How to Lose Fat, Maintain Muscle & Improve Longevity Using These Transformational Peptides

Are You Ready to Correctly Learn How To Harness the Power of GLP-1 Peptides?

Welcome to our GLP-1 Video Master Class!

Our names are Jay Campbell and Hunter Williams.

You probably know us from our extensive work in the world of health optimization and peptide research.

Together, we have mentored hundreds of thousands of men and women how to get started using therapeutic peptides.

Since the emergence of GLP-1 Peptides on the biohacking scene, we constantly receive messages like this:

“I started using Wegovy and lost 50 lbs!

But my weight loss has plateaued and I can’t figure out how to get the rest of my health on track???”

For 30 years collectively, we’ve been at the forefront of peptide research, experimenting and refining the best methods for using GLP-1 peptides effectively.

Peptides are exploding in popularity right now.

Wegovy, Ozempic, Monjauro – everybody desires to experience the amazing power of these revolutionary miracle molecules.

Only a few experts (until now) have specifically addressed how to properly integrate optimized health practices in order to derive the maximum beneficial effects from GLP-1 peptides.

As it stands now, there is MASSIVE amounts of both disinformation and misinformation around GLP-1 usage, especially in the clinically prescribing communities.

Our new video masterclass bring clarity to the confusion.

It teaches both Doctors and Patients how to properly use GLP-1s for maximum fat loss, muscle preservation and life extension.

Join us for this powerful course and transform your life forever utilizing these amazing life altering peptides.

The GLP-1 Peptide Masterclass: Your Comprehensive Guide to Fat Loss, Muscle Maintenance, and Longevity!

In this course, we delve deep into the transformative power of GLP-1 peptides, offering insights tailored for anyone committed to optimizing their health and mastering their body composition.

We’ve dedicated thousands of hours of research and self-experimentation into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow GLP-1 user’s guide.

Our Video Masterclass will lead you through a systematic and practical approach to starting and mastering your GLP-1 peptide journey.

In this course, you will learn the following:

How to use GLP-1 peptides correctly: by Understanding the science behind GLP-1 peptides in order to harness their power safely and effectively.

How to lose fat while preserving muscle: Discover strategies to maximize fat loss without ever sacrificing muscle mass, massively debunking common myths.

How to improve longevity and health markers: Learn how GLP-1 peptides can enhance your overall health, improving biomarkers like inflammatory markers, lipids, and blood sugar levels.

How to avoid common pitfalls and side effects: Gain insights into proper dosing, administration, and cycling practices to avoid the typical mistakes most users make leading to muscle loss and other commonly reported side effects..

How to integrate GLP-1 peptides with your lifestyle: Explore how to incorporate these peptides into your daily routine alongside proper diet and exercise for optimal results.

How to enhance your metabolic health: Get the details on how GLP-1 peptides can improve metabolic rate and appetite regulation, helping you maintain a healthy body composition long-term.

GLP-1 Peptides: A Revolutionary Tool for Transforming Health and Increasing Longevity

How to Unlock the Power of GLP-1 Peptides—They do MUCH more than help you lose body fat.

The truth is GLP-1 peptides are likely the best pharmaceutical intervention since penicillin.

The problem?

Most doctors are clueless when it comes to advising their patients on the best practices necessary to master the use of GLP-1 peptides.

In our video masterclass, we teach you how to correctly use and integrate GLP-1s into a sustainable lifestyle practice.

Our course is designed for everyone from the average person desperate to lose body fat, to the most advanced GLP-1 prescribing physicians and functional medicine practitioners.

GLP-1 Peptides ARE about much more than fat loss

To date, there’s a significant lack of comprehensive guides on GLP-1 peptide use tailored for holistic health and longevity.

We built this course to provide the most detailed, user-friendly information for everyone committed to achieving optimal health.

The 360-Degree Approach To Optimization

Most people think GLP-1s are for the obese or diabetics.

In reality, they are peptides EVERYONE will benefit from using.

Whether one is required to lose 100lbs or is just desiring to shed the last 3-4% of their body fat, we teach how to maximize the efficacy of these peptides.

We Actually Use GLP-1 Peptides Ourselves!

We are NOT just theorists!
We have firsthand, practical experience in using GLP-1 peptides effectively.
Our personal journeys and extensive self-experimentation provide you with real-world insights and tips.

