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Optimization 101 With Dr Brandon Chastant: Why This Men’s Health SPECIALIST Is an Advocate for Estrogen

If it wasn’t already clear, the days of working with GPs and PHPs for optimization are done.

Now is the time to head straight to the specialists.

What are specialist healthcare professionals doing for patients that conventional practitioners aren’t – or can’t?

Where has standard medicine gone so wrong and what’s stopping more medical professionals from helping people reach total optimization?

In this episode, veteran men’s health specialist and CEO of Grand Canyon Clinics, Dr Brandon Chastant dives deep on hormones, peptides and how to improve our quality of life. 

If you are going to a GP or PCP thinking you’ll get any kind of guidance in terms of optimization, you are sadly mistaken!

-Jay Campbell

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. Where our misconceptions about estrogen stem from
    If high estrogen levels aren’t a danger to those experiencing them, why do so many of us believe otherwise?
  2. The importance of taking an individualized approach to our health
    Is there ever a valid reason for blanket protocols when it comes to optimization?
  3. Why there’s such a pushback against peptides
    Why is it so difficult to access peptides, and is that likely to change in the near future?

Guest Bio- 

Dr Brandon Chastant is the CEO and Medical Director of Grand Canyon Clinics.

A specialist in the men’s health space, Dr Chastant has 15 years of experience in hormone optimization, erectile dysfunction evaluation and cardiovascular health.

Passionate about helping his patients reach total optimization, Dr Chastant is also a strong believer in healthcare for all, and has completed several medical missions serving poor and remote communities in Honduras, Nepal, Mexico and Brazil. 

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