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Why You Don’t Have to Be Doomed To Live in Misery After Menopause w/Dr. Amy Wecker

Optimization for women is a hugely underserved area, leading to a lot of people feeling overlooked and discarded by the healthcare system. 

A lot of changes happen with female hormones as women age, but you don’t have to be doomed to live in misery after menopause. 

What are some of the biggest impediments to women getting the optimization they need?

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Amy Wecker. She talks about the work she’s doing to help women.

Bioidentical hormones are safe, effective and will actually maintain our quality of life or give it back to us if we’ve lost it. -Dr. Amy Wecker  

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Why so many women need help right now
    Is conventional medicine finally coming around to women taking hormones?
  2. The power of taking control of your health
    Women have 2 choices – put the hormones back into your body or accept the natural consequences of getting older. How do you make the right choice?
  3. Optimization secrets
    How does Dr. Amy Wecker provide an amazing service and care to her patients?


Guest Bio

Dr. Amy Wecker, M.D. is a lead female hormone optimization doctor for NHI, and a triple board certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases and functional, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

She completed her internal medicine residency at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in Manhattan, followed by a fellowship in infectious diseases at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn.

She then moved to sunny Fort Myers, Florida, where she was a partner in a large private multispecialty group, practicing inpatient and outpatient medicine.

She loved her job but wanted to move to Miami, so she opened her own practice with the focus on health and wellness and now has joined our team as our medical director.

She is committed to the prevention of chronic disease via the reduction of inflammation associated with aging. To reach out to Amy directly via her Instagram @amyweckermd.

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