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Everything Mainstream Medicine Gets Wrong About the Side Effects of Hormone Optimization w/Dr. Kenneth Wilgers

We’ve been led to believe by the mainstream medical authority that hormone optimization therapy can lead to dangerous side effects.

However, what if the studies actually show the opposite?

A lack of awareness around hormone optimization is leading people to fear taking testosterone.

Also, estrogen and ferritin when, in reality, hormones support the body on multiple levels.

So, how can we use these hormones to change our health for the better?

In this episode we speak to Dr. Kenneth Wilgers MD, an expert in hormone therapy, to deconstruct the myths around this subject.

89-90% of knowledgeable doctors and functional doctors believe what’s against the evidence.

-Dr. Kenneth Wilgers 

Three Things We Learned

  1. How the current paradigm of phlebotomy is the cause of health problems
    Doctors still encourage phlebotomy but what are the risks?
  2. The importance of estrogen when attempting to balance and optimize hormones
    The average clinician still has no concept of the importance of estrogen, how is this still the case?
  3. Why testosterone is not the culprit behind health issues
    Testosterone is still being blamed for an increase in Polycythaemia and Erythrocytosis, but what’s the real cause?


Guest Bio

Dr. Kenneth Wilgers MD is the owner of Optimist VIP Health in Montgomery Texas, and Wilgers Clinic in Beaumont Texas.

Alongside spending time with his family in Montgomery, Kenneth is one of the top optimization physicians on the planet.

For more information, visit

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