Doctors Often Get It Wrong

Most doctors are incorrectly prescribing GLP-1 peptides because they fail to include essential instructions about other areas of health optimization.

This course ensures you understand the full spectrum of health practices required to maximize the benefits of GLP-1 peptides.

Private Q&A + Live Demo with Dr. Rudy Eberwein

We fielded dozens of questions from our audience and recorded a detailed Q&A session with the most frequently asked questions about GLP-1 peptides.
We include a 90-minute deep dive interview and Q&A with Dr. Rudy Eberwein, a leading prescriber of GLP-1s for the last 18 years.
Dr. Eberwein provides his deep clinical analysis in order to give you tip of the spear insights and expert prescribing advice.

What People Are Saying About The GLP-1 Video Masterclass

Board Certified Internal Medicine physician here imploring you to invest in yourself! 

Optimize your health and purchase Jay’s GLP-1 Course! I have absolutely no financial relationship with Jay, simply a follower of his work and believer in his energy. Knowledge and positive energy will heal you faster than any medicine!

I started following Jay 6 months ago I was fat, inflamed, exhausted, a-motivated.
Multiple physicians (some colleagues) evaluated me and told me I was fine just needed to diet and exercise, but I felt terrible. By divine intervention, I came across Jay and began following his work on hormone optimization, fasting, and peptide use. 

He greatly motivated me to change my life. I started researching GLP-1s on my own but quickly learned this is a deep dive and my barebones knowledge of these powerful agents through traditional medical training was definitely not enough to change my metabolic health. 

To further my understanding I looked to Jay and found his knowledge of GLP-1s and peptides to be beyond any physician I have come across to date. Using GLP-1s appropriately is an art, Jay has perfected this art. 

He will teach you how to balance medication use, fasting, exercise, resistance training, and protein intake to maximize results while avoiding many of the common pitfalls patients face from improper guidance.

Following Jay’s expertise I have lost 70 pounds while maintaining muscle!! 

I’ve learned to fast for 20+ hours with ease and I feel like Superman. 

I am motivated, happy, and I have the energy to take my kids to the park every day after a 12-hour work shift! 

Jay has truly changed my life and he has a forever supporter in this doc!

—— Dr. Anthony Vecchi, MD

I am a member of Jay and Hunters VIP Mastermind and, I have a truly incredible story to tell regarding GLP-1 Peptides and their amazing benefits when used following Jay and Hunters protocols.  

I have used GLP-1’s off and on since February of 2023 to get into the best shape of my life under Jay and Hunters tutelage, getting as low as 7% body fat last summer. Recently, I have been in a maintenance phase and, had not used GLP-1’s for about 6mos.  

I got a bodpod scan on 4-29 and my bodyfat had crept up to 15.3% at 199.44lbs. Clearly unacceptable for summer pool season, I started a 30 daystoshredz protocol immediately.  Today, I went for a follow up scan and, can report my body fat cut down to 8.2% and body weight 184.85lbs. Pretty cool, sure but, thats not the most amazing part. My fat free mass increased by 1lb. Not only did I lose 7.1% BF but, I GAINED 1lb of lean mass in the process.  

For all the FAKE GURUS out there saying stay away from GLP-1s you will lose muscle mass or worse LOL.  I cut my BF % almost in half and GAINED muscle following Jay and Hunters protocols. 

—— Taylor Abrams

Jay Campbell and Hunter Williams are two of the world’s foremost experts on Optimizing and Maximizing Fat Loss with the use of Therapeutic Peptides.

Anything they produce in the public domain is 25-30 Years ahead of the rest of the field.

If you are a GLP-1 Prescribing Clinician, Functional Medicine Practitioner or just an Everyday Joe or Jane looking to achieve lifelong results using GLP Peptides, this course is a MUST HAVE in your educational arsenal to live leaner, stronger and longer!

—— Dr Kristen Lindgren MD, ABAARM, FAARM


I’m writing you to thank you. 

I have a bunch of your books and you’ve changed my life.

I’m about to turn 50 and I’ve never felt better.

I’ve been on T for years but l’ve recently applied several of your methods to my training and my body comp has changed completely. 

I feel amazing. My energy is through the roof. My metabolism is on fire. 

I posted a few of your ideas to my daily calendar as reminders. 

My clients have taken notice. I’m getting more business than ever too. 

Covid decimated my gym but l’ve hung on and survived. 

