, veggies, limited carbs, count all calories. If you’re a male actor attempting to bulk up, eat your fucking face off. If you are female, you are going to be force fed protein and made to lift weights for 2 hours.
  4. Take no days off. Maybe have one rest day a week. Otherwise, train bright and early and get it in every day consistently
  5. Have a trainer/coach help you with performance enhancing/physique augmenting medications to rapidly enhance skeletal muscle accrual and reduce body fat. 

Almost every actor hires a trainer.


Because you cannot bullshit yourself when you’ve paid someone to follow you around with a garbage bag filled with food and making you do pushups and squats every hour.

And there you have it!

The 5 simple steps to overhaul your entire physique and looking amazing within a matter of months.

Alas, the above is highly impractical for 99% of people.

Unless of course your lifestyle is highly disciplined already, so the above may not be that much of a stretch.

Operative point though:

A Transformation approach is rarely reasonable for everyone. Unless you outsource it.

Otherwise, attempting to do it yourself is likely to be a crash and burn effort.

Most people cannot separate ego from effort.

This makes even minor mistakes disastrous events.

If you want to transform some area of your life, hire a coach.

Or at least follow a plan of some kind, and take yourself out of the planning process.


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