Now I’m rebranding my gym and bringing in a female trainer with a like minded approach. 

I’m more enthusiastic than ever. 

It’s nice to feel positive and in control of myself in this negative world we live in. 

I can only really be in charge of my actions and now I feel like I am in full control.

—— Sandy H.

Revolutionize your health optimization journey with GLP-1s!

What You Can Expect

What Are GLP-1s?

Are you new to GLP-1 peptides and unsure where to start?

This course begins with a comprehensive introduction to GLP-1 peptides, explaining their benefits, how they work, and their role in fat loss, muscle maintenance, and longevity.

You’ll gain a solid foundation to understand why GLP-1 peptides are revolutionary tools for health transformation.

Proper Dosing, Administration, and Cycling

Wondering how to dose and administer GLP-1 peptides correctly?

This module covers everything you must know about the proper dosing, administration, and cycling techniques.

You’ll also learn the importance of starting with the right dosage, adjusting as needed, and breaking through the most common plateaus most users experience.

Fat Loss Best Practices

Looking to lose fat while preserving muscle?

In this module, we delve into the practical strategies for using GLP-1 peptides to achieve significant fat loss without sacrificing muscle mass.

You’ll learn how to integrate these peptides into your routine to enhance your metabolic health and boost longevity.

We cover diet and nutrition strategies, training methods, and fasting techniques to maximize your results.

Hormone Optimization Best Practices

The great majority of people today suffer from hormone imbalances and deficiencies.

This module covers the optimal strategies for optimizing your hormones while using GLP-1 peptides.

We discuss how to synergistically employ peptides and hormonal optimization in order to manifest the healthiest version of YOU.

This will ensure your hormonal health supports your overall wellness goals.

Ancillary Agents Best Practices

Enhance your GLP-1 peptide regimen with the right ancillary supplements.

This module provides insights into additional supplements and drugs that can amplify the benefits of GLP-1 peptide usage.

Learn how to use GLP-1’s to support fat loss, muscle maintenance, and overall health while creating a comprehensive approach to your optimization journey.

Table of Contents

Module 1: What are GLP-1s?

  • Lesson 1.1 – The Purpose Of This Course
  • Lesson 1.2 – What Is A GLP-1 Peptide?
  • Lesson 1.3 – Semaglutide vs. Tirzepatide vs. Retatrutide

Module 2: Dosing and Administration

  • Lesson 2.1 – Semaglutide Dosing And Administration
  • Lesson 2.2 – Tirzepatide Dosing And Administration
  • Lesson 2.3 – Retatrutide Dosing And Administration

Module 3: Cycling On and Off

  • Lesson 3.1 – Peptide Antibody Buildup Explained
  • Lesson 3.2 – Tesofensine
  • Lesson 3.3 – Calocurb

Module 4: Fat Loss Practices

  • Lesson 4.1 – Diet Strategies With GLP-1s
  • Lesson 4.2 – Fasting Strategies With GLP-1s
  • Lesson 4.3 – Cardiovascular Exercise Strategies

Module 5: Muscle Maintenance Practices

  • Lesson 5.1 – Muscle Maintenance, Preservation, & Growth Strategies
  • Lesson 5.2 – Understanding Your Body Composition While Using GLP-1s

Module 6: Hormone Optimization

  • Lesson 6.1 – Hormone Optimization With GLP-1 Use

Module 7: Agents to Use Alongside GLP-1s

  • Lesson 7.1 – Ancillary Health Agents To Support GLP-1s
  • Lesson 7.2 – Growth Hormone Peptides and HGH
  • Lesson 7.3 – Metformin
  • Lesson 7.4 – Cardio-Enhancing Fat Loss Agents
  • Lesson 7.5 – Magnesium
  • Lesson 7.6 – Conclusion

Module 8: Interview with Rudy

  • Lesson 8.1 – Interview With Dr. Ruby Eberwein
  • Lesson 8.2 – FAQ With Dr. Rudy Eberwein

Module 9: Bonuses

  • Lesson 9.1 – Taking Control And Sovereignty Over Your Health
  • Lesson 9.2 – GLP-1s and Autoimmune Disease
  • Lesson 9.3 – GLP-1s For Anxiety & Depression
  • Lesson 9.4 – GLP-1s For Fertility
  • Lesson 9.5 – GLP-1s For Bodybuilding & Physique Competitors